Jun 282009

Random updates, random mutterings, you know me. Never linear.

Where to start where to start….

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Oh! The most lovely and talented VanillaImpaired made me a Little Miss Lilly!!! (from this post)


Ain’t it cute??

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Rori is doing her Top Sexy Bloggers again, but a little different this year. She’s taking on people to help judge the nominated bloggers and I happily volunteered! Yay I can’t wait!

So get your butts over to this post and nominate the blogs of your favorite sexy bloggers – keep in mind to list the blog and not just the blogger name. Unlike last year, the number of times someone’s blog is nominated won’t help push it up in the rankings. Just throw out the blogs you read and love, get them noticed!

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As I bitched about heavily on Twitter, 2 of my “Everyday” bras died last week within 14 hours of each hour. How annoying! One died while I was at work, and I had to deal with a sharp underwire poking and prodding me. I couldn’t get the damn thing out, so I had to resort to…….MacGuyver methods until I was able to get rid of the damn thing.

So Saturday was a dreaded day filled with angsty bra shopping. Is it easier for skinny girls with B cup tits, I wonder? I pulled off sizes close to what I have at home and NONE fit. Or there were no sexy bigger bras. I was near tears until I found out about a Lane Bryant outlet near me, and went. I picked up 3 nice bras which provide WOW lift and support! I’ll be doin a few HNT’s I’m sure. I also went to the evil evil Walmart (thinking, I’m only going to one department, how bad can it be??? Bad. Remind me never to go back) to look at their bras and handbags. I came away with two slutty sex bras in shades of red. They’re sex bras because they’re not really fit to be worn for 10 hours straight, and plus it might be obscene. Just a bit. You’ll see ;)

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I’ve added another decadent cooking method into my repertoire. Butter poaching. Yeah, its like it sounds. Its a somewhat slow cook method, as you’re not trying to brown it or sautee it. Many recipes call for the addition of some stock or wine or a combination of the two to bring up the poaching liquid content, but it’s still at least half butter. I was making a simple dish tonight, simple mushroomy-rice comfort food, and decided to butter poach the chicken breast with little other than salt and garlic powder (to ensure an even distribution of garlic flavor). It renders breast meat that is succulent and delicate, juicy beyond words.


  6 Responses to “Random Acts of Babbling”

  1. I huked u up!!!

  2. I know what you mean about bras… I lost one at work the other day and had to go get some new ones.. or I would have been down to one. I HATE bra shopping… finding the perfect bra is practically impossible… I found a few… and they are pretty good… but I was so annoyed and upset by the time I was done… I almost needed a drink.

    Oh and the cups on Lane Bryant bras are too big for me… so no going there for me either.

  3. Omg yes garlic salt or fresh galric, rosemary and butter …. nommy! Glad you liked your Little Miss *grin*

  4. Take a look at Bare Necessities and check out the Freya line.
    Gorgeous bras that skinny B-cup gals simply cannot do justice to!

    Yeah, bras are tough to buy online but their service is quick and reliable and exchanges are pain-free. So, worth a shot…

    ~ oh I know very well about Freya bras. There’s a few that I seriously covet. But honestly? ~$50 for a bra? Not in my budget. These were $20 or less. Plus, I kinda have to try bras on, stupidly one manufacturer’s 40DD is another manufacturer’s 38DDD or 42DDD.

  5. Evil, evil Wal-Mart?? You find 2 sexy bras there but you call it a bad place? I’m not understanding, or is there an untold story here?

    ~ Because on the whole, the store is awful. Whole entire chain. Most of the people who work there are retarded ignorant morons, and most of the people who shop there regularly are too. Inconsiderate. The shelves are a mess, they don’t stock very well, they don’t keep enough registers open, etc. Every single time I have to go there, I leave feeling very pissed off.

  6. Yeah, I have the “try ’em on first” thing, too. Makes you wanna scream, “It’s the same pair of boobs here, people! Make up your little manufacturing minds!”

    And I’m with you on the ridiculous pricing. But seriously, check the website occasionally. When they have sales, they can be good. I got a gorgeous Lunaire for $19.99 a couple of weeks ago. (It’s back up to $24.99 now but it really, truly WAS $19.99…)

    Anyhow, done beating the dead horse now… :-)

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