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After doing some kick-ass graphics (if I do say so myself) for the NYC Sex Blogger Calendar site, I decided that it’s time I gather up the things I’ve done and say “Hey, you want help with that? I can do it!” to the world.

I can do site banners and sidebar buttons. If you don’t like the sidebar banner that your affiliate lets you choose from, we can design something else that better suits you and your site (I’ve never had one turn me down for using my own). I can also help you find a new theme or tweak the code in the one you have to change up colors or more. If you’re looking to relocate from Blogger to WordPress or a self-hosted domain, I can help with that as well.

There’s a lot I can do with an existing theme and transforming it into what you actually want. I try very hard to avoid using the same theme on too many sites, but ultimately if a customer absolutely loves a theme they have seen elsewhere then that is what we’ll use – just tweaked to reflect your personal branding/colors.

Don’t let your blog look like hundreds of others out there! Be different!

Take a look at the banners & buttons below – they’re all in “thumbnail” view so click to view the full image. As always, my Creative Commons applies to most items on this page so please ask before you use it or credit me with a link.

For the NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar site:

For Tied Up Events site I created a different banner to match their new theme, designed the layout and color scheme, etc.

For OhMegan.com, she found a premium (paid) WordPress theme that she liked elements of and through photoshop and code-tweaking we made it match her branding and her colors:

For the ToySwap Network:

For e[lust]:

For the Top 100 Sex Bloggers lists:

For another Blogger-driven Top List by Essin’Em:

For my own sidebar:

If you’re interested in discussing your vision and budget, please email me: DangerousLilly@Gmail (.com)

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