Pre-review! Womanizer, Doxy Die Cast and Doxy Skittle

I have a few other reviews that I need to knock out before I can get my review up for the Womanizer; plus I really felt that you have to see the look of utter mystification on my face when I’m talking about the Womanizer. I’ve officially named mine Blanche. I don’t normally name my vibrators, but this vibrator is Blanche Devereaux through and through.  I’m sorry for the lack of captioning; I’m going to work on that. I will take recommendations from those who do videos on how best to caption on screen and have it NOT take 4 hours? Also, yes I know. The quality is lacking. This is my first and I wanted to just jump in without editing and without making a big production of it all. If I think that this is something I plan to do again then I will record the video with my better equipment. NOTE ON WOMANIZER PRICE: SheVibe had to raise the price to MAP ($189) and surprisingly that extra $20 in price is a little harder to swallow. Hold out for site-wide sales!

While each vibrator has its pros and cons, all three are going to get my stamp of approval. When the full blog post reviews come out you can expect in-depth photos of the Womanizer (the seams, oh god, the seams) and videos of the Doxy Die Cast and Doxy Skittle, especially as they compare to other wands and similar items.

And as I mention at the end of the video….something big is happening Friday! Come back for that!!

10 Responses

  1. Epiphora says:

    Dude yes. The Womanizer review is quite possibly the hardest review I have ever had to write because I DON’T GET IT. I don’t get who it’s for, or who will like it, or who will hate it. I cannot pin it down. You’re not alone.

  2. It’s not the clitoral hood, because I couldn’t get any correlation there from those I asked. IT MUST BE MAGIC. LIKE EXCALIBUR.

  3. Sandra says:

    Yay on your first video post! Oh the Womanizer…it steals your orgasms from you. We have a funny contest planned for it in December.

  4. I’ve had vibes that I felt were to much, like they ripped the orgasm from me and it was painful but this was just..intense…and a build up….and yeah. I don’t know how i’ll write about it in real words.

  5. nadiawest says:

    Bravo on your first video review!

  6. Lena Charon says:

    I like Blanche Devereax, but I don’t like the Womanizer colors/designs. XD

  7. Lena Charon says:


  8. Tzipora says:

    I seriously LOVED your video review here. I really hope you do more. You are just so fun to listen to, very animated. Like you definitely write your blog in a voice that sounds just like how you talk so it was super cool after reading a couple of reviews I’d missed recently to then watch your video. I feel like some, too many, video reviewers of all sorts of things are either kind of boring or they try too hard to be entertaining but you were just genuinely fun and interesting to listen to. And seeing the look on your face as you described the Womanizer and not understanding how it does what it does was amazing. Like from all I’ve heard about that toy and all, visual reactions are a must. Lol. And OMG now I’m stuck with the Blanche imagery. Haha.

    Have you seen the new Womanizer Pro? Just spotted that the other day. I’m sort of afraid to buy for fear that a third model will be out in six months but oh, it looks so much nicer while retaining the crap name. Just seriously hoping for a good black Friday or cyber Monday deal. Think the Womanizer has a ton of potential for disabled folks like myself (I have the most love-hate relationship with the Tango. The way it effs up my wrist and fingers and entire arm just ugh. And mine dies before I can come almost every time). Super excited for Tantus’ new wand thingy too.

    And hey I’m kind of intrigued by the Skittle after seeing it in the video. Sometimes with weirdly shaped toys a video helps. And when you explained like holding it between your thighs it was a lightning bulb moment where I thought “Oh! So that’s what you can do with that. Sounds awesome!” How loud is it though? I know the Doxy wands have such a reputation for being insanely loud so I was kind of hoping you’d turn the Skittle on. Anyway I’m rambling now but I seriously adored your video. Actually hearing your voice vs just reading it was pretty cool.

  9. Come Heather says:

    Awesome first video review, Lilly!

  10. I’ve seen some insanely good praise for the Womanizer, I hope you find it rocks your world just as much as I’ve seen, and I can’t wait to see your verdict!