Jun 212010

So not too long ago I got this email from OkCupid. I haven’t logged on there in a good long while, (read: months) and so I was confused to see an email from them. I’d turned off all other ones, so was curious why the fuck they were bugging me.

What did this email tell me?

Here, you can see for yourself:


They’re now segregating based on perceived attractiveness.

I’ll let that sink in a mo’.

No, I’ll just let it sit there on it’s own, because I’m just too damn flabbergasted about it to say much more right now.

  17 Responses to “OKCupid: You fail. BIG time.”

  1. wow.
    “seriously?” comes to mind.

  2. Bitch Magazine covered this really well recently.

    And while I think it’s utter bullshit that they do this at all, I’m a little sad that I didn’t get a “you are attractive!” email! Haha.

    ~ Oh thanks! Their rant is spot on. I wonder how long it’ll take for OKcupid to get enough heat from this to pull the feature?

  3. I got one recently, MasterDoc got one a few months ago. I think it’s just a marketing ploy. You probably don’t even get different search results!

  4. “I haven’t logged on there in a good long while” — I think it’s a marketing ploy, too. A friend of mine got this message recently and said he had forgotten he even had an account. I think it’s their way to encourage more activity.

  5. And no, we didn’t send this email to everyone. Go ask an ugly friends and see.”

    By golly, it’s true! I didn’t an email like this!

  6. My fav part of your post were the labels. Dickheads indeed!

  7. It makes me wonder if the list of people who managed to be in the most attractive list just so happens to coincide with the list of people who haven’t logged in for a few months. I’m not on the site, but even being annoyed by it I would think I’d try logging in to see who they have decided are more attractive than others.

  8. Oh um….HUH?!


    *shaking head*

  9. That last line is a killer. Sad.

  10. Just goes to show that there are some sites, I won’t even be allowed in…..

  11. Now I wish I were on OkCupid so I could find out if I’m attractive!

    Kidding… kidding…

  12. It’s not real. I got the email, and I’ve been given a free trial of the elite membership…. none of it’s real.
    Nothing changed. It was the same pool of pictures coming up.

    I think it’s based on how often you sign in, and how often you respond, or people message you.
    It’s a marketing ploy. You can get uppity over the suggestion that they would do this, but don’t
    be fooled.

  13. It could be a good thing – Sites with this sort of segregating will draw all the shallow vapid people to them enriching other dating sites with interesting people of caliber. ‘Sa good thing really.

  14. Wow. I like how they try to make you feel better that they’ve been hiding all the “more attractive people”. What a pathetic marketing tool.

  15. Well I wanna sign up just to see if I fall in the sexy enough category.

  16. I think they’re jerks too. I know it’s just a marketing ploy to get you to log back in (I have an account that I am sporadically active on, and I actually like the site generally and have met lots of cool people there) but recently got the same email after I’d not been on in awhile. I was shocked at how it was worded, and, having been in the PR business, was amazed it got by their PR folks. Especially that offensive last line.

  17. Lol, I got one of them. In fact a psychologist I know did some sort of analysis on it. I was amused.

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