Jun 212009

Look, I never claimed to be Little Miss Neat.


Or Little Miss Tidy.


In fact, some have accused me of being Little Miss Scatterbrain sometimes.


And I am definitely accused of being Little Miss Naughty…. a lot of times.


But the fact is, today Little Miss Lilly’s Toybox is a little bit lighter.

{Gasp! There is no Little Miss Lilly! Somebody should make me one}

I’ve been going through my review stash to figure out what needs to be thrown out, what can be put up for swap on the Toy Swap Network I help run, and in general make sure that everything I’m keeping is in one central location.

The reason for this is because I lost a toy.

In 925 fucking square foot 1-bedroom apartment. I lost a motherfucking toy. And it’s not a small one, nay it’s a good sized toy. I’ve misplaced my little pocket rocket sometimes and that’s not too WTF….after all it’s small and can get lost in between couch/chair cushions or numerous spots. But my Acuvibe Mini??? It’s not huge like the Hitachi but it’s sizable enough that I shouldn’t have lost it.

Those of you that know me personally are likely not shocked. I’m….kinda messy. Disorganized. Dysfunctional. It’s gotta be here somewhere! But we’ve looked everywhere to no avail.

Another thing that’s lost is the recharger cord for the Ideal Massager. Not a huge loss since I doubt I’ll use it now that I have a full size Acuvibe, but I wanted to be able to give a better comparison in an upcoming post about all the “massager style” vibes.

While going through my toybox I noticed that my Pleasure Tops broke. Ripped, actually. The thumb of the Pleasure Tops ripped away from the base at some point, I suspect during the last use and I just didn’t notice it. This of course renders it completely trashed. It’s sad because I quite liked the toy. It wasn’t perfect by any means but it was unique. I think I need to try The Cone soon.


  4 Responses to “Little Miss Lilly Loses Things”

  1. Heh I bet you have put it somewhere “safe”. Except when people do that it’s generally the last most obvious place to look lol. I hopes you find it soon :( Heh and what exactly does Little Miss Lilly look like huh? I might be able to help ;) x

    ~ uhhhhh. huh. I dunno! She’s either burgundy or black or a combo. I’m not always creatively “on” so I couldn’t even begin to think what else, lol. And no, I didn’t put it someplace safe. I laid it down after use and it got pushed around because it wasn’t in it’s proper spot and now….who the fuck knows where it landed.

  2. My high school drama teacher always told me I was scatterbrained. I always thought she was full of shit until quite recently when I realized I am that to a T.

    A little Miss Lily. Yes, you need one of those :)


    ~ I’ve been told I’m some version of scatterbrained all of life. Yeah, I am, but they can blame the dopamine disorder, lol

  3. Lost toys, lost cords, broken sex toys…that’s a triple whammy!

    ~ that’s me. a walking whammy. *walks away muttering “nowhammynowhammynowhammySTOP!”*

  4. i’m just as dysfunctionally messy and scatterbrained, i’m sure. :P at least you have lots and lots of toys to make up for your losses. i have two vibrators and a new g-spot/clit thingy and both of my vibrators have recently eaten shit! (i got my first vibrator about three years ago and it stopped working a few months ago, but my second is less than a year old and stopped working only this week! *cries*) i’m not even sure how; likely just something in the engineering/wiring that’s not meant to stand the test of time. :( i think the universe just really wants me to get a rabbit, which is what i’ve been saving up for anyhow. damn universe.

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