Feb 182009

It’s been a while since I posted an exhibitionist sort of photo. I plan to start remedying that.

On the last day with my old Razr phone, some photos were taken. R had requested ahead of time that I be sure it was charged, he was going to ask for some photos throughout the day, a proper send-off for the phone that served me well.

As I sat there in my car in my lot that morning I noticed how and where the sun was hitting me. I knew that with the sunlight hitting me so brightly that my semi-sheer bra would be more pronounced. So I set about snapping a photo or two of my sweater yanked down to expose my tits in my red bra. I also then angled it so that it could be seen where I was and that it was a bit risky.

I did not expect to look at the photo once taken and see a person in it.

Did she see me? I really don’t know. She walked behind my car but who knows really.


The black car to the very left of the frame is one thats parked next to me. The bus you see going by is on the street my lot is off of. And there in between the bus and the car is the aforementioned lady.

{Edit to say outright that this isn’t for HNT, I’m not participating this week…perhaps next week, we’ll see, I’m burnt out on it all…}

  13 Responses to “Back to my “roots””

  1. Rarr!

    I like the sunlight’s favourite spot!

  2. Gawd I love sunny days!

    The beauty of nature…

    Looking great in red, as always.

  3. Love the picture and the bra. Simply lovely all around.

  4. Glad you posted!


  5. Great photo, love the little exhibitionist story that goes with it!

    ~Thanks dear, but honestly this isn’t for HNT, just not into participating yet again…. *hugs*

  6. Love the way you have captured the light upon that sexy lace bra. even though you say its not a HNT post, i still think its so wonderful and beaufiful and i love the exhibitionist side of you ;)


  7. My guess is that if she had seen you would have seen her peeking over her shoulder in the picture…

    ~That’s a very good point. Of course, it’s possible she looked anyways, and I just didn’t catch it in that 1-second timeframe.

  8. Well, now. That looks familiar.

    ~ Glad you noticed….

  9. Maybe she’s off to take some photos as well :)

  10. I think this is just a lovely shot and I love the red color of your lace bra in the sunlight.

  11. […] Back to my “roots” […]

  12. Oh, I do love your exhibitionist pictures! You do have such beautiful breasts, I would love to have been happening by.

  13. Might I inquire as to where that beautifull bra was purchaced. Thanks for the shot it was well done.

    ~ I can’t recall, but I wanna say Kohl’s. Keep in mind…..I cut out the nude liners, lol, to make the bra pervier than the manufacturer intended.

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