Jul 142008

Q and I play rough. He manages to totally submerse me in the fantasy world. Last week was the best. Remember this from my previous post?

Q: gets really close to your ear for a second while nobody is looking and whispers I can’t wait to try and put my fist in your cunt, though. licks your ear
(Fucker. He says that, but I didn’t see it at first, had to quickly leave the window as a co-worker was coming up to my desk. I read it finally, minutes later, and had to quickly regain my composure. He said this without yet knowing that being fisted is a fantasy of mine that only has its place in the rough, submissive sex scene I’m craving lately)

It started this conversation off, in the vein of me “performing” for him, being forced to expose myself and be vulnerable. We enter the conversation here as he is telling me what he would want to do to bring out my most submissive side. He gets very dominant with me; he knows I can take it. If you can’t stand the heat, get outta the kitchen….you’ve been warned….

(I’ve already pulled out my Silver Bullet vibe….somehow…this couldn’t be much worse timing at the office, as it’s break time with people coming and going)

Q: I’d be sitting right behind you, legs around your sides, whispering nasty things in your ear while I watch you rub. Playing with your nipples and pulling on them….reaching down to help and then make you lick it off my fingers. Calling you a nasty little cunt for performing for me. Daring you to cum.
L: I put the vibrtor on myclit
L: wow
L: cant type
L: sorry
L: cant even think
Q: Good
Q: See? I know what buttons to push
L: I know you do
Q: Look at you. Flushed and wet, no doubt
L: yes…
Q: (x) hours away and I command you enough to do that to you
L: Fuck. I just had to talk to someone and force myself to keep my eyes open and breathing normal from the vibrations on my clit right now.

(that was so difficult…I could feel that I was already a little flushed, and I was so aroused that the bullet vibe almost immediately started the climb up the hill so to speak. There was no “foreplay” no teasing vibes, just “holy fuck” right away)

He changes tone and transports me right into the moment, painting the picture for me….


I keep my legs tight against you…..
Ordering you to rub for me….guiding you with my hand
Whispering trashy nasty thoughts in your ear…..

Must be some sort of special slut to meet a man you’ve never known before now in a hotel room and cum for him when he commands it, aren’t you?
 focus on the clit
that’s right….. fuck that wet cunt for me….show me

show me how wet I make it, slut

oh god
I need to cum

Look at your hole….. stretched nice and open for me……
I’ll be fucking it soon enough but first you’ll give me what I want
I own you….. I own this I own this cunt right now…all of it. Inside and out. Say it. who owns this hole, slut

you own it
i’m yours

Good, now you know it too
You know what I want
You’ll fucking give it to me, won’t you

yes, sir

oh god


L: i…..cant breathe
Q: Good ;)
L: omg, my face is beet red…I wish you could see me
Q: Good. I hope men walk by and know what you just did. I wish to display my work proudly
Q: But it will be a well kept secret for only a few. ;)
L: holy fuck
L: i didn’t think i could do it here
Q: Well guess what….. you did. you just needed the right instigating.

I sent him this pic from my phone (and another one which I can’t post here) to show him just how badly flushed I was. From the moment the Bullet touched my clit until I came, was only 10 minutes. 10 minutes!! For the situation and the nature of things – having to be stealth about it, and occasionally stopping, taking my hand out of my pants and off the bullet thereby halting the imminent orgasm – 10 minutes was a goddamn record. I was flushed like this all over my cleavage and breasts, splotchy…my face too was red, my cheeks.

There were other things said, which I feel possibly cross the line for this post, delving into the almost-violent. I know he wouldn’t actually do those things in person with me, he wouldn’t be able to hurt me like that.
I trust him.

I need this.

(this is one of those posts that has taken me all day to do. editing. censoring, a bit. over-thinking. it’s one that I’m not going to be totally comfortable with until I get positive feedback.)

  17 Responses to “Necessary Roughness”

  1. You have a knack for getting people off. R’s lucky to have had you.

  2. which part makes you feel uncomfortable? if its what was said between you two, well, it sounds like its fantasy. and there is nothing wrong with that, so long as both sides are aware of this fact. i would say just be smart about it, but youre a smart girl so im not worried.

    as far as masturbating at work – you slut ;)

  3. Here’s some feedback: That was hot as hell! I love it! It sounds like something I would do to luvbunny while she was at work if it was possible.
    Go with it! Have fun! ^_^

  4. This was an amazing feat in your office – seizing the moment and living dangerously. Your photograph – the one you can show – is so immediate; so sexual. The way you put this together is as skillful as any movie editor – we live the moment with you…

  5. No, I’m totally comfortable with the conversation, I loved it.

    It’s just my concern over -posting- it. Sometimes I wonder what’s “over the line”….

  6. Wow, I’m pleasantly surprised by your reactions. I think sometimes I’m too harsh of a critic on myself.

    Christian – Thank you, I’m glad to see a new face… ;)

    pitseleh – Aww shucks hon that’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me, hehe

    Dragon – you should totally do that to her sometime, I bet she’d love it.

    Artist – your praise floors me. seriously.

    and Cunning – I’m glad something finally got a rise out of you…

  7. Positive feedback? Loved it. The thought of you at workwith the bullet running is very provocative.

  8. This is one helleva way to start my monday! sitting here, stroking my cock under my desk…MMMM! great work, awsome pic as usual!

  9. It may have taken all day, but it was worth it! Wow, wow, and wow!

  10. It’s your fault that I glanse into cubicles all through my office and examine women from afar for telltail blush patterns on their necks and chests. I search histories on every computer I sit down at. I search the eyes of people in the break room and wonder what dirty little secrets they have in their closets or what they might be hiding under their skirts.

  11. Jack – You’re welcome ;) I just made your days a wee little bit more interesting then at work, hehe.

  12. As the “instigator” in this post, I have to say I enjoy my time with Lilly to no end. She brings out the Dom in me and I suppose, I bring out the sub in her. One thing is for sure. She left out a LOT of juicy bits,lol. *kisses Lilly softly* Thank you for being you.

    Now, Pitseleh. I like the way you hiss slut. Any chance of you playing in for a 3rd? *licks his fang*


  13. *grins* The first of my boys with the balls to make an appearance.

    R…I can’t wait…

  14. that was super hot.
    like “i need to smoke a cigarette right now” hot.

  15. You know what I thought of this post! And I’m so glad to see the positive reaction you seem to have gotten from it – perhaps we’ll be seeing more in this vein in the future? *crosses fingers*

  16. Henrietta – thanks :) Imagine how I felt ;)

    Thursday – I think we will…and I know there will be a story or three to occur once he has me in reality.

  17. Amazingly hot and what a great read! ;-)

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