Feb 282009

First, I must apologize.

Foremost, for being a lackluster sex blogger as of late. Perhaps I need a muse? I’m even having trouble writing reviews, in case you’ve noticed a lack of such in the last few weeks. Part of it is cutting back a bit but I’m also right now in a bit of a writing slump. So in go the sensual posts about food – something used by many as a surrogate for sex. My domestic goddess side is more out right now than the sexual goddess. And I use the term ‘goddess’ lightly.

Secondly to all my fellow pervs who have arrived here from Fleshbot. You see, I was Fleshbotted today. It was pointed out to me on Twitter by DebauchedDiva and I scratched my head and said “For what?!?! I haven’t written a sex post lately!!” But perhaps they were mesmerized by my description of meltey-sweet-cream cheese (wherein I was referring to cream cheese but it sounded like I could have been referring to a need for a mouthful of well, something else decidedly less wholesome) and just stopped reading after the first 6 lines? Dude there’s gonna be a lot of pissed off pervs lookin for a bit of jerk material and instead seeing a photo of an innocuous little grilled cream cheese sandwich and the recipe for a Fettuccine Alfredo that most cardiologists tremble in fear at.


Sorry. It’s not my fault!

To be honest, it’s ridiculous that that post was included in a sex-blog round up about “when horniness attacks”. But it at least gave me a much-needed laugh for the day.

And now, on to some lunacy.

I swear to you some times the biggest reason I have a traffic meter / tracker on my blog is for the amusement factor. But this week, the amusement and simultaneous irritation came from the spam-catcher Askimet that WordPress offers for catching spam comments. It does a really good job for the most part. Usually the spam levels were at perhaps 50 a week. The posts that tend to consistently get the spam comments are the ones linked from the Pleasurists lists, followed by Sugasm and then the couple Fleshbotted posts. This one review though that I did a few months ago, for Pinkcherry.com, is the sole post suddenly garnering in excess of 200 spam comments a DAY. Just out of the sheer blue.

Here’s the crazy part: It’s Disney spam.

HEY, DISNEY SPAMMERS!! Ya fuckin perverts, get off my damn blog. Seriously. Disney links in the spam comments. They’re all linking to some spam site and its all for Disney stuff.

An excellent work! KEEP IT UP![url=http://0222disneyb.BLANKINGOUTcuzImnotgivingYoutraffic.com/?disney-background-free]disney background free[/url]

The weird part though is that all these spammers don’t seem to be showing up in my blog tracker. I’ve looked at the IP address of the spam comment and the time of day it hit, clicked over to the tracker….looked at the hits around that time…and nothin. None of those IP addresses went to the review post in question. So I can’t tell where these spammers are coming to me from.


Inspire me a bit if you miss my erotica, if you want to see more pics. Otherwise you’re going to hear about the recipes I’m perfecting because I’m going to be entering a few recipes contests in the next couple of months. I promise to cook mostly naked though!

  7 Responses to “Lunacy”

  1. Disney spam LOL.

    Very funny how much the perv’s would have been disappointed by that post.
    Just to put my two cents in, I like the food posts. Especially because unless I really know how to cook something I have to follow a recipe to the T. When they handed out the cooking gene, I must have been off having a smoke or sleeping LOL.

    ~ I’m glad some appreciate my food posts, thank you :)

  2. Well then how about some naked cooking pictures ;-)

    Veronica and I love the food posts, not as much as the sex posts, mind you, but you won’t find us complaining either way!

    ~ I know they can’t be equal, but I apparently sexed-up the description of it enough so that it at least seemed sexy, lol. Naked cooking pictures? Hmmmm that means I need an apron.

  3. I actually was trying to reach your site earlier today and kept getting a blank page.

    ~ *hugs* I hope you’re recovering over there. Yes someone else said it was down, I’m not sure why but it might have something to do with the sudden massive spike in traffic. *shakes head and mutters*

  4. Please continue to write your sexy stories and delightful artistic photos. Not only do they entertain and tantalize you but transport us visions perhaps never explored before we return to our reality…

  5. Does that mean I’m wrong for jerking off to the sandwich?

    ~ Um, well……..

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  7. Naked cooking pictures could lead to a horrible oven-related accident… we don’t want you burning your nipples on the stove, dear!
    Invest in an apron and become a domestic goddess!

    I love seeing photos of you… irrespective of content.

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