Apr 032010

A fresh start, a new view, some new influences.

A new muse.

A new flirt.

How can you help? Easy. Take a look at my blogroll down there, and recommend a good sexy blogger that I don’t currently read. While that blogroll doesn’t encompass everyone I read, it’s 80% of them.

I’m also looking for someone to co-author a few erotica pieces with, for the fun of it. Take a look at what I write, my style and see if you think we could mesh well in writing.

Is there any topic you’d like to see me talk about here? Something you’re curious about in my world or something you’d like my take on? As always, I welcome the chance to help you shop for sex toys so there’s always that (email me on that one).

I’m feeling the itch to create some visual goodness, so if you know of anyone who needs a blog makeover or just some new banners, send em to me. I probably charge less than I should, but that’s how I am. Here’s what I’ve done so far.

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  4 Responses to “I need a new highway”

  1. You don’t read me. I totally suggest myself, but I think I’m a little biased.

    I think I’d have fun co-authoring some erotica if you were willing to. It sounds like fun.

    Do you do WordPress layouts by any chance? Kinky-World has that stupid list of categories on the right-hand side that I can *not* get rid of, so I need a new layout. The categories layout is just getting too ridiculous.

    ~ Actually i DID read you but somehow missed that you moved! I didn’t add your new site to my reader. WordPress layouts are pretty much the ones I do best.

  2. I don’t know. I would recommend the Sexademic: http://sexademic.wordpress.com/ but she’s on Hiatus till June.

    Good luck finding a new Muse I know how much trying to blog when you don’t have one sucks.

  3. ME ME ME!!

    READ ME!


  4. Hmmm if you haven’t read Liras (http://juicymetaphor.wordpress.com/) or Remittance Girl (http://remittancegirl.com/) then you might enjoy these two writers. If anything it’ll inspire you ;) xx

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