Jul 152008

I joined in the fun again this week at Tits for Troops. Take a look, finding me shouldn’t be too hard ;)


Be on the lookout for my second sextoy review for VibeReview this Thursday! Upcoming reviews may include something joint with Thursday’s Child. Yes, boys, that means we’re going to try out some “lesbian” sex toys like the Share or Feeldoe (which I already own). We’re still working on getting Heather into the idea ;) (our dealer, er I mean, supplier of sex toys) We just need to find a means of getting together to try out the toys with each other, as we live something like 800 miles apart.


I am working on a new fiction story on my own, and a collaborative effort with Jack of Roughwords.


I met Hot Boy #2 last weekend. I was a good girl the first night but…not the second day ;) Pierced tongues are quite interesting, let me tell you. I could kiss that boy for hours. I am possibly meeting Hot Boy #1 this week. He’s chasing after me awfully hard for some reason. Hope he knows what he’s in for with me. Hot Boy #3…I just couldn’t do it. Too young. He’s been replaced though by another contender who is not my “typical type” but there’s something about his broad chest and big muscular arms that I really could get into. He knows how to work my biggest sexual organ, as well. My brain.

~Add-on: As of today, my blog counter hit 5000 visits since my blog first opened. Thank you, so much, to everyone who reads and enjoys my stuff. I’m honored to know those that have come out of the woodwork and other fellow bloggers. It’s been the best thing I’ve done recently and I know it’s only going to get better….

  9 Responses to “Short and Sweet But Totally Random”

  1. I’ve got some man toys reviews coming up. Got my first blog related freebies ever, the same day I win two VIP tickets worth about £165 each to a massive music festival at the end of this month.

    Fate is smiling kindly on me this week, I hope it keeps up!

    I’m intrigued by this double toy review, and a collaboration between you and Jack/Mr Roughwords is going to be ridiculously steamy.

  2. Congrats sweetheart, both great things!!

    We’re still ironing out the kinks (no pun intended, as the “kinks” are welcome with Th & D), but the double-ended review should be hot ;)

    Me and Jack, yeah, steamy won’t even cover it, I think.

  3. Wow!!! The tank top pics got even hotter!

    Lilly, hands down you have the best breasts this week on TfT. The boys overseas may start asking for you to perform, haha.

  4. lilly
    way to support the troops! I’m thinking about sending a pic

  5. I went to that repulsive web site. I hate looking at boobs!

    Congrats on the 5k hits!!!

    I better go look at the site again, i mean just to try to guess which ones are yours!

  6. Southern, don’t bullshit me sugar ;)

    You’ve been droolin over that site for god knows how long, I’m sure.

    I’ve got some nice cock pics of some generous gentlemen, would you rather see those???? hmm??? lol

  7. Very nice pic for the troops. Ok, that is a lie, fucking amazing is more like it.

  8. so much for you living in a dry area.

    glad you liked the pierced tongue. i met this guy once and put my hand down his pants and stopped mid kiss with a confused look on my face. he said, yeah, its pierced. yeah. not into that.

  9. THose breasts… *swoon*

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