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Vida Lussuria Vibrator Review

I have this fault when it comes to sex toys – ok well it can apply to many other things. Makeup, for example. Show me a nice little kit of some eyeshadows and etc. and oh that’s nice but I’m not quite tempted. Now….show me a kit that has a really cute case and a few extras and is presented well? Sold! And that’s one reason I was drawn to the Vida line of sex toys from

It wasn’t until after I received the vibrator that I found out that Topco actually makes the Vida line. They’re not shouting it from the rooftops and it’s not exactly easy to figure this out but they are the parent manufacturer and I have to be bluntly honest with you – if I’d known it was Topco, I would have been a lot less interested in it because in my past experiences Topco does not manufacture a high-quality toy. They might be trying to look like and act like a luxury manufacturer with the Vida line…..but they’re not. At the heart it’s still a Topco item and examination shows this. I hate to disappoint readers but I warned you before that not only have I become jaded about luxury sex toys, I’m super picky. If you’re going to charge over $100 for a toy, it needs to wow me. It needs to be worth that investment.

The entire Vida line of vibrators share these same features:

  • Rechargeable
  • Includes a soft wrap-style pouch for the toy
  • Silicone and plastic material
  • Comes with a reusable zippered faux-leather case

At first glance, it’s all gorgeous and draws you to buy it and comes with a case big enough to hold at least 4 other toys and wow!! Then you really start looking at it, and using it.

The pouch and case

The case looks nice, but close inspection reveals typical Topco corner-cutting constuction. The cheap zipper is a large-tooth zipper which means its choppy to open and close and can easily get jammed. The zipper actually goes the entire way around the lid, but there is a piece of material glued to the back to give the impression of it being “hinged”.  When you first receive the item and unpack it, the vibrator is sitting up on a piece of foam so that it’s packaged nicely and the items aren’t just rattling around in the case – except for some reason the foam that is immediately visible without removing it from the case… dyed black. My hand was damp from just washing the toy and the dye did rub off a little on me when I handled the foam.

The pouch is black microfiber sort of, it wraps around the toy with the head of it down in the pouch part and keeps shut with a satin ribbon. The problem is, Topco/Vida only seems to have made one size – and it’s too small for the Vida Lussuria. From what I’ve seen in reviews of the Vida Vanta it fits that one perfectly.

The Lussuria – A visual inspection

Ok so the extras could be over looked, but what about the toy itself? As with the case, the construction seems flawed and obvious corners were cut. These flaws are shown in the photos above and include: creases/dents in the silicone covering; unknown black paint at the charging port once the silicone cover is lifted; obvious open edges and poor fit of the plastic pieces.

There is one button, which does light up, and you must cycle through everything. You can hold the button though to turn it off quickly. The noise of the button is quite clicky and loud.

The Lussuria  – In use

There’s two things about this toy that hit me right away – it’s loud. Secondly, the louder it got……well, it just got louder. It didn’t translate to the ultra-powerful vibration that others have talked about in their reviews (mostly of the Vanta). In fact I didn’t really feel much at all! Its surface-only buzzy vibrations have more bark than bite and as I held it to my vulva while increasing the power level I could barely feel any discernible tactile increase in intensity. Am I crazy? Are the other reviewers ultra-sensitive? Did I get a defective one? I have no idea what the answer is.

There are two sides to the Vida Lussuria and it can be used as a clit vibrator or internal. The scoop I assume is meant to cradle the clit but without any power intensity that design feature did nothing. The other provides ridged-stimulation which could be nice. As a g-spot toy it didn’t impress me much.

Overall, the problem with luxury sex toys is that a few companies, namely Lelo, have already set a bar. While I personally don’t 100% love all of the Lelo toys because of a motor/power/intensity issue, they ARE well-made toys. Topco’s Vida line seems to be trying too hard with the exterior and not focusing on working on their quality and interior. The premium-style packaging (from box & bag to case) signifies to buyers that what’s inside must be good – it’s like how comedian John Pinette describes salad “Salad isn’t food. Salad comes with the food. Salad is a promissory note that something good is going to happen… and I should just wait right here.” In the end, I could recommend many other vibrators that outperform the Vida Lussuria. Many thanks to for sending me this to review, they are wonderful to work with and a great place to buy from.

  5 Responses to “Review: The Vida Lussuria”

  1. great review – this is one of the best I’ve seen :)

  2. Awesome review! I have the Vida Zara, and while I actually quite like the packaging, I totally agree with you on the weak motor, buzzy vibrations, and no real discernible change in intensity. I also wonder if I got a faulty one, but I’m a bit relieved to know I’m not the only one who was underwhelmed by its power (or lack thereof).

  3. I have the Zara, and I too found myself entirely underwhelmed by it’s performance. I honestly don’t mind if a totally kick ass toy doesn’t come with a storage bag and pouch. Just show me the POWER. ;)

  4. It’s true – that’s one sexy looking toy. I haven’t tried it myself but after your review I’ll probably skip it and go for a Lelo. Too bad it LOOKS so nice. :)

  5. I found it very buzzy too, but so strong and buzzy I can’t touch myself with it.

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