Sex as a Panacea*

So with my new, bionic arm I apparently took my pain-free status for granted, and over-used it. “Hey! I can pick up 2 containers of milk with one hand!” sort of over-use. Starting yesterday my whole arm started bothering me. Ache and pain and nerve pain and muscle fatigue…by the time I got home from work I was miserable. So instead of hockey, he laid with me in bed. Massaging my arm and gladly offering up something for me to squeeze – I don’t know what it is about this sort of pain/irritation/tension but when I stretch the muscle it’s like scratching an itch. So stretching, pulling, and gripping a squeezie ball are all lovely things. Instead of a squeezie ball though…..I used his cock (don’t worry, due to the on-going elbow problems my grip with that hand is pretty weak). Poor guy, he got so teased ;)

When he has muscle soreness and bad pain, sometimes we end up focusing “treatment” on his cock. An extended foreplay session does many things for him – redirects blood flow from the irritated muscles; overwhelms his brain with pleasure signals; increases his dopamine**. Even though I wasn’t really aroused, I agreed to let him try that trick on me. He brought out the Hitachi and after we determined that I hated the way it felt on my arm, it traveled south for his original idea.

Soon though it became clear to me that the Hitachi wasn’t going to get me off.

I know.


Not even with the added stimulation of a cock against my g-spot.

So I had him use one of my newest toys, the Eroscillator. It took some direction to adjust his style – unlike the Hitachi, the Eroscillator can’t be used to apply pressure. The more pressure, the less it oscillates. And while I was indeed enjoying the sensation, and feeling close at some points, it wasn’t working out. He, however, was enjoying my eye-rolling bed-writhing desperation.

He had me on my back and him in the somewhat-sitting up position, leaned back so that I could get the vibrator to my clit. At first I thought he didn’t understand what I meant, because he wasn’t sitting up straight enough to give me enough room to manipulate and position the Eroscillator. We couldn’t achieve that perfect angle of penetration in which he hits my g-spot so wonderfully but where I can also have a vibe on my clit…so, we gave up yet again. He was so stimulated that he couldn’t stand much more and so the Eroscillator was tossed aside as he pounded my cunt, working for his orgasm.

My turn again! Attempt 3 had me reaching for my Climax Twist vibrator, and I instructed him to grab another one of my new toys, the Nobessence Seduction dildo. The Climax provided that gorgeous, low rumbly vibrations and wasn’t overkill. The Seduction massaged my g-spot so perfectly. As I begged “faster” “harder” “more!” I felt my orgasm come on, a mere minute or two after we began with this combination. A thunderous orgasm overtook me as he kept up with the dildo and I with the Climax for the first big wave.

Oh sweet jesus that was good. If I hear one more “scientific study” saying the g-spot doesn’t exist, I’ll do very bad things. I know damn well I have a g-spot and I know how to use it. That combination of stimulation – that blended orgasm – it’s something so intense that my recovery reaction is a bit……


I laugh.

Not just a giggle for half a minute….

Picture a combination of the scene in Willy Wonky and the Chocolate Factory (the old one) when Grandpa and Charlie are floating and laughing, and the scene in Mary Poppins when they’re all floating and laughing (“I Love to Laugh!). That was me. Tears running down my face, laughing like I couldn’t stop…big and loud and infectious. For like… 10 minutes. I don’t understand it; it’s not a common reaction. Except I wasn’t physically floating. Woulda been cool though!

In between my laughing fits he asked me how my arm felt. My response was a dopey “What arm? I have an arm?” In the end though something in the whole of the evening helped because I no longer felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin from the anxiety of the muscle tension and pain, and it did indeed hurt a little less. Hey! I found a new physical therapy routine!

Oh, the cruel evil twist?

As he was in that sitting-up position and I’m thinking to myself “why isn’t this working like it does in porn??” he was also thinking the same thing. He couldn’t “sit up” and get far enough back for the necessary space while also allowing for vigorous fucking. And that day we realized….that is “porn sex” and not to be attempted by 30-something amateurs. Poor thing is limping around today with a groin pull/ache that hurts somethin awful. At first he was embarrassed to admit that, until I reminded him that it’s something to be proud of.

But I don’t think we’ll be using medicinal sex for it!! Poor guy needs to rest up.

*Definition of Panacea

**Besides the sheer pleasure you get from having an orgasm, the body takes it a step further by enhancing the endorphins and other hormones that elevate the mood. The chemical Oxytocin is a natural opiate that is released during sex and becomes quite copious during an orgasm. It is a powerful pain reliever and is compared to morphine. It breaks down like this: more sex – less pain.Woohoo!

7 Responses

  1. Epiphora says:

    Yes! Isn’t the Seduction incredible? I love it for G-spot stimulation. And your reaction of laughing/crying is awesome.

    ~ It’s actually more awesome for me when he uses it, he gets a better angle than I can

  2. Michelle says:

    This makes me SO jealous that I still can’t find my damn g spot!

    ~ don’t be jealous! Just keep practicing!

  3. blueyeguy says:

    Once again, would love to be the “fly on the wall” in your boudoir, if not an active participant!

  4. Truly says:

    Funny, hot, sweet…all the good stuff :)

    ~ I love a man who doesn’t take it the wrong way when I laugh after an orgasm, hehe

  5. S.A says:

    You seem to have Oxytocin and oxycontin mixed together in your mind.

    They aren’t the same thing

    ~ I know that. And I assume the author of the post I quoted does, too. A simple google search on Oxytocin + pain relief provides a myriad of results. It works especially well for fibromyalgia & nerve pain patients. i.e… I would have discussed this with you had you left a valid email address.

  6. Nurse Rat_chet says:


    I’m not even gonna comment about the sexual part of that post.

    I had my rotator ‘fixed’ 2 months ago. At the minimum daily I forget and attempt something that I know better then to do, and every time my shoulder reminds me the most painful way as to why I shouldn’t have done that. Most times Tylenol & Advil will make it stop. Occasionally, I have to find my supply of Percocet & take one or two of those. Lucky me I get to go back to work next week, 3 weeks ahead of when the Doc said, should be interesting.

  7. virgo, imperfect says:

    I am showing this to my girlfriend – after I have a G spot orgasm, I either laugh or cry uncontrollably. She’s always a little worried…not that it stops either of us from going for it…but this might reassure her.

    ~ yay another one! honestly it’s nothing to worry about…in fact it’s something to be proud of. from what I’ve read that means it was a *really* good orgasm and rush of endorphins. given other factors like time of the month, general mood, etc a boost of dopamine can set you off to those extremes. either a good laugh or cry though, both I think aide in the overall feel of “wow, what a release!”