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CuRious-WandWhile I love all that Njoy does, they haven’t done anything new in years so I’m always open to exploring other quality metal sex toys. A few months ago at SHE NYC I had the chance to talk to the guys of CU in Bed, who make copper alloy sex toys like the CuRious Wand. Why copper? We’ll get to that in a minute. But it’s part of the reason why I’m so torn on recommending it – it’s a trifecta of issues, really: Odor, design and price.  I cannot help but compare it to the Pure Wand, so you’re going to see a lot of heavy comparison going on.

A Handful of Pennies

I’ve found that quality grades of stainless steel don’t have a metallic odor; I own stainless steel sex toys, silverware and a wedding band. None have ever made my hands (or anywhere else) smell of metal. But the CuRious Wand … it has a distinct odor of pennies, without the pretty copper color1. I’m not sure how I didn’t notice this aspect when I was at SHE NYC because I fondled their prototype a LOT. But, the prototype I was fondling also had a mild copper color to it–I don’t know if this made a difference. I don’t see how it could. I was pretty surprised when they sent me one to review for Shevibe and the metal odor hit me pretty strong. Brief fondling left my hands reeking like I’d been holding a handful of wet coins. The odor on my hands doesn’t seem to last very long if I rub my hands on something fabric.

If that sort of smell doesn’t bother you then one of my biggest issues with the dildo will not be a problem for you. We had a collective conversation about this on Twitter, then I did a little poll and it seems that I’m in the majority. But let’s get to the question many vagina-owners had – does it make your vagina, your natural fluids, smell/taste like metal? Yes. I had the CuRious Wand in one hand, leaving the other untainted by copper odors, and used it for a few minutes. The fingers untainted by metal odors that then had my fluids on them smelled different. Very different. Almost like there was a bit of blood in my fluids (which is odd, right? Isn’t the iron in blood what leads to that smell/taste?). When I smelled the combination of my fluids ON the CuRious Wand I actually found the odor really offensive. Like I wouldn’t want to be the person using this on someone else with a vagina because the smell bothered me a lot. Maybe it won’t react with your vaginal fluids like that, maybe it will. I also wasn’t using lube — I personally do not need lube with slick toys like metal and glass and adding lube would just make me too wet. Would a covering of silicone lube or coconut oil help hinder the odor? I tried and found that it did, minimally, but I only used it that way for half a minute. I’m not sure what would happen if that were my entire session. I think that for SOLO USE this might not bother everyone. For coupled use it could be more of a problem. If I simply wash my hands right after I’m done using the CuRious Wand then it’s not going to bother me as much.

A Boring Design

So even though the design is similar (double-ended, curved) yet different (the shapes of the ends, the length) I cannot help but compare the CuRious Wand to the Pure Wand. After all, the Pure Wand IS my favorite dildo of all times. It’s perfect for me. And herein lies the biggest reason why I’m reluctant to recommend it: The CuRious Wand was boring for me. I must have switched back and forth from Pure Wand to CuRious Wand a dozen times and the difference in perceived intensity to my g-spot was obvious. The CuRious Wand was like a 4…5 at best while the Pure Wand was an 8-10.

My vagina was bored. My g-spot wouldn’t wake up. And occasionally it would stroke the vaginal wall that’s shared with the rectum, opposite the g-spot, in a way I found uncomfortable. Also, the CuRious Wand is shorter than the Pure Wand. For ME this matters a lot. The length and curve of the Pure Wand is one of the top reasons it works so well for me. It’s easier to manipulate, easier to reach. And while the CuRious Wand and Pure Wand are pretty close in weight2, the Pure Wand’s weight seems to factor in to one reason it’s working well for me. Another factor: The Pure Wand’s bulb has a definite edge to it. The CuRious Wand does not, really, not in use. That edge on the bulb of the Pure Wand is a big factor in the magic it makes for me. The CuRious Wand just slid around, not really doing anything for my g-spot.  If you hate things with an edge that catch your pubic bone (and if you loved the Lelo Ella) then you might prefer this design. Size-wise, the ends seem to be fairly similar, although differences exist just because of the design. The triangular design of the head means that it’s not 1.5″ wide truly, like the Pure Wand is (and even at the widest, CuRious is still just shy of 1.5″).  The prostate end is very tapered, unlike the distinct ball of the Pure Wand. The curve overall seems to be less pronounced although I don’t possess a maths degree or protractor to figure it out for sure. I’m also unsure about the anal safety of that teeny little flare that happens in the middle. Would the hammerhead style of the bigger end serve as a stopper? What if you preferred the bigger end for your anal play? I can’t say I’d feel comfy calling it anal safe that way.


Why Copper? Or: Lilly Bumbles Through the Science

Let’s talk about the metal, why it’s so expensive, and why this is supposed to matter. According to the research they found that copper can kill E. Coli and other bacteria just through contact, whereas other materials could not. This matters if you use it anally (and one end is supposed to be the prostate end). I can’t see why this would matter for vaginal use. The creator has said that it will not kill the good bacteria in the vagina because 1: it only works during contact, not afterwards and 2: if you cover the dildo with lube then there’s no contact at all with the mucus membrane and therefore no bacteria-killing going on. Update: Only DRY copper kills bacteria so if it’s in use, then it’s not going to be killing anything at all. It’s only when the dry item is sitting there after being cleaned3. They cited a lot of stuff to me in an email about how copper IUDs are used all the time in the uterus, and most people don’t react badly to it. I’ve read anecdotal reports online where some people think that their copper IUD caused yeast infection. I couldn’t find evidence to support it or even disprove it. Then again, the copper of the IUD is pure and meant to be “free floating ions” while the CuRious Wand is just a copper alloy. Of course, if you think you have an allergy to copper, don’t buy their products.

Anyway, so, the lube inhibits the bacteria-killing aspect, as does simply having a lot of natural vaginal fluid, according to what they’ve said on Twitter. Seems to me that where we really need the bacteria-killing aspect is for anal play, but anal play requires lube so……? Update: Only DRY copper kills bacteria so if it’s in use, then it’s not going to be killing anything at all. It’s only when the dry item is sitting there after being cleaned.

The magic is supposed to happen after you’ve washed it. Anything that might still be on the Wand will get killed off by the copper. When I tried to talk to the creators about cleaning methods that would, you know, sanitize (isopropyl alcohol, 10% bleach solution soak, boiling) the argument is that you can miss a spot. If there were grooves, ridges and crevices, sure. But on a single-piece tooled, polished metal Wand? Even a plug? I don’t see the need, personally.  This is the part where, regardless of the fact that the design didn’t make my g-spot happy and the metal smell bothers me greatly, I should be feeling that there is an exigent NEED for this product in copper and I’m not convinced yet.

Their videos page uses the tagline “At least you know it’s clean” a lot. Whether it’s someone else picking up your dildo and kissing it4 or a baby playing with it5, the insinuation is the unlike any other sex toy material, “at least you know it’s clean”. Their FAQ page challenges the “body-safe” terminology by saying that “body-safe” merely means it doesn’t leach toxic chemicals. Maybe to come people it does, but not to me. To me, body-safe = non-porous or microporous.

Until the introduction of our antimicrobial copper alloy massagers, “Body safe” had nothing to do with antimicrobial. Currently, all available materials, except our unique copper alloy, will allow bacteria to live and grow on its surface for weeks… E. Coli can survive as long as 16 MONTHS (yes, MONTHS) on standard surfaces such as Stainless Steel and Silicon!

The “silicon” typo is theirs, not mine. Listen, I have never had any doubts about the cleanliness or safety of any silicone, stainless steel, glass, or (properly coated) wood sex toys I use or recommend. Not unless they have deep seams or an abundance of hard-to-clean ridges. I feel that a proper sanitizing clean in between uses of those materials could allow someone to safely use the same toy for vaginal and anal use. CU in Bed disagrees with me. Only their CuRious Wand will provide that safety and cleanliness. Their website copy insists that no other sex toy on the market is as safe as theirs. I can’t get behind such limitations. It really feels like it’s going too far to induce fear about every other single sex toy material out there. After reading over their website, plus the papers I picked up when I spoke to them at SHE, I feel like a key convincing “WHY” is really missing. They quite likely covered it when we were talking at SHE but first of all that was in September, second I was in a fuck ton of pain by that point, third my memory is shit. Anything and everything they would have told me at SHE that could have convinced me of its need to be on the market should be abundantly clear on their website. This dildo at Shevibe is $229. I won’t recommend anything that costs that much unless I love it. Unless I feel that it is so unique that it fills a void. Unless there is substantial evidence, enough to convince a jury of sex bloggers, that the copper aspect is invaluable.

My CuRious Wand came with a small drawstring pouch embedded with copper that will help kill bacteria (but only when the fabric is touching the surface of the toy). I actually think that the bag is worth buying, moreso than the dildo. If you just put your sex toy in the bag and rub it around and store it that way then you could have the benefits of the copper without the expensive dildo. I actually hope that Shevibe continues to carry the bags.

One last bit on the science part – I’ve included a copy of this sheet they included with the informational data I got at SHE (front and back). They are saying on this that even products with Triclosan (that’s the green line on the graph) or Silver (Ag – you’ve seen this in Tenga 3D sleeves) cannot legally claim to be antimicrobial, but copper can.  I’d like to see what Tenga says about this, actually.

Tl;dr – I’m just gonna tell you to buy the Pure Wand at this point.

I’m going to invite the creators to respond to any questions you all may have, or things you want clarified. I just ask that you be respectful and civil, please, with your discussions. I’d like to thank CU In Bed for sending this to me, because I was very curious about it. You can get it at Shevibe if you feel that my issues would not be issues for you. I would also like to hear your thoughts on the copper aspect, especially if you disagree with me on its necessity. 


  1. Could I overlook it if the Wand were a pretty copper color? Honestly there’s a chance I could. A chance
  2. The Pure Wand is actually heavier by only 2 ounces
  3. Thanks to Fuga Periculum for finding this
  4. First comes the WTF factor then the overtone of a lil shame that is bugging me
  5. again, what? that fucker is heavy!

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  1. I’m very interested to see the company response on this one. It’s indeed hard to see the necessity of this when there are already plenty of safe alternatives already available. It is also unsettling when a company claims they have the ONLY safe toy.

  2. Copper alloy, yeesh! Looks pretty white so it might be German silver which has Nickle in it to make it brighter. Those who have Nickle allergies beware! I am even allergic to some stainless, but not Njoy’s

  3. I would be cautious about proclaiming what is in something without being able to back that up with fact. I thought that I saw somewhere on their site that they do NOT use nickel in their alloy but I can’t find it now (I actually think their website is VERY hard to read, visually). I’m hoping the creators will come here and answer questions and address concerns.

  4. Just pointing out the potential. I couldn’t find alloy contents pertaining to Nickle either, that’s why I suggested caution(guess i should have used “caution” instead of “beware”) Nobody on earth would like a Nickle rash in any sensitive area where you would put this. If it was something inert, like silver that would be a different story!

  5. ” If you hate things with an edge that catch your pubic bone (and if you loved the Lelo Ella) then you might prefer this design.”

    Wait… I thought that was the point of that type of shape, to catch on the pubic bone? Don’t have the Ella (but I know I’d LOVE it) but do have a Gigi and sometimes use the WeVibe pleasuremate Glow sleeve as a dildo and eh those rock my socks off *because they catch at my pubic bone* Maybe its the placement of my G spot too that makes that feeling so damn good (can’t reach it like at all with my own fingers even if I stick an entire finger up because my G spot is like right behind my pubic bone but back if that makes sense? Yes?) I don’t do the whole rapid wild thrusting that rocks for g spot/ squirting with that shape because I don’t even need to, I just tug and it catches, at least until my G spot is all engorged then its impossible for anything to catch my pubic bone… But that shape is like a flipping hook in my vagina the way it catches and it rocks. I thought that was like the point?

    So now I’m like huh, does it not do that for others? I haven’t tried anything that has both a distinct curve and a ball shaped head like the Pure Wand so I don’t know how that would feel. I have that G-Force coming which is sort of a rounded point and I learned to ejaculate with a glass toy with a very similar shape but that never caught on my pubic bone. Don’t know that a ball shape would either. Funny then because if sounds like we have very opposite experiences if I’m reading this right? Or am I misinterpreting? Because eh the shape of this wand interested me but you say it doesn’t catch. The Ella would for me. This doesn’t have quite the “hook” though that Ella/ Gigi does so meh, I’m thinking I’d be bummed too. It’s flat but the flatness isn’t what does it for me with others shaped similarly, there’s a curve right below the flat head that is why it rocks, at least for me.

  6. For me, no, it didn’t! The way you hold it, and the slope of the shaft means that it has less of an edge than the Pure Wand.

  7. I’m not the most cognitively on today but I think it was your site I posted a far too long ramble comment as far as medical grade silicone and its potential to grow nastiness. My example though was my central line (long term IV line) and when I had a blood stream infection with yeast and said line had to be pulled. I keep my old lines because I’m weird and to be fair it wasn’t cleaned, just tossed into a cup and sealed but I’ve done this with many lines even in the case of infection and only the yeast one grew… It looks disgusting. So theoretically could happen with sex toys and yeast is pretty common vaginally which huh…

    In fact makes me wonder now that I think about it about yeast infections and sex toys in particular. In a patient like me who absolutely needs lifelong access to IV lines with virtually every other type of fungus or bacteria even when it’s gone septic/ into the blood stream which is super serious/ deadly they generally will try and treat through the infection and not pull the line…. With yeast however, they pull central lines 100% of the time. The reason being is that yeast clings. It’s insanely hard to eradicate. It’s super scary to have in your bloodstream too because it can collect on the heart or on the joints and also the eyes. I had to have so much testing done and that wasn’t my first go of sepsis, but it was my first time with Yeast sepsis… Anyway… I truly wonder in that case how much of a risk then it may be for folks with yeast infections and their toys. I will add I was super scary out of it and apparently refused to let them pull my IV line (which if anyone else is reading this, is made of medical grade silicone and hence my purpose for discussing this). So I was getting heavy duty IV antifungal (yeast being a fungus not a bacteria) meds straight into my IV line and shit, I almost died and apparently they called my refusal suicidal (honestly I can’t remember that whole first week in ICU but I sent texts I later read stating I couldn’t understand what was being said and couldn’t communicate… Amazing they even listened to me be my ability to consent was seriously compromised. But beside the point!) Anyway it really wasn’t working. The turn around I made just within hours of getting that hunk of silicone pulled was astounding. Finally broke a week worth of dangerously high fevers and basically brought me put of septic shock. The yeast was clinging to that silicone, I’m sure. So ugh that was the worst thing I’ve ever dealt with and sorry to detail such a scary horror story but I assume you get my point… Thinking about this makes me seriously question how one could guarantee their silicone was free of yeast. Now of course my IV line could not be boiled so maybe that does the trick. I’m not sure. But anyone who has had a yeast infection needs to bare minimum boil their dildos and eh… If its a vibe made of silicone… I’m not sure you can ever guarantee its yeast free then. Bleach and/or isopropryl alcohol should kill it but you’d want to do a damn good job cleaning and probably let the bleach solution sit on the toy for awhile, not just wipw it free…. Either way I’m betting this is an issue for some with recurrent yeast issues. It’s like you almost know not everyone cleans their toys that well or they don’t think they have to if they’re not sharing and only using vaginally… So hmm. Honestly though just thinking about how medically docs throw their hands up on trying to treat through yeast, it makes me wonder… And there are major risks in patients like me to pulling lines if you don’t need to so its not just that that’s the easiest way to treat or something…

    I feel awkward posting this because I’m certainly not trying to scare anyone (and yeast in your vagina versus yeast in your blood are two very different things though an untreated vaginal or oral yeast infection could turn into sepsis… But that’s not any sex toys fault) and eh feel free to delete this but I thought it was an interesting and petinent anecdote.

    When I’m more with it I have some info on copper in medical uses (that is way briefer I promise lol) and some of their claims sound legit. I think there’s copper impregnated in a band around the outside of my IV line for those purposes (would be along explanation to what that does and why its there/ how it helps). As far as potential for allergy as someone else mentioned, copper is also a micronutrient. Your body needs copper but in tiny amounts. And I can think of another medical use I’m personally familiar with where people turn to the copper because they’re allergic to all other alternatives. So I would assume an allergy to copper would be extraordinarily rare. Nickel allergies on the other hand are extremely common.

  8. So I commented at the bottom of a long reply but wanted to reply directly to you in regards to copper and allergies. I don’t have actual data here, just familiarity with copper in the medical field and I would assume copper allergies are exceedingly rare. I know of a medical use of copper (for its antimicrobial purposes) where people turn to the copper version because they’re actually allergic to all the alternatives. Copper is used medically in people who are prone to all sorts of allergies and I’ve never seen someone have an issue with copper even when they react to seemingly everything. Also, Copper itself is a micronutrient, something every human body needs in small amounts to function. So it would be pretty darn rare, I would think, for that reason alone for people to be allergic to copper. It would be like being allergic to iron (though our bodies need considerably more iron than copper).

    Nickel on the other hand is an extremely common allergen and had no nutritional value.

    Now that’s an educated guess and of course we don’t know if they have other things mixed in with that copper. But I truly would think a copper allergy itself would be extremely rare and if it exists well the person with such an allergy would almost certainly be aware of it already (copper is in multivitamins and some foods and a copper deficiency in the body can cause health issues so… Seems like if you’ve made it to adulthood you’d know if copper was a problem for you)

  9. Does anyone make any other toy that you know of (preferably much more lightweight) in the kind of dramatic curve of the Pure Wand? I mean I knot there’s shorter like bent objects like the Bent Graduate glass wand that taught me how to ejaculate but that kind of bend is still way different from the Pure Wand curve… I am so darn intrigued by that curve!

    I guess eh, Fun Factory was headed in that direction with the Delight (which for me is too curved… The plastic part actually presses painfully into my pubic mons but the angle rocks… Just I end up feeling bruised externally.

    Any other sort of similar curve though? Maybe I’ll win your Pure Wand giveaway and find a way to make it work for me. Or a strong partner. :D

  10. And sorry I didn’t even read the whole post before writing this. I want to do some research on the copper medical stuff I mentioned though and duh copper IUDs, didn’t even think of that.

    I think frankly in general, and even having the experiences I’ve had medically and with infections and such, I think there will always be bacteria risks to sex and by extension sex toys. With that said if silicone (they also use polyurethane but there are some benefits and infection fighting options with silicone that medically can’t be done with the polyurethane) is the best damn material they’ve got for something like my IV line then I don’t see how the sex toy industry can really do better, you know? And stainless steel and glass have important medical and scientific uses too. I mentioned there being copper in a part of my silicone line (not internally though so hence bacteria can still get in… Serves a purpose though from helping bacteria get in from the skin but there’s frankly no clear proof that copper piece works any better in practice than IV lines without it, same for another copper item used with these IV lines)… So copper isn’t fool proof either. Seems some of the research you’ve already got points to the same. There will always be risks as far as bacteria goes. That’s the reality of being human.

    So at the end of the day the best we can do is use and buy the best materials we can and clean and sterilize them properly. The education you do on your blog is far more useful to the masses than an overpriced copper dildo. Might be worth educating people more as far as the need to sterilize their toys even if they are single and/or the only one using them especially in the case of yeast infections because I think it’s so commonly discussed now to sterilize between partners that I could see people not thinking they need to sterilize ever if its just them. I used to think that. Then my health took the turn it did and I’ve certainly been much more careful (and basically through different types of dangerous infections that had nothing to do with sex or sex toys specifically, had to learn the hard way the realities of bacteria and fungus… Which only drives home my end point though, you will never perfectly escape bacteria and fungus. Ever.

    Like sterile procedure is super important for caring for my IV line. It was a nurse who broke it that caused the infection I detailed above. But that wasn’t the only infection I ever had and straight up, its impossible even when caring for medical stuff like that to ever be 100% sterile. That knowledge has helped me be way more sane and rational, you know? You do the best you can but you’ll never be free of risk.

    So yeah, the CU in Bed or whatever company is using scare tactics but then so do companies like Purell and Clorox and such. I’m sure you’ve seen articles on how things like autoimmune diseases are more common potentially because of all the antibacterial stuff and how obsessively clean society is. But yet that germ, dirt, bacteria fear is such a huge societal thing and its not always a good thing. So I guess that’s my general thoughts on all this and the claims the company is making.

  11. Thank you for reviewing this. I was really curious (no pun intended) about this one when i saw it’s odd shape and realized it was made of copper. I was wondering if it would help at all with things like bacterial vaginosis for the same reason your cohorts were concerned it might assist a yeast infection. It’s very interesting to know it only exerts its antibacterial effect while dry.

    Your dedication to scientific research in sex toys is enjoyable as always. ^_^

    Happy Holidays

  12. Dear Dangerous Lilly,

    Thank you for taking the time to review our CuRIOUS WAND and our UNDERCuVER BAG. And
    thank you to your readers for their follow-up comments/questions. All the comments and questions help us improve.

    My apologies for not replying sooner, technical difficulties on my end kept me from receiving notification of the comments until I received your tweet Tuesday afternoon. I wanted to be sure that I read through them thoroughly. So, please let me respond to the questions/comments as best as I can.


    I. Odor

    The copper alloy does have a metallic odor. Others have brought this to our attention. The
    feedback we received ranged from “it does not bother me”, “used a scented lube to suppress the odor” to “the odor does bother me”. We fully understand that whether or not there is an odor there will be individuals who will choose to or not choose to purchase our products for
    their own individual reasons.

    II. Design

    The CuRIOUS Wand is designed as two pleasure products in one to be used by partners for
    anal and vaginal play. Solo-play was not the main intention for the Wand, but was taken into design consideration. The inclusion of the “flare” in the middle of the wand is there as a reminder that, on average, the prostate is located at this length of insertion. It is not a safety feature.

    The process in which the metal is formed and finished influences the design. Antimicrobial
    copper alloy, due to its cooling properties, cannot utilize die-cast processing, unlike stainless steel. The advantage of die-cast processing is the ability to produce large quantities of products with an almost complete finish/polish, which would significantly lower our costs. We utilize sand casting process. Our
    molten alloy is poured into the sand mold yielding a form that has the surface texture of sand as well as mold seams and excess metal where the molten metal flows in and out. The excess metal is then removed and the entire form is ground down by hand to obtain the final shape and surface texture. Once the grinding has been completed, the form is then hand polished. In order to ensure
    that our alloy composition is consistent and true to meet EPA required standards for antimicrobial claims. Because of the necessity of quality control at all stages of its manufacturing, our CuRIOUS WAND is made in the USA. The copper utilized in our wand is recycled copper. The wand is 100% recyclable.

    The current models of the CuRIOUS WAND that are available for sale are composed primarily of
    the following metals:

    Institutional Color:
    Copper – minimum 62%
    Zinc – no more than 19%
    Manganese – no more than 13%

    The Zinc and Manganese are what gives this model wand the “stainless” steel appearance. Based on the feedback from pleasure product retailers about the sensitivity to Nickel, Nickel has been removed from our alloy replaced with the Zinc and Manganese. We have been very careful to use an alloy composition that meets the EPA requirement for antimicrobial copper approved for use in food preparation. It is interesting to
    note that high quality stainless steel contains between 10 to 14% Nickel.

    Rose Color:
    Our soon to be released “rose-colored” copper wand that Dangerous Lilly viewed at SHE in New York is composed:
    Copper – minimum of 90%
    Zinc and Manganese are reduced accordingly.

    Another feature that warrants mentioning is that our wands are not coated or plated. There was mention of stainless steel products that have an inexpensive core with a chrome-plated surface. Over time,
    products become scuffed and scratched. Because our wand is solid, one alloy all the way through its composition, when it becomes scuffed and scratched, the same copper alloy is still exposed, never losing its antimicrobial properties. This is a very important point as to the “necessity” of antimicrobial
    copper alloy; which we will address in a moment.

    III. Necessity

    One of your readers replied that more emphasis should be placed on education concerning the cleaning of pleasure products. Cu IN BED could not agree more. Our time working in the hospital
    sector taught us many things about bacteria and effectiveness of cleaning agents on bacteria. The irregularities of the material surface have a direct effect on the ability of the cleaning agent to kill bacteria. Understanding that we are dealing at the microscopic level, every surface has microscopic
    scratches and within these scratches bacteria cells can survive by avoiding contact with cleaning agents. Now, to be fair, when pleasure products are used for solo-play, the risk of bacterial infection is limited. But when products are shared between individuals, the exposure of bacteria to and from others
    increases the risk of infection. Our unique copper alloy with intrinsic antimicrobial properties, continually works to inhibit the growth of bacterium, killing bacteria that comes in contact even when the wand is not in use.

    As for “necessity,” what is a necessity for one may not be for another. Before we made the decision to create Cu IN BED, we had a discussion with a small group of women about the benefits of antimicrobial copper in the hospital setting. Upon learning about the bacterial killing properties of copper alloys, one of the participants asked if a dildo could be made from antimicrobial copper. Not expecting the question we initially all laughed. Answering that it could be made, she was then asked if she would truly use it. Her reply was “absolutely” because it was important to her. The other attendees were asked the same question and all but one said they would buy it. The one woman, who said she would not, explained that because she did not share her toys there was no need, but went on to say that she felt her gay cousin would be very interested because he was very sensitive about hygiene. Again, what is a
    necessity for one may not be for another, but our products are the first currently available in the adult pleasure product marketplace which give the user an opportunity to emphasize a true concern over health and safety in their sex play, both as a solo user and in tandem with others; this is a direction in
    which our industry must inevitably move for all of our safety, regardless our individual proclivities.


    The copper ion infused fibers of our bag will inhibit the growth of bacteria that comes into contact with it, thus preventing bacteria from passing through and contaminating the pleasure product contained within. Additionally, where the copper ion fabric comes in contact with the pleasure product within, any bacteria present at the point of contact with the fabric will be killed.

    Cu IN BED is proud to bring the world’s first and only antimicrobial copper pleasure products to the market.

  13. Yes, there is – or used to be, Lovehoney don’t stock it any more, but maybe somebody else has it still – a glass toy called “Crystal Eclipse Double Ended Glass Anal Prober” that looks like an almost-copy of the pure wand.

  14. 1. My table was next to theirs SHE NYC; small world.
    2. They spent all weekend trying to convince me to buy their toys for my shop; after pointing out a bunch of flaws and issues they’re going to run into. Nope.
    3. I’m also wondering why Njoy hasn’t done anything new; but also know what they have is amazing.
    4. The owner of Njoy showed up late one night before wrap up, and CU had a nice long chat with him.
    5. I asked Njoy what he thought of CU, and he said something along the lines of imitation is a form of flattery, and there is a reason his toys (although few) are copied but are never bested.

  15. You’re disagreeing with the science provided to me by the *manufacturer*, you’re not disagreeing with my opinions. Unless you are a scientist and are here to tell the manufacturer, and the folks who wrote the linked microbiology medical journal article, that they are wrong.

    “The difference between dry and wet surfaces, such as copper pipes, is that only dry surfaces are inhospitable environments for bacterial growth. Bacteria can easily grow and reproduce in wet environments, and in so doing, they can develop resistance to copper. Resistance has not been observed to develop on dry copper surfaces.”

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