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7WandsWhy 7 Njoy Pure Wands? Because I’m a dork. Because that’s how much I love this sex tool.  It’s no toy; it’s a gorgeous hunk of body-safe polished 316 grade stainless steel that seems to be made of magic as far as my g-spot is concerned1. In my 7 years of reviewing I’ve never loved a dildo as much as I love my Pure Wand and I want many people to experience the (n)joy it brings.

I knew, well I’d hoped, that we would be buying a house this year. I just didn’t know when. So when the house buying and moving occurred in April I had no idea how much it would distance me from blogging and just in general being available on the ‘net. I’d had grand plans to attempt to locate various retailers willing to give me a total of 7 Njoy Pure Wands. It felt daunting because I am very selective in who I work with and I don’t work with 7 retailers. Between the dauntingness of the task and the exhaustion from moving, I didn’t do a giveaway during my blog anniversary.  When I was at Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit I got to see Greg again, the genius behind the best dildo ever, and also met his partner Marla. When I said to Greg “Yeah I’d considered doing a “7 Wands for 7 Years” giveaway this summer but between the house buying and what seemed like an inability to procure 7, it never happened but it would have been cool” he says to me with confusion “Did you email us??”. I said no, with equal confusion, and he said “Well email me! I’ll send you 7!” and on your behalf, readers, I nearly fainted with giddy joy of being able to make 7 people verrrry happy.

And here we are!

OH BUT WAIT, there’s a special unscheduled guest. Marla sweetly tucked in an Njoy Eleven. Since I’ve already had the pleasure of experiencing the Eleven, one of you will get it. I AM SO EXCITED! BE EXCITED WITH ME! Yes, the Eleven comes in a black leather purse which is also awesome.

This is a World Wide contest with FREE SHIPPING!

The utter joy of viewing 7 Pure Wands and 1 Eleven in preparation to shuttle them off into the world to their new homes comes with another responsibility – the cost of shipping. The way I normally do my giveaways is that if the winner is in the US, the shipping is free for them but for those outside the US (or outside countries the giveaway sponsor won’t ship to) I take the item myself and the winner pays shipping. However, the Pure Wand weighs 2 pounds 12 ounces when packaged, while the Eleven weighs 4 pounds. This makes for damn pricey shipping, even just in the US. So after a fabulous idea by Sarah, I called upon other bloggers to help give you the gift of completely free shipping. These bloggers are all chipping in to pay for your shipping. All you have to do is follow them on Twitter if you don’t already. Yes, this is a lot of people to follow but I can promise you, you won’t regret it. We’re a pretty fun & interesting bunch of people. Some of us tweet more, some tweet less, many will have giveaways of their own that you’ll get insider scoops on! I chose these people because they have less than 2,000 followers and they need some extra exposure to the world; plus I think they’re all pretty rad, and their blogs are great. All bloggers who joined in write honest reviews with no bullshit – I wouldn’t recommend anything less. Please say hello and thank you to: Artemesia Femmecock; Apricot Creams; Bex Talks Sex; Blissfully Orgasmic; The Big Gay Review; Come Heather; Dizzygirl; Erocentric (Mandy); For Sploosh’s Sake (Lena); Miss Ruby Reviews; Mary Q Contrary; Ninja Sexology (Lunabelle); Perineum Plunders; Purple Elysium (Ely); Pimento Mori.

Tumblr Peeps Only – 3 Njoy Pure Wands

Tumblr has blossomed into a fabulous place for spreading sex education; it’s an amazing way to “preach beyond the choir” as Tumblr bloggers who might not normally reblog a thing about sex toys do it anyways because they want to keep their friends safe. I’ve selected some posts that I think are pretty important for education; to get an entry, simply reblog them. Where this gets a little more interesting is that you’ll get bonus entry points for every person who reblogs it directly from you. If someone reblogs from you and then someone reblogs from them, that third tier down won’t count for you, just the immediate reblog. Make sense? I’ll give out 50 bonus points total (1 for every reblog you get) for this. You may encourage your readers to share the post with their followers, but I ask that you NOT ask them to share because of a contest. They should share if they want to spread the info. They will share if you’ve added some insightful/helpful info/anecdote. But if I see that you’re all “HEY share this so I can win a dildo thx!” I won’t count your entry. If this seems overly complicated to you, contact me and I will try to explain it differently. I’ll either add in the points you receive for this manually to the widget OR just publish the tally when the contest is over, for transparency.

Three of the seven wands will go to Tumblr readers, winners chosen at random so the more entry points the better your chances.

7 Wands for 7 years – Tumblr Edition

Twitter Followers Only – 2 Njoy Pure Wands

This one is simple. Follow all of the lovely other bloggers who are paying for your shipping. As a reward for following all of the wonderful bloggers who are making sure your shipping is FREE, you can unlock the “refer friends” bonus entry, which I don’t think has a cap on the referrals! Referring friends is where you’ll probably get the most entries.

Two of the seven wands will go to Twitter followers, winners chosen at random so the more entry points the better your chances. 

7 wands for 7 years – Twitter Edition

Blog Readers Only – 2 Njoy Pure Wands

I know I have some fans who aren’t on Twitter or Tumblr. You guys get your special section. If you’ve already entered in the Tumblr or Twitter contest, you can’t enter here. You CAN but I’ll know you’re the same person and you’ll be banned all across the board, so don’t try to cheat. Yes, I will know. Please don’t disappoint me by trying.

You must comment on this post to win. Your comment must contain 3 things; leave any out and you’re not eligible. You’re going to comment on this post and tell me which review of mine is your favorite, and why; you’ll also tell me what item(s) you’d most like me to review next OR what guides/material safety questions I should answer via post. Finally, a (brief!) bit on why you want the Pure Wand.  I will keep an eye on the spam filter for comments that don’t show up. If your comment doesn’t get approved within 24 hours of posting it, please contact me.

BONUS ENTRY POINTS: If you already subscribe to my newsletter, please be sure that you’ve signed up for the giveaway under that email address. Those who are subscribers prior to the contest will receive 5 bonus entry points. Don’t try to lie. If you fill out this entry and you weren’t a subscriber PRIOR TO THE CONTEST then I’ll have to disqualify you. 

Two of the seven wands will go to blog readers.

7 Wands for 7 years – Blog Edition

Open to ALL – Njoy Eleven

First, I need you to understand that the Njoy Eleven is heavy (2.75 lbs by itself) and large. The smaller end is 1.75″ but it’s also the best end to hold it from, and the larger end is 2″. This thing feels like a bit MORE than a two-inch-wide silicone dildo just due to the solid steel and the weight. If you have problems with certain dildos catching your pubic bone, this may or may not be the best toy for you (but, neither would the Pure Wand).

This contest is open to everyone, again with the free shipping thanks to those lovely folks above (even if you aren’t entering to win a Pure Wand, give them a follow as a thanks for covering your shipping on the Eleven).  If you entered to win a Pure Wand you can also enter to win an Eleven.

Njoy Eleven


For specs on the items, see here for the Pure Wand and here for the Eleven.

Winners will have 48 hours to respond to my notification email when the contest ends. I want to ship these out ASAP so that you might get them in time for the holidays. For International shipments I will put a reasonable (but not the retail value) price value to help mitigate high customs/VAT.

This contest is proudly sponsored by THE AMAZING NJOY – Thank you Greg and Marla for sending me these!!!!

  1. While not everyone adores the Pure Wand I think its success rate has to be better than 85%

  50 Responses to “A Belated 7 Years with 7 Njoy Pure Wands”

  1. Woohoo! Favorite review, can I count your super awesome not really full review video of the Doxy Diecast and Skittle and the Womanizer? I know I commented on that post already and said this but while I’m usually more of a reader than a watcher, I found you really fun to listen to and actually seeing the Skittle which despite reading written reviews of I had no interest in, seeing it peaked my interest big time. So I’m gonna count that because you’re adorable and entertaining and hearing you speak your awesome funny lines (like Womanizer as Blanche) was just awesome!
    Most like to see you review? Womanizer Pro if you can get your hands on one. I know you haven’t posted on the regular Womanizer but you loved it in the video. The pro while stupidly pricey just seems easier to uh, bite the bullet on buying because while I’d love to say looks don’t matter sheesh Womanizer is ugly. But then maybe the Pro isn’t worth the cost? Would love to hear your take. Also, I’m pretty sure you haven’t done the swan wand (if so oops). That’s another toy I’ve really got my eye on. And ooh, this would probably be too hard to pull off well but I’d love a guide on rechargeable toys that last the longest. Like having health issues and being a power queen my WeVibe Tango dies in about 20mins. Not enough for me to get off on. It has me fearing buying another rechargeable toy I would love but that does too soon. And that 20mins is a far cry from what “up to 2hrs” the manufacturer claims. On the other hand (and eh I use it differently because its too weak for my clit) my Lelo Gigi seems to last for-freaking-ever on a charge. Way longer than claimed. So that would be a crazy project.. Maybe even a focus on the toys that have crap battery life’s like the Tango? I dunno. I think it’s an overlooked issue that really does matter.

    And why I want the Pure Wand? Uh, its gorgeous? And I’m on disability so poor with crappy, crappy health but trying to reclaim my sex life because it literally makes me feel like a HUMAN BEING vs a pin cushion or lifeless burden. It’s been huge for me, really. And I looove g spot stimulation and squirting. For me squirting (though I often fight it off because clean up and the aforementioned sick girl thing) is like the most incredible amazing totally satisfying energizing thing. I’m insatiable and never fully satisfied clitorally and just ache after. But a squirting orgasm is wonderfully satisfying and makes me giggle and happy and silly. It’s like prozac and holy crap my life has been rough. I’ve got a cheap glass toy with a curve that taught me how so knowing I like glass a lot and that general shape, and being disappointed that silicone dildos are so light (yay weightiness) I’m pretty sure a Pure Wand would blow my mind and I would forever and ever be grateful. If you could just see the way for hours after squirting I giggle on and on and nothing can bring me down, you’d want me to have a Pure Wand. Haha.

  2. My favorite review was the Lovehoney rock box finger. You got over just how awful it was and how upset you were so perfectly. I’m really curious about that vibrator that was in the video, the weird looking one. I hadn’t even heard of it before and now I’m wondering how it is. I really want a comparison to like the magic wand original, since I like it, but the original numbs me too much for me to enjoy it, mainly due to the original’s weird textured head.

    As for why I want the pure wand, I’ve never tried a hard toy and I’m curious about it. I normally use soft silicone toys that are around 050 shore so I’m wondering how a firm toy feels. I’ve also never really tried to find my g-spot, so I’d like to try it out but I just can’t afford it. Even if I don’t like it, my girlfriend might it, so it has double the chance of finding someone to enjoy it.

  3. Hello! First off, I have to say that your blog is so incredibly detailed and informational! I’m currently a clerk at an adult store, so I like to read additional information so I can better assist their customers. I specifically like to focus on things like intensity for vibrators and safety of material, and your blog is really helpful in that regard.

    I’d have to say my favorite review is the one about what happens when you put toys in a jar. I’ve had similar inklings myself before I read the post, but it really did clarify on what can and cannot touch. I find your posts about materials in general to be high quality answers to questions I had. Things like SEBS and TPR “silicone” and about “silicone” in the industry in general. It’s really made a difference in what products I’ll sell to customers.

    I’m interested in the nJoy wand because I’ve heard so many good things about it and satisfying it is. The reviews always rave about how amazing it is as a gspot/pspot toy, but it’s always been out of my budget (we don’t carry it either). I’d love a chance to try this product and see for myself how it is, especially since you say it’s essentially your favorite non-vibrating toy. It sounds amazing!

    Thanks for reading and holding this awesome contest! Good luck to everyone!

  4. Thanks for hosting another awesome giveaway, Lilly! Those wands are the stuff of dreams :).

  5. 1) reviews- I really enjoyed your reviews of the We-Vibe Tango line. After reading your articles on safe sex toys and the harmful effects of porous materials I realized I needed to make a change. You were very instrumental in that. As silly as it may seem the vibrator I had for so long was very reliable so I was worried about anything new I might try. Especially because the Tango is kind of pricey. Your review gave me the confidence to purchase it and I’m very satisfied with it.

    2)I’d like to see more large glass toys if possible or more terrible toys you can give scathing reviews to. A guide on how to determine quality of glass or metal materials in a shop might be useful.

    3)I would like a Pure Wand because I have great difficulty locating my G-spot and would love a toy which could help me acheive that. Mostly everyone says the Pure Wand is great for this purpose as well as being easy to weild.

  6. Not entering the giveaway because I’m lucky enough to already own both of these toys. Just chiming in to say: folks, the Pure Wand and Eleven really are THAT GREAT. You want to win this!!

  7. oops I think I have had too many glasses of wine and have accidently agreed to the tumblr entry I haven’t made anymore though thank god but have now entered through the twitter option I hope this is ok and I don’t get banned for it. Plus I am super excited for the womanizer review XD ahvent got one myself but want to see what the hype is about. your V Log was amazing and has inspired me to be brave and do one myself <3 plus you are beautiful just wanted to put that out ther I though because I only saw your avatar you would be average looking but your stunning keep up the great work I enjoy reading your posts!

  8. You can do both Twitter and Tumblr, but can only do the blog entry for the Pure Wand if you have NOT done social media.

  9. oh Thanks Lilly Thought I missed my chance then I have had a few glasses of wine :)

  10. I really liked your guide on applying fire to toys and figuring out the legitimacy of the silicone or not. When I first purchased some of my toys, I bought them off amazon and adameve to get cheaper prices, but after reading your post and deciding to test my toys out in what I consider a fun way, I was disappointed by what I had wasted my money on. Nevertheless, I had a fun time, and I prevented myself from doing anything costly to my own health by getting rid of them, thanks to you.

    I’d really like for you to review the Tantus Rumble whenever that comes out, it looks like a really interesting wand and just seems like it’s going to be a big item for tantus, it looks like the kind of product that will be vital for anyone using tantus toys.

    I really want the Njoy Pure because I got myself the Njoy Fun last year. I read that the Pure was the superior product but the Fun looked… fun. While I like the wand, I think it’s kind of lacking somehow, I wish it was just a fuller toy. I can vouch for the quality though, so I’m excited at the thought of winning one.

  11. I really like the Mona 2 and Magic Wand Rechargeable reviews, because they’re so thorough and really explore the pros and cons. (I’ve always been on the fence about both, so I appreciate having all the data out there.) It was good to know if the heating element was worth it in the L’Amorouse Rosa Rouge review, too (sigh, still want one).

    I’d love to see reviews of the Lelo Loki and Lelo Loki Wave (the Loki Wave looks scarily like an original Ina, though I assume the arm doesn’t clamp); Lelo downplays their resemblance to the corresponding Monas, but I’d love to know if they’re similar or better. I’m also fascinated by the Vixen Mustang Royale and especially the VixenAire. (The inflatable aspect of the VixenAire makes it look like either the greatest idea ever or a total disaster. My love for the OG Mustang has me dying to know which it is.)

    Why do I want a Pure Wand? I enjoy G-spot play very much, but I haven’t always had great luck finding the right G-spot toy. I’m pretty small inside, so there are some bulbous toys I haven’t been able to insert at all (lookin’ at you, Ophoria Beyond One). Some hard materials have felt great internally, and others have been uncomfortable. So, I can imagine the Pure Wand being the best thing ever for me, or an absolutely miserable experience (or, possibly, the second leading into the first with a learning curve). Since I don’t have a ton of cash (woo-hoo, arts degree!) to spend on something I’m not sure will work for me, winning one would really be wonderful. At any rate, thanks so much for the contest–I’m Trix in the widget…

  12. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. Would love to be a winner!

  13. Love this contest! Thanks for being gracious enough to offer such kickass prizes, keep up the good work :)

  14. Before I start; A quick thank you for having such a great contest, a big thanks for including male bloggers, I have been looking for some recommendations on some. Followed everyone on twitter but entered here instead. On with it.
    1. Your video post on the womanizer. Knowing some of the history (worries on anonymity) it was a huge step forward for you and what you love to do. I also found it very helpful to see you holding/handling the toys. It was a better gauge of them than just a photograph. So keep handling the toys!
    2. I hope to see you continue to keep affordable toys in the mix. It seems the industry may be listening by bringing the quality to a lower price point, but a lot still needs to be done. But so many people if not all start off their journey with toys, lube, etc. on the cheap end. It’s understandable. So pressure via reviews and education can hopefully get the industry where they care as much about our bodies as their pocketbooks. Also, keep up what I call the rumbly talk. You are so descriptive with what you like and need vs what the toys provide. In my conversations with others it seems no ones really delves into that even with their own bodies. You are bringing the conversation to a more detailed way of thinking.
    3. While my Christmas shopping for my wife is done, the addition of a pure wand under the tree would be fabulous. I think having a pure wand would really help her see the beauty and versatility of a hard toy/g spot toy, and would being on a different level/type of pleasure than her/our beloved magic wand.

  15. Hey there! Ran into you on Reddit and have been checking out your blog some more, so hi again! Thus far, my favorite review of yours is for the WeVibe 4 Plus. I’d been sort of eye-balling them, but as a magic-wand lover, my clit’s a little battle-hardened. It is VERY good to know that the vibration is “boring.” I was giggling throughout the review.

    I think it would be interesting to hear you review a few Bad Dragon toys, as well as their cumlube. I love their toys, personally, but it’s always nice to hear opinions on different models!

    As for why I want the wand? I’m sure you could guess from our previous encounter. Beyond needing a replacement for my old stinker, Njoy is another brand that i’ve been interested in, but it’s just beyond my price-range at the moment. I’ve also never knowingly found my gspot, so I feel like this might help greatly in that quest! Not to mention the fact that it just looks super pretty.

    Keep up the good work! I’ll definitely be sticking around~

  16. Can honestly say I haven’t read many of your reviews having only recently found this site from a contest page. From your review and others is what made me want to get the Pure Wand as a gift for my wife for christmas. I had been looking at the Pure Plug but she seems disinterested in anal play recently so thought I would try what I know she enjoys. She’s broken the plastic wand she has too many times, so thought to try stainless. Don’t know if the guides are already there, but would be interested in reading how to make anal play more pleasurable for her to try. Thanks for the competition.

  17. This is so exciting. I always sigh and look at the nJoy Eleven and think… Some day. I think the first time I saw it in person was while meeting Jiz Lee. Not a bad night at all. Thank you so much for running this awesome context.

  18. Love this blog. My favourite review would be the toxic toys one. I had no idea! I’ve owned jellies in the past, and will never again, thanks to you!

  19. My favourite ‘review’ is actually the primer on glass sex toys, which also talked about cystal delights. It helped me get over my concerns about glass while also letting me know that not all glass is created equal. It led to my best purchase ever of a glass butt plug, which leads me to the review I’d most like to read. I really want to know how the lelo HUGO performs for non-prostate havers!

  20. What an amazing give away. I’ve never ventured to something like this but with your recommendation I would live to try it.

  21. Favourite review is the We Vibe 4 plus. My wife and I had been considering it and decided not to because of the review.

    I don’t have a specific item in mind for you to review (2016 and all new shiny things will be here soon enough), but perhaps a guide on the best toys for couples and why.

    We want the pure wand because my wife is very responsive to having her g-spot played with, but hasn’t managed to squirt yet and a lot of reviews say this might do the trick. I’m a little intimidated by the size of it for prostate play so it’ll likely stay as her toy.

  22. Great giveaway)) I really liked your review of the Hot Octopuss Pulse II Solo…very informative, and a product I might actually buy soon. As to what could be reviewed next…I’d like to see the LELO Loki reviewed, I feel like prostate toys have made a huge leap this year, and you are one of the most in-depth reviewers out there, so I think your review would actually help a lot of people!

    Why I want the Pure Wand…well, it’s pretty much the original prostate toy, and it’s steel, which makes it extra cool and fantastic to play with))

  23. Favorite review, that’s a hard one cuz your blog and reviews are my favorite, but I really appreciated your review of the rechargeable magic wand. I’ve been researching wands and still am torn as to what might work for me.

    As for future reviews, I enjoy reading about toy safety. I have allergies, especially to latex, and I don’t really trust everything I’m reading online, or even all these companies claiming to have body safe materials. So it’s nice to read blogs and find companies I feel I can trust. I’d rather invest in a few good toys, which I have been doing. So essentially, more writing on sex toys safety and body safe materials is always a plus to me. Which leads to why I’d love to try the njoy pure wand. I have read really positive reviews and it looks like a beautiful, well made toy. I’ve been slowly losing my sex drive and my ability to easily orgasm, so I’m super frustrated with my body and my sex life. Adding toys is making a huge positive difference. As someone who always easily had orgasms from any type of sex or masturbation, I feel disheartened at times, but reading blogs like yours and finding some good toys…I feel more and more hopeful. So thanks for that!

  24. I’ve been lusting after the G-Spoon for ages. Thanks, Girly Juice for referring me here and for such a lovely giveaway, Lilly!

  25. You have the wrong giveaway. I’m not giving away a G-Spoon.

  26. My favorite review of yours is the wevibe tango they were very articulate and enthusiastic and convinced me to buy one which is pretty important. I would like to see you do a guide for using silicone toys both vaginally and anally and what cleaning is required in between. (Also a mixed silicone and jelly material jar to see if the silicone gets damaged) I want to njoy pure wand because I have never try an njoy toy and I’m looking to find a gspot toy that really feels right for my body. I know I like g-spot stimulation but I don’t think I’ve found a really great toy for it yet!

  27. 1. Your we-vibe 4 review (and the 4 plus) was so helpful for me. I’ve been eyeing the 4 plus for months now – it sounds so perfect in theory – but it’s so expensive I can never stomach buying it. After I read your review I think I was right not to go for it. I love the tango almost as much as you do so I’m 100% with you that everything should have a tango motor. It was so helpful that you reviewed every possible aspect of the we-vibe 4 short of just handing me one haha. You answered all of my questions – even the ones I didn’t know I had – and saved my poor wallet!!

    2. I’m such a lube noob I would love it if you compared some different lube lines (like the Sliquid and the Babeland lines). They all honestly seem the same to me… right up until a drop winds up in my mouth. Y. u . c. k. I’d kill to have a couple of go-to lubes (especially a hybrid lube!) that I know wont taste like licking a penny.

    3. I’ve been slooowly building my toy collection for the last few years and the pure wand has always been on my list. All the raving reviews have had me salivating over it – and just look at it! Breathtaking even still in the box! Plus the pure wand is supposed to be the holy grail of g-spotting toys. I’ve been trying in vain for so long to give myself a g-spot orgasm. I’m soooo close but I’ve just never quite gotten there. All the reviews point to the pure wand finally taking me across that finish line. I would love to get my hands on it and put it to the test.

  28. I think I liked the Hot Octopuss vibrator for him the most. I really wonder what it would feel like around a Tenga 3-D Sleeve, though not sure how the friction would react with the material…

  29. Your recent video review preview of the womanizer was great (and hilarious!). It seems like such a baffling toy–tackiness, high price tag, bizarre function–that I was interested in people’s reactions to it. I’d be interested to read your thoughts on the L’amourose Denia (especially as compared to the Rosa), since I’m saving up to mayyyybe buy one of them!
    I have a lot of reasons for wanting to try the Pure Wand, not least among them being it’s so aesthetically pleasing! seriously! But I also have never tried a steel or glass toy before and am curious about them, especially since, while g-spot stim is fun for me, it never has gotten me off before.
    Thanks for your writing and all the work you do for this blog!

  30. My favourite review of yours is the Eva, since it has an intriguing design that I wanted to learn more about. But my favourite posts aren’t reviews: they’re the posts where you explore toy safety. In such an unregulated industry, it’s difficult to find people willing to delve into this murkiness and offer useful advice. Thank you for helping fill this void.

    I’d love to see you review Vixen’s Tristan 2 plug. The only decent reviews I’ve found of it are on Eden Fantasys, and while they’re informative, I’m unsure how much I should trust that site.

    I want the Pure Wand because it looks like a kickass prostate toy. I have a couple prostate toys, but they’re difficult to maneuver and focus pressure where I want it. The Pure Wand looks like it would give me a lot more control.

  31. Thank you for doing this!

  32. Why, hello there! This post excited me deeply, and I am even willing to carefully read and follow your directions, which is exceedingly uncommon; take one look at my IKEA furniture and you’ll get the idea. 1) My favorite review is actually the one you wrote about the Njoy Pure Wand (not pandering here, I swear…), which consequently inspired my broke ass to enter this giveaway! At first glance, I thought the Pure Wand looked industrial and draconian, or like the last thing you see before a chilly, uncomfortable medical procedure. However, after reading your hilarious yet thorough review, complete with ‘I SQUIRTED!!!!!!!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!’, I was all in. 2) I really don’t think I am well-versed enough in sex toys to tell you what to write about. I doubt I have tried something you haven’t tried. That being said, I think it might be worth it for you to write about objects (other than carrots and such, e.g. percussion massagers, etc.) people use that are not intended to be used as sex toys, and comment on whether that is safe/hygienic to do or not. Alternatively, you could write a little blurb about toys and genital piercing safety, as in whether that should be a concern. 3) I want this baby because you made it sound like a fucking magical unicorn, and I want me some of that. I also recently blew my Black Friday/Cyber whatever sex toy (and grocery) budget on a We-Vibe Tango and a L’Amourose Rosa Rouge after reading your reviews, and although I suspect I will be busy with those for the next forever or so, the last piece of my mind blowing sex toy repertoire– the Njoy Pure Wand– is out of my reach without your divine intervention. Lastly, thank you for doing what you do!!! You are a glimmer of openness and sex-positivity in a world mostly filled with crap. I love it!

  33. Why, hello there! This post excited me deeply, and I am even willing to carefully read and follow your directions, which is exceedingly uncommon; take one look at my IKEA furniture and you’ll get the idea. 1) My favorite review is actually the one you wrote about the Njoy Pure Wand (not pandering here, I swear…), which consequently inspired my broke ass to enter this giveaway! At first glance, I thought the Pure Wand looked industrial and draconian, or like the last thing you see before a chilly, uncomfortable medical procedure. However, after reading your hilarious yet thorough review, complete with ‘I SQUIRTED!!!!!!!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!’, I was all in. 2) I really don’t think I am well-versed enough in sex toys to tell you what to write about. I doubt I have tried something you haven’t tried. That being said, I think it might be worth it for you to write a little blurb about toys and genital piercing safety, as in whether that should be a concern in any way (I’m only asking for a friend…) 3) I want this baby because you made it sound like a fucking magical unicorn, and I want me some of that. I also recently blew my Black Friday/Cyber whatever sex toy (and grocery) budget on a We-Vibe Tango and an L’Amourose Denia after reading your reviews, and although I suspect I will be busy with those for the next forever or so, the last piece of my mind-blowing sex toy repertoire– the Njoy Pure Wand– is out of my reach without your divine intervention. Lastly, thank you for doing what you do!!! You are a glimmer of openness and sex-positivity in a world mostly filled with crap. I love it!

  34. My poor instruction reading skills have foiled me again! I accidentally completed the +5 extra entries for the existing subscribers, but I’m a newsletter noob. I then completed the +3 extra entries and frantically pleaded not to be disqualified. I swear I am not trying to cheat, I am just so excited about maybe winning this toy that I can’t see straight!

  35. Favorite review: the Pure Wand! Seriously! Next review I’d love to see: another strapon harness. Why I want the Pure Wand: to support my partner and I in continuing to explore prostate and g-spot stimulation, and to experiment with heat play!

  36. I actually reviewed the Denia quite recently

  37. 1) My favorite review of yours is for the Crave Vesper. I found your site several months ago when I was looking for reviews on it. I thought your review was helpful, and I ended up purchasing it. I’m quite pleased with it too!

    2) I’d like you to review either the Duet Flex or Flex by Crave. I’m curious to know how good the vibration patterns are, considering they had that nifty beta test for user-submitted patterns.

    3) I’ve read lots of great reviews about the Pure Wand, and I’m very interested in it. I don’t own any toys like it, so I think I’d find it very useful. Plus it looks super sweet!

  38. I’m unable to enter the Blog edition and I haven’t entered any of the other sections of the giveaway. For some reason it won’t accept my birthdate when it prompts me for it (I was born in 1988). For the 1 point and 3 point entries, it asks for my name, email, and DOB. The first two turn green when I enter them, but the last field stays red (DOB). Not sure why this isn’t working, any ideas? I would like to participate in the contest.

  39. 1) i think my favorite review is the we vibe tango because when you describe the toy, it seems amazing and convaince me to buy it. i love your guide too, for the bad materials or for don’t buy at amazon.

    2) i want to see 2 things:

    – a review of cheap but safe sextoy (lovehoney ones?)
    – a study about the proportion of not safe/safe sextoy in some popular brand of sexshop or some not too popular and see what is the better sexshop at safe sextoy or this kind of things

    3) i want the njoy wand because i want it for a while and it seems amazing. furthermore, i can’t afford it actually (i’m a student). that’s why i want the pure wand

  40. I have loved all the fucking sculpture reviews. That’s what lead me to research the line! The corkscrew is my favorite toy. They are more beautiful than I ever imagined.

    I would love to see reviews for more obscure lines. And of course more Fucking Sculptures!

  41. I originally found your blog a while back…. A year or so ago…. I noticed that you had three posts that were very interesting and helpful for me: The Definitive Guide to Toxic Toys, The Ultimate Guide to Silicone Sex Toys and your review of the Njoy Pure Wand.

    I can’t choose *one* favorite blog post out of these three because the first was the post that taught me exactly what made some toys toxic, what safe toys were made of and I continue to refer back to this post as I have only recently started my journey of learning about my sexuality and buying sex toys. The second was absolutely essential for me when I purchased my first silicone dildo, the Vixen Buck, because I was really unsure how exactly to sterilize it. I knew I was supposed to sterilize it, but the exact steps were confusing. And finally, I loved your Njoy Pure Wand review because you described exactly what technique you used with the Pure Wand itself on your body to enjoy it and produce your first squirting orgasm. Because, goals!

    What I would like to see you post is a guide for more specific techniques on exactly how to use the sex toys. Sounds silly, I know. A 40-year-old woman doesn’t know how to use them? But really, honestly, I don’t. And a few, very specific, outlined ideas would be immensely helpful for me at least.

    Finally, I would love to win an Njoy Pure Wand because I have seen you just rave about it being your very favorite dildo, above all others. I’ve read about how you learned how to squirt and that is one of my two huge sexual goals right now. Also, my second goal is to help my husband explore prostate pleasure and, from what I can tell, th Njoy Pure Wand will work for his prostate as well as my squirting goals. Two life goals in one fun sex toy!

  42. I just wanted to comment about the Plug – I don’t really review plugs, they’re not something my husband or I like to use. I wouldn’t trust Eden to BUY from but (at least on products that aren’t EF brand) a lot of bloggers you read today started out at EF so there are plenty of valuable reviews. I think you can tell value in those reviews quite easy by seeing how thorough they are, how well they write and how many other reviews did they do. Do they ever give negative reviews? If so, those are the people I trust more.

  43. The Hot Octopuss Pulse wouldn’t be able to get around the 3D sleeve. Most of the Pulse is rigid (silicone over plastic) and the farther out you stretch the “wings”, the more wonky the motor sounds. It really wasn’t meant for anything other than going directly on the genitals.

  44. I do plan on reviewing MORE cheap and safe sex toys, but this list might help?

  45. Thank you for your opinion on Eden Fantasys, Lilly. This will be very useful, since when I search for toy reviews, they come up quite a bit.

  46. nice list, but i think that more detailed review is better for me, i know this is a lot of work but that’s what i think (me at least). maybe i am wrong but it’s my point of view

  47. Oh, you’re not wrong but for NOW it’s what I got! But I do have plans to review cheaper stuff, absolutely. On the list is some Blush Novelties, a Doc Johnson dual-density, I’ve got two OVO clitoral vibes coming plus a $40 Jopen clitoral vibe. What is, to you, the cut-off price for “cheap”?

  48. Cathy, in case the email notification went to spam, you are one of the winners! You still have 24 hours from now to respond before I have to pick another winner!

  49. Sadly I’ve had to draw a new winner. I’m sorry Cathy!

  50. Hello! So you’re a “second chance” winner because someone else I chose for a blog winner didn’t respond in time. I’ve also sent you an email, but I’m responding here just in case it goes to your spam. Please respond to my email within 36 hours from now to be qualified!

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