Feb 282009

First, I must apologize.

Foremost, for being a lackluster sex blogger as of late. Perhaps I need a muse? I’m even having trouble writing reviews, in case you’ve noticed a lack of such in the last few weeks. Part of it is cutting back a bit but I’m also right now in a bit of a writing slump. So in go the sensual posts about food – something used by many as a surrogate for sex. My domestic goddess side is more out right now than the sexual goddess. And I use the term ‘goddess’ lightly.

Secondly to all my fellow pervs who have arrived here from Fleshbot. You see, I was Fleshbotted today. It was pointed out to me on Twitter by DebauchedDiva and I scratched my head and said “For what?!?! I haven’t written a sex post lately!!” But perhaps they were mesmerized by my description of meltey-sweet-cream cheese (wherein I was referring to cream cheese but it sounded like I could have been referring to a need for a mouthful of well, something else decidedly less wholesome) and just stopped reading after the first 6 lines? Dude there’s gonna be a lot of pissed off pervs lookin for a bit of jerk material and instead seeing a photo of an innocuous little grilled cream cheese sandwich and the recipe for a Fettuccine Alfredo that most cardiologists tremble in fear at.


Sorry. It’s not my fault!

To be honest, it’s ridiculous that that post was included in a sex-blog round up about “when horniness attacks”. But it at least gave me a much-needed laugh for the day.

And now, on to some lunacy.

I swear to you some times the biggest reason I have a traffic meter / tracker on my blog is for the amusement factor. But this week, the amusement and simultaneous irritation came from the spam-catcher Askimet that WordPress offers for catching spam comments. It does a really good job for the most part. Usually the spam levels were at perhaps 50 a week. The posts that tend to consistently get the spam comments are the ones linked from the Pleasurists lists, followed by Sugasm and then the couple Fleshbotted posts. This one review though that I did a few months ago, for Pinkcherry.com, is the sole post suddenly garnering in excess of 200 spam comments a DAY. Just out of the sheer blue.

Here’s the crazy part: It’s Disney spam.

HEY, DISNEY SPAMMERS!! Ya fuckin perverts, get off my damn blog. Seriously. Disney links in the spam comments. They’re all linking to some spam site and its all for Disney stuff.

An excellent work! KEEP IT UP![url=http://0222disneyb.BLANKINGOUTcuzImnotgivingYoutraffic.com/?disney-background-free]disney background free[/url]

The weird part though is that all these spammers don’t seem to be showing up in my blog tracker. I’ve looked at the IP address of the spam comment and the time of day it hit, clicked over to the tracker….looked at the hits around that time…and nothin. None of those IP addresses went to the review post in question. So I can’t tell where these spammers are coming to me from.


Inspire me a bit if you miss my erotica, if you want to see more pics. Otherwise you’re going to hear about the recipes I’m perfecting because I’m going to be entering a few recipes contests in the next couple of months. I promise to cook mostly naked though!

Feb 222009





Coating my tongue

Dripping down my chin

I lick it from my lips and fingers

It is simple and luxurious, sinful and decadent.

It is over too soon and I cry for more.


I sin equally in sex as I do in food. My breakfast concoction this weekend and Sunday night’s dinner are like pure sin on the tongue. The silky gorgeous mouthfeel of high-fat-content dairy foods is really in the top 3 of sinful food. Melted sweet cream cheese; cream sauces; runny warm egg yolks. Just fucking divine.


Oh, I’m sorry. What did you think I was talking about??

You want sexy food? I got it, right here. And I’m going to share it.

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Aug 102008

There’s a park I like to go to. It’s usually not very occupied, allowing me a better comfort level of just being somewhere alone.
And affords the luxury of being naughty, as well, if I feel the urge.

I have a spot I go to – full, lush well-kept grass with a few benches near the walkway. Little bit back there’s a picnic table I can toss my stuff on, or sit at if the ground becomes too unrelenting. If I feel naughty, I can move my blanket back behind the picnic table and I go unnoticed to most people walking.

The day in question I went to the park with a purpose. I wore a skirt – left the panties in the car. My top was of the faux-wrap style (meaning, for the men here, that the top portion is styled to look the way a robe would look – one side of fabric “wrapped” over the other. Quite honestly…unless I tack some of these tops closed with a stitch or two, they can gape and show a whole breast if I’m not careful.) and I removed my bra in the car as well. I had two books – one was the actual fiction I was currently engrossed in, the other was one of my short-story erotic anthology books. I had everything needed to relax for a good hour or two. And, oh yes, a discreet bullet vibe. What, you didn’t expect me to be without one now did you?

I laid down on my blanket on my stomach, facing the walkway. I’m about oh….I’m terrible at judging distance…15 feet back from the walkway? 20? At first I’m all alone. I lay there reading – my cleavage is exposed as my shirt gapes open a bit, my legs bent with my feet curled towards my ass. After a little while I notice this man sitting on the bench on the opposite side of the walkway, facing me. He is smoking, and reading a small thin paperback. I think I’ve seen him here before. Very dark hair. A little bit older than me. Handsome. Bad-boy aura about him. Hmmmm….

I slowly and casually let one hand drift underneath the fabric of my shirt, brush over a hardening nipple, and arrange things so that I’m showing off even more of my breasts. I go back to reading and out of the corner of my eye I think I see him staring at me. As I glance up, though, he is reading. I change positions, rolling over to lay on my back. My head still closer to the walkway but if I turn my head to the side I can see him perfectly. He can see now a great view down my shirt which is gaping more as my breasts fall towards my collarbone. He can see my legs which are bent up a bit and I’ve let my skirt slide down, exposing more leg. I glance over and catch him watching me for a split second. I smile to myself. Game on.

I read, and slowly my hand toys with fabric here and there – exposing, covering up. Trailing over my skin. I see him shift on the bench a few times. Lowers his book to his lap and reads from a bit of a distance. Oh gee, I wonder why? In the guise of getting out from the sun I move my blanket back towards that picnic table more. Not behind it but beside it, and I’m in the shade. I resume my position. This time, my hand trails down my thigh and my legs part a bit. I idly run a finger up and down my wet slit. I see movement and I freeze. He got up and moved to a closer bench. He has abandoned his book; he is sitting there casually smoking, eyes narrowed and now staring blatantly at me with one hand on the bulge in his pants. Cocky fucker.

I stared him right back and smiled slightly. I sat up for a moment and slyly pulled out my bullet vibe. As I looked over my shoulder in one direction scanning for people, I noticed him doing the same. All clear. Books are forgotten. As I press the vibrating bullet to my clit I slip a hand under my shirt and pinch a nipple. When I pull away my breast is left almost completely exposed. I close my eyes, and lose myself for a minute in the exquisite vibrations. I sense a change in the air around me and look up to see him walking towards me. He walks past me and sits on the picnic table bench, facing the table and me. He can see my exposed cunt. He is close enough to smell my arousal. His cock is now in his hand and he is staring at my fingers and the vibe, just watching intently.

After a few minutes I get up and sit beside him on the bench, but I am facing away from the table, towards the woods. I stare into his eyes for a moment and then watch him stroke. He trails his other hand first up to my shoulder and then down to my collarbone, and then lightly caressing and teasing my breast, nipple. He pushes the fabric aside more. Leaves me exposed. His hand falls to my lap. Pulls my skirt to reveal my cunt to broad daylight. Slips a finger around in my slutty wetness, easily slides one into my slit, and oh-so-briefly penetrates me. He gets up from the bench and stands in front of me. Back about 4 feet, watching my bullet being massaged over my clit, seeing how wet I am. Stroking. I am mesmerized. I barely notice as he slowly moves forward. Closer. He’s almost between my legs now .That beautiful cock about a foot away from my face. He whispers Cum…cum for me. With me. His breathing is ragged, I know he’s close. I turn the bullet up to high speed and my eyelids flutter closed, my head leans back and my mouth opens a bit. He whispers to me again to cum for him. I hold my breath for a few seconds as I feel the wave of oncoming orgasm and then I moan as loudly as I dare. As I cum, he does too. It squirts on my chest, hot drops on my lips.

He smirks and rubs his thumb over the cum on my lips and shoves it in my mouth. I stare at him and suck it clean as I hear two people quietly chatting as they walk by us on the walkway.

Answer me, do you remember this?
Our first…..seems so long ago...

Jun 302008

I must have looked at him with some fear mixed into my lust because he smiled and kissed my check tenderly. His lips moved back my cheek to my ear so he could whisper: Are you ready?

Did I mention he was strong?

Suddenly he grabbed me and dragged me into his lap with my back to his chest. One hand reached around and pinched my nipple, drawing it out. The other hand slid around and pulled my skirt up in the front (very easy to do as it was one of those floaty full things hitting just above the knee). I was about as exposed as I could get; my cunt bared and visible with the scent of my arousal heavy in the cab, and my breast hanging out as his personal plaything. All those red lights were really ending up in the cab drivers favor; with every one he was getting more and more bold with his watchful eye. In my position up on his lap my upper half was also visible to other people in other taxis and cars and I heard the occasional honk or holler. Half of me was embarrassed, my face burning in shame. The other half highly aroused and that half was a dead giveaway.

He suddenly told the driver to pull over and let us out. As the driver put the cab in park he turned around in his seat and stared at my body full on, mere inches away, with this horribly wonderful lecherous smirk. He let me slide off while he paid and I quickly fixed my shirt and bra, readjusting myself to be covered. I could see we were in a neighborhood full of brownstone style apartments and houses. The rain had let up and as we exited the cab I could feel only the sensuous humidity in the air.

He led me to the steps of the closest building. Staring at me with equal parts lust and power he stepped close and in 2 seconds flat had my shirt over my head and off before I had time to protest much less stop him. It might have been evening where I had the cover of darkness but this was no sleepy neighborhood. He backed up until he was sitting on the third step and pulled me onto his lap, straddling him. He reached underneath and I thought he would pull out his cock and fuck me right there – would I have cared? No, not at that point.

But as usual he was full of surprises. With the hand underneath me he began stroking my sopping wet cunt so lightly that I bucked on his hand, pressing into him, needing more. As he finally sunk two fingers into me, using his free hand he flipped the back of my skirt up and tucked it into my waistband, affording anyone walking by a full view of my ass and the hand under me. I no longer cared. Let the world watch. His thumb grazed my clit and I cried out. His thumb ground into my clit and I moaned with pent up frustration.

I pressed my pussy against his hand as hard as I could for the only care in my mind was the imminent orgasm approaching. As suddenly as he started, he stopped. He pulled his hand away. I begged him – please no, don’t stop, I need it. He reached around my back with both hands and quickly flicked my bra open; he yanked it in the middle of the cups up front to pull it off my body. As he took one nipple in his mouth he slowly leaned back, taking me with him. In this position my cunt was wide open and bared for all to see who walked by; and there were certainly people. The pain of his teeth on my nipple was so exquisite but I cried for release.

Go ahead then, he whispered. Use your own hand. Get yourself off for me, for these people. They’re all watching you.

My hand shot to my clit like lightning. While my fingers rubbed my clit furiously, and occasionally sank deep in me, my wrist was rubbing against his hard cock through his dress pants. As he kneaded my breasts, kissed and bit and sucked them, I orgasmed furiously on his lap, on the steps, in front of unknown strangers. I collapsed on his chest from exhaustion and he untucked my skirt and handed me my shirt to put on. The bra – he kept that in his hand, as a trophy as he led me to his apartment.