Apr 012010

The other day I found that Fleshbot, previous home of the traffic-boosting Sex Blog Round-Up, is getting bloggers to agree to letting them re-post content. Specifically, YOU write a post and it’s published on your blog. Fleshbot comes along and says “oh! I just lurve it! You gets lots of wunnerful traffic if you let me re-post the whole thing on Fleshbot!”. Your link is at the end of the post; Fleshbot is getting free content that fills up their site (they paid the people who did the Sex Blog Round-Ups so it’s a big $$ saver to them); you get empty traffic for a few days.

Sure, Fleshbot traffic was nice for the numbers, but I never received a comment from a FB reader.

We were discussing this all yesterday at the Sex Blogger Co-Op and Jake (such a smart young man) made these wonderful points:

– It’s my content, it belongs on my site, that’s just what feels natural.
– It goes against the ethos of linking to blogs so that readers can discover new blogs to subscribe to. I’m not going to get any new readers or RSS subscribers by having my content lifted and put on someone else’s site.
– If it’s on their site, it’s surrounded by their adverts and making FB money, not making little me money from the ads on my site.

We’re bloggers – we’re attention whores to some degree, every one of us. So yeah some are going to be blinded by the compliments and promises of traffic but just keep in mind that in the end….Fleshbot wins, not you.

The House always wins.

(pssst: some happy news where YOU win! Edenfantasys put the holy grail sex toy, The Pure Wand, on sale for Thursday only at $75, free shipping! Or if you always wanted a Pure Plug they’re on sale too!)

  3 Responses to “Fleshbot’s New Feature: Yay or Nay?”

  1. I think you’ve all pretty much nailed it!


  2. Jake nailed how I feel about it. Not that they’d come looking to me for content…

  3. Completely agree with Jake: they are out for free content. I may be new to this blogging thing but as far as I can see clicks on *our* sites is the way it goes…why would I bother clicking through if the whole story was on Fleshbot??

    Now if they wanted a paragraph to entice someone through…would that be a proposition to consider?

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