Feb 162009

Food is so much more than just vitamins, minerals and life-sustaining calories.

At least to me it is.

Last week I visited BrokeAss Gourmet at the urging of a few blogger friends. The more I thought about it and read what there was, I realized….hey…I would love to contribute! I’ve got at least half a dozen recipes that would easily fit to the Under$20 for Two theme they have going there, and I (humbly) know my food is good.

Problem is, I don’t really use recipes. I may have at one point started off with a recipe or two, but as I went along with it I modified it. Perhaps because I didn’t like an ingredient, couldn’t get it, or didn’t stock it. 9 times out of 10, the dish is always good but never ever the exact same way twice. Not exactly. Now, I have not yet heard back from Brokeass Gourmet….so I’m hoping. As the days go on, I am doubting I will hear back from them in a positive light – after all, who the fuck am I? Another nobody “sexblogger” in a sea of others. I’m not a professional writer, a professional fucker, or a combination of the two. But I’m still hoping. I love sharing my food with others. I truly love cooking for others, seeing the blissful looks of foodgasm on their faces as they eat what I’ve made.

So this weekend, food replaced sex because I’m sick with some hybrid chest/head cold. I did my best to measure and write things down as I went along.

Until I figure out how to insert a slideshow, or determine if any of you care to see foodie pics, I’ll just leave it at some finished product shots. Because if I’m sharing recipes/techniques, I fully believe in giving visual aides as well.


Breakfast: I’ve perfected the poached egg. Totally decadent, but messy, when I schmear it all over the toast.


Dinner: Shiitake Parmesan Risotto


Quite possibly the most decadent, sinful chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever eaten. Very rich, a bit messy. I just found this recipe elsewhere over the weekend, I cannot claim it. It’s complicated and I don’t like baking, but I made an exception.

  9 Responses to “Better than sex?”

  1. I am SOOOO telling ASM about this website. She would LOVE it!

    Those cookies look positively decadent!

    ~ I bet she would – it’s geared towards dinner for 2 though, so perhaps some great ideas for when it’s just you and her!

  2. I’m still trying to get my poached egg technique right.

    That risotto looks great, as do the cookies. I can’t bake, but I love to cook, especially without a recipe!

    Sex vs. food… DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!

    ~ I’m the same, can’t bake, love to cook. Getting this recipe was tough to do, making sure it was all correct and everything. The poached egg technique I found online and it has served me well – there is still a little bit of egg-white loss, but very little really. Also, no complicated swirling-water-drop-it-in-the-vortex shit.

  3. Mmmmmm! All those treats look phenomenal – and very well photographed too!

    I’d love to wake up at yours for breakfast :P

    ~ Thanks. I’m sure I’d feed you well!

  4. Omg I wantz that cookie recipe … I can cook well and I love to bake … when I can actually be assed LOL … my mouth is watering now you evil woman :P

  5. Bah. Once you’ve had Mama Bullet’s chocolate chip cookies you’ll realize that you’ve wasted your life eating chocolate-covered dog shit.

  6. I’m hungry now!!
    I’m also following you on Twitter. Yay for the interweb!

  7. Ohmigosh, that risotto looks delicious. In fact, you’ve made my favorites all across the board – damn this new diet/eating healthy thing! I want a chocolate chip cookie!

  8. I want your risotto recipe!!!!!!

  9. I love eating my eggs the same way! Your cookies look delicious!

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