Jun 172010

Two years.

500 posts.


386,000 visitors to my site.

~1,000 subscribers to my feed.

80 sex toy / sexy fun items reviewed.

4 trips to NYC, 1 trip to Seattle, and 1 upcoming calendar.

3 projects – e[lust], the sex blogger co-op and toyswap network.

Countless awesome peers, acquaintances, friendlies and supportive friends that I wouldn’t have without this blog? Priceless.

I’m in a different place than I was a year ago. Some things for better, some things….not. But I’m still grateful. I’m finally able to do things like my side projects to give a little back to the community that’s given me so much. I’m still learning, I’m still growing. I’ve hit some very recent number milestones and I’ve got this mild obsession with numbers and statistics. The 500 posts and just last week hitting 1000 readers tickles me.

Thank you for having me.

On a side note, if you’ve happened to enjoy me & my blog, consider nominating me for the 2010 Sexy Bloggers list, along with your other favorite sexy bloggers.

  23 Responses to “2 Years”

  1. Congratulations! And THANK YOU! I’ll definitely vote for you.

  2. Well we love reading it. – We have loved laughing with with you and.. not laughing with you. And we so hope to continue to do so. Thank you honey, you are one of the great ones :)

  3. Congrats darling! I was a reader long before I left a comment and I always enjoy visiting your blog.

  4. Wow – amazing. Congratulations. And best wishes for the next two years and many more after!!!

  5. Congratulations. If any blog that I’ve ever regularly read deserves to succeed, its certainly this one. Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of yourself with us for so long.

  6. Congratulations! Thanks for all you do in the blogging community too.

  7. You have given so much to us, that it would be unfathomable if you weren’t getting some thing back from this community. You get what you give, and what you’ve given has been so wonderful! Congrats on lasting this long btw.

  8. Congrats! Coincidentally I share almost the exact same blogiversary, but what you’ve shared, built and accomplished in that time leaves me amazed (not to mention humbled)! All the best to you, Lilly :)

  9. Congratulations…awesome milestones!

  10. Congrats on your success and your continued success!!

  11. A big congrats!

  12. Congrats on 2 yrs of blogging! I certainly enjoy you and your blog!

  13. Likewise – Thank you for having us. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Congratulations on your two year anniversary. I look forward to post 1000.

  15. Congrats on the two year mark!


  16. Congrats on the milestone.

  17. Happy Blogiversary honey. You have actually been such a great asset and friend to not only the blogging community as a whole but to many of us as individuals, even though we do not always say so to you. I, for one, value you greatly. Thank you for your words, insights, humor and even when you get a bit pissy…it is all great. Hugs to you always girl! Ptunia.

  18. Congrats! And here’s to the year to come! *clink*

  19. Happy Blogoversary you *impy smoochies* xxx

  20. wow…not so much the time spent but what you’ve accomplished/experienced in that short time. I only recently started blogging at the behest of a friend as a way of telling of my kinky no-one-who-knows me would believe it exploits…

    Interesting as I read others blogs how many of you actually use your blogs for I don’t know kinky networking?

    Has its possibilities.

    Could see complications too. What if you meet a guy (girl, couple?) that has been reading you…If you ‘review’ the date erp??! If you say nothing,,,worse?…

    ~ Been there. Done that. I hate censoring myself but I try not to rip apart dates, be they readers or not. I’ve had a few guys read the blog and then chicken out of dating me. I’ve had some people expect “Lilly” 24-7 and not the more realistic mixture of L and Lilly. Then sometimes I’ve had the pleasure of them already knowing my kinks and that making it better. It’s gone all ways, really. But yes I would suppose that saying nothing would be taken as negative.

    Nice blog I shall browse some more..

  21. Congrats on your blogiversary! You said you’ve grown a lot since it’s inception – that’s one of the key benefits of blogging (well, as far as I believe). Your numbers are certainly impressive. Be proud :-)

  22. Finally able to get over here and leave comments!!! Congrats on 2 years. So much about you has changed and I’m so glad to call you a friend!! :)

  23. Congrats! 5700 comments… whoa!! Glad you are here.

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