Jan 072010

hot fat girl revolution

I mentioned recently some advice on What Not to Say to Sex Bloggers when you email them.

So it’s only fair that I show you that not only do I get my share of nice, complimentary emails – I also get ones that bring me to happy tears. Seriously.

Here is part of his email I received today:

I want to thank you.

See, I remember when I first read your post regarding the Hot Fat Girl Revolution. I found it brave and (humorous as it sounds) even heroic. While I’m certainly not a woman, I couldn’t help but agree with each and every bullet point. The other day, I decided to show your post to my best friend of many years. She is that rare mixture of beauty, seductiveness, and allure the likes of which one only gets to observe once in a lifetime (and if you’re lucky, at that!). Despite this, she is what society deems “overweight,” and she cannot help but see herself flawed.

I don’t know exactly why I decided to share your post with her. Maybe it’s because she was feeling particularly downhearted that night, or maybe it’s because you remind me of her in some ways. Regardless…As she read your post, I saw a gleam enter her eyes and a confidence flash into her smile that I haven’t witnessed in a very long time.

So thank you, Lilly. Thank you for your courage, and for making another sensual, charming woman feel just that. Your inspiration and example is a truly fantastic thing.

This absolutely warms my heart, I love this email.

But I’m no hero….I’m not without my flaws and my faults and my moments of weakness as I stand in front of the dressing room mirror. A day spent shopping is my Kryptonite, it will reduce me to a curled up ball of despair, sobbing on my husband’s lap. That’s a bad day. A good day is today – when I know that one more person read those words and felt a little more powerful, a little more beautiful. A good day is today, when I can look in the mirror and like what I see.

However, models and shopping and clothes…that’s a topic for another day. Monday, perhaps.

  11 Responses to “The Revolution Continues”

  1. aww that’s awesome. I have a warm and fuzzy feeling inside now :)

    ~ I know! best evar.

  2. It’s a sweet reply… :)

  3. Wow. It is amazing when our writing has an impact on people. I hear from people so infrequently myself. I’m glad this person took the time to write to you.

  4. You pretty much rock Lilly girl! I think I’m back. :)

  5. The part of the email you shared with us is so sweet and touching. It made me smile so big just reading it. You are an inspiring lady though, don’t sell yourself short on that. I admire you quite a bit myself.

    ~ Why thank you my dear!

  6. Lil,

    As you know, my S/O is similar to you in build. She was that way when I met her, fell in love, and proposed to her. I never saw problems or issues with her weight, save concern for her high blood pressure.

    I emphasize with the mirror syndrome – though athletic in build – my physical limitations borne from chronic illness often result in hits to my self-worth. I engage in a daily struggle to accept my fate and attempt to rise above and beyond self-imposed limits.

    Yours is a similar situation: self-directed criticism creating damage to one’s own psyche. I read these postings daily, eager to learn about and from you, awaiting wonderfully colorful, beautifully crafted, and wickedly erotic stories and pictures. Judging by the number of readers and favorable comments left, one may safely say many others share similar sentiments.

    We unfortunately live in an increasingly superficial world, judged by those with notions of physical perfection. Erroneous and spiteful words cause us to measure ourselves and impose irrational self-limits. In reality, those who judge are building a windowless room and missing true beauty that exists in infinite shapes and form.

    You and I will likely never meet in person and I am saddened by that. Nothing would thrill me more than to wrap you in my arms, lose myself in those hypnotic eyes, and tell you that I am your biggest fan, admirer, and supporter, critics be damned.

    Yours is a rare combination of talent, beauty, and raw intellect. Be yourself, do and say what you feel, and follow that which drives you. Your horizons are limitless and we – your friends – are unconditionally loyal . We feel the magic in your words, laugh and cry with you, and anxiously await each chapter in the book of Lilly.

    Yours always,


    :) xxoxoxo

    ~ Aww what a lovely smushy comment, Blue :) thank you.

  7. Apologies for the length and rambling words of my previous post. And most of all, my bad for incorrectly spelling your name (book of Lilly). I know better than that… This is what happens when I write and post at 1:00 am.


    ~ lol no apology necessary. and i spell-corrected it for you :P

  8. You are a role model. Go Lilly.

  9. Worth, beauty and sexiness do not come in a dress size. People that think so are missing out and don’t even know it. Their loss.

    ~It is their loss, but it is sadly what parts of our society have drummed into our heads. It’ll take our lifetime to get rid of it.

  10. I understand your point…but when the right someone looks at you just that right way, and you feel sexy as all hell, those are the moments you need to remember and keep close to your heart. All of the others out there mean nothing in your life.

  11. I hate to disagree with you, but…

    you said “I’m no hero….I’m not without my flaws and my faults and my moments of weakness as I stand in front of the dressing room mirror.”

    The fact that this is true, and you still choose to share so much of yourself with us… well I can’t think of a better definition of a hero. Do you think you’re not touching lives every day?

    ~ You…..you disagree with me! I..I SMITE THEE!…..ok well maybe not. Hmmm touching lives? No, I don’t believe so. Touching private parts? More likely ;)

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