Jul 022008

Now look. I know my site traffic. I roughly know how many subscribe to my feed.

*peers* But boy is it DARK out there!


Are you too afraid to post comments? You don’t need a blog. I won’t see your email address. Coooome on *patpat* Pull up a chair. Email me if you dare ;) I don’t bite, unless you beg nicely.

So, for those of you who DO subscribe with readers. Would you kindly tell me what reader you use if you like it? I’m currently using Google Reader and it’s really irritatin’ the holy crap outta me. It updates when it wants to. It’s petulant. Sometimes it will update right away, sometimes it’ll claim a post made 5 hours ago was just made.

Pleeze and thanx. *kisses*

  8 Responses to “Hey you…yes, you. The lurker. Come’ere”

  1. You’re using Feedburner. It gives you stats on the readers subscribed to your blog. I’m one of the FeedDemon’s. I like FeedDemon. I can synch some feeds to Newsgator and read those feeds from anywhere via either a web interface or Outlook. I just found your blog after seeing a review on Fleshbot by AlwaysArousedGirl

  2. Thank you, Anon, I’ll check out FeedDemon and see what it can do for me.

    Cunning, I know you’re there you pervy lurker, you.

  3. Hey it seems like the lurkers respond to coaxing, kind of. Btw, your Sugasm post this week was hot!

  4. I’ve just recently found your blog, but I’ve been reading for a few days. ^_^
    I’m using Sage as my newsreader, which is a plugin for Firefox, and seems to work nicely. The only issue I’ve really found with it is when I clear my cache and history, all posts on all RSS feeds are marked new again. lol.
    Keep up the sexy blogging. ^_^

  5. Perhaps in downtime tomorrow I’ll feel like moving all my feeds to a new reader. I have so many, I’ve been too lazy to do it, lol.

    I’ll also check out Sage, I hadn’t heard of it for Firefox, only Thunderbird. Thanks dragonmage!

    Zoe – Thank you dear :)

  6. De-lurking…

    I just found your blog and have not gone back and read most of it yet, but I like what I am reading so far!

  7. Thanks Bad Girl :)

    a very non-nice but gutless person commented on here in anon mode that I was “begging” for comments.

    No, I’m not. Makes no different to me if you comment or privately email me. I just want to hear from my readers.

  8. This is late, I know.

    Anyway, I use FeedDemon and Newsgator. FeedDemon is a standalone program but can be synchronized to online reader, Newsgator. They are cool.

    Hope you find what you’re looking for.

    *go back to lurking*

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