Sep 302008

You may, or may not, have noticed lately a culling in my public blogroll. It is with caution that I tread on this subject, but I am not, by far, the first to speak of it. Sage. Rage. Naughty Secretary. Just a few.
They all pick at different aspects, some focusing on responses to the comments left on the blogs they read, some on the lack of comments they receive on their own blog.

There are two edges to this sword – I write for myself, I write for the world. While I do write for myself, this blog is quite cathartic, it is aided by the fact that I have a small audience as a sounding board. A set of people who don’t judge on petty things like the more closed-minded folks that surround me in daily life. So while I would continue on writing, I value and appreciate the comments I get both publicly on the blog and privately via email. It is a comfort to know that there are others in my boat, in my corner, more than just my partner who sits beside me here (hello, dear). It is an even larger comfort to have made friends with some of the shadowed audience. So, I think, how rude it would be of me not to acknowledge your words when you comment. In real life, do you stare blankly at someone who pays you a compliment? No. You would either never get it again, or get smacked upside the head.

I cannot complain at ALL about the comments I receive. Yes, I see other bloggers get more. So what? It’s not a popularity contest. But, that’s not my point. I suppose part of it is….if you see that I make an effort on your blog, and I am on your public blogroll….well, whyever am I on it if you don’t read it?

Mostly, I’ve removed people from the blogroll who rarely or never reply to comments, or to mine specifically, and who couldn’t give a flying fuck about me and my little square in the webiverse. I don’t mind, no skin off my nose so to speak. I’ll still read it in my feedreader because I do enjoy the blogs, but I won’t make the effort anymore to comment or be a presence. Basically, ignore me and I’ll go away. There are one or two I’m still figuring out. They reply to my comments in a polite manner, but don’t seem to welcome me there. So if I’m not welcome…..then just don’t say a darn thing, I guess.

I’ve recently been hunting for new reads, both sex blogs and well…..non, lol. And if I like something, I comment. That’s my nature. That’s half the point. If they never respond…..I’m not sure they’re worth the effort of faithfully reading.


New subject.

The We-Vibe contest winner is:   Coy Pink, with this entry: (red tube link, as some reported the original link giving issues) (original link)


Well, most importantly, it was believably real. Decent quality (security cams are pretty poor quality, but offer great views), good length, good sex (despite the dude’s blinding white tan lines). You felt like you were peeping along with Tom who was peekin out his window. I’m not sure I understand his point of zooming in on the crap in the yard tho….meh, oh well.

The other entries were all great too! Panthera‘s parking lot cam was decent, although that kid needs a few lessons in sex. My favorite part was the truck that stopped to watch his white lil ass bang his gf. Jobthingy‘s entry was hot sex, albeit staged (by at least part of the couple, even if the female didn’t know she was being filmed). Some more parking garage antics occured, sadly cut short. A romp in the woods was filmed but the plausibility seemed iffy….the forest is a noisy place, all leaves and crackly branches underfoot….I find it hard to believe that couple didn’t know they were being filmed, ya know? Elevator sex was HOT, but short and grainy. We had to make the line in the sand somewhere, ya know?

Hey, for such an expensive toy, we can be picky about our porno :P

Thanks to all who entered, it was great fun :)

Sep 292008

It’s rare for me to have a sextoy lately that I don’t like. The companies I have reviewed for generally only carry the better toys. And I’m not the majority here in my view.  If you look at the editorial review, and the handful of other reviews, there are some women who are in love with this toy.

Just not me.

If you are thin and have a sensitive clit, then perhaps you’ll really like this toy.

If you’re not both of those…then you’re going to be disappointed.

If you’re the -opposite- of those….then you’re going to hate it.

I don’t like saying this but…..I hate it.

Why? The cons of the Venus Penis 2:

1. The straps – they’re made out of clear plastic that’s kinda stretchy. Thats uncomfortable and can make you sweaty – skin that doesn’t breathe gets moist. Secondly, the straps are made for thin women. In the waist and around the thighs.

2. Materials – It’s jelly, so not top of the line. Smelled quite a b it.

3. It takes weird batteries. “N” and something else, neither are easy to find.

4. The vibrations are -weak-. Seriously weak. If someone breathing on your clit is pleasurable to you, then you’ll find this toy adequate.

5. The penis portion was barely there. Perhaps I’m a bit of a size queen with my toys, but I thought it was too teeny.

6. The whole design just didn’t fit my cunt, at all.

7. The remote is wonky. It works when it wants to, even at 2 feet.

VibeReview says that this toy is “Clearly an improvement over the respectable Venus Butterfly and Venus Butterfly 2“….which makes me wonder how a butterfly toy could be worse than this one….but I would rather not find out.

You can check out the other butterfly-style vibes at VibeReview for more choices, but I think I’m giving up on that type for awhile.

Sep 282008

Yesterday while talking to Sage, an exhibitionistic desire was brought to the surface. I have thought about it before, but never had anyone to tell.

Do you recall Madonna’s old video for Open Your Heart? Those of you my age and older will….I won’t embed the video, I don’t want to subject you to watching it if 80’s music videos are not your thing ;)


I don’t know what reminded me of her video, but Sage and I were talking about my last fantasy piece of the all girl threesome. And what you all would pay to be even just a mere silent witness to that fantasy in the flesh.

Even with the protection of the glass, could I do this? Alone, or with another woman or more? Growing up I played the piano. I took lessons for something like 11 years until I graduated high school. Due to the ADD, I simply slowed down in the learning process as I got older. My ability to focus on doing two separate things at once weakened. My ability to practice at home while other things went on also weakened. But with these lessons in classical piano from a teacher with many students, came the inevitable recitals. Recitals for the students and their families, and judged recitals in the big city. I hated it, I hated being watched as I performed. A piece I could perform in solitude to utter perfection was suddenly marred with split seconds of hesitation, or fumbling trembling fingers would hit extra keys. Later in college, when I would have the urge to play again, I would wait until the student union was nearly closed and was as empty as I could get it. Only then would I shut the door and play. Trying out for stage band in high school was even worse. Once, I humiliated myself into thinking I could sing. Right. The words left me, I couldn’t remember the notes, it all just left and boy did I fuck up royally.

But wait….you’re not judging me, are you…

I tend to forget that men are usually quite simple in their base desires. I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way, and really perhaps women are too.

Perhaps I could start out slow. The booths darkened, the stage dimly lit. Surrounded by toys, distracted by music, I am sure I could soon lose myself to something much farther beyond Madonna’s peep show. Could I get some female companions to join me, could we get off on the combined thrill of each other and being watched? I wonder how long it would take me to discard all clothing?

I want to be watched. I want to slowly lose the dregs of performance and forget you’re all there for the most part. Only realizing that all eyes are glued on me when I feel the first waves of orgasm roll over.

As I am writing this, I have just been informed that I might find this sort of thing and it might be a reality, should I ever visit a swingers club someday….the right swingers club. That is perhaps even more intoxicating. To know there are couples in those booths, watching me, almost certainly fucking each other in some manner. When the lights slowly fade on inside those booths, will I see a beautiful brunette and her partner….naked and sharing a seat? And by sharing I mean that he is sitting in the chair and she is in his lap, straddling him but facing me. As they watch me they are languidly fucking – she moves up down back and forth on his cock; his hands roam her breasts, her belly, her clit. Would this scene cause me to imitate? Using the sole prop on the stage, the chair, and my suction-cup dildo? (I don’t yet own one but this fantasy now, just this very moment, added it to my short list of “need soon” toys) Will I see a sexy man, black hair and eyes boring a hole into me, staring back at me as if challenging me while his partner is on her knees and sucking his cock? Will he make it clear to me that I am the sole target of his concentration and thoughts?

This is an off and on fantasy I have thought about for years, and only now voiced. Consider yourselves…….? Lucky? Informed? Invited?

Sep 252008

Imagine a soft tangle of limbs, pillows of flesh, salty and sweet, firm and soft.

This is my greatest desire.

To have two feminine mouths devouring my naked body, floating from cunt and clit to nipples and lips and all in between. To have two writhing moaning wet pussies in the palm of my literal hands.

A daisy chain, if you will, all mouths clamped to all cunts, drowning in the desire. To then swap kisses back and forth, all around, until we each have the taste of three pussies on our tongues.

For now I will not seek a hard cock. For now, I ache to slowly grind my cunt to hers, a slippery slick beautiful mess. A crescendo of movement all softness and hard desire.

Our hands and mouths won’t know where to go as we simultaneously ache for the one we’re touching and the one we want to be touching next.

But I know myself, I know my desire. As feminine as I am, I have the lust quotient of a man. I want to wear a harness and fuck them both. I want to employ toys to compliment my tongue and fingers, I want the power of bringing my two girls to a moaning sticky orgasm as they lay spread out before me…..moaning into each others mouths as I pull the strings. I want to stand them both up at the edge of the bed, hip to hip, bent over presenting two sweet cunts to me. Drive my harnessed cock into them, spank their round asses and drag a finger along their slits.

I want hours upon hours of lusty frenzied female fucking. While I grind my cunt to hers, press my nipples to hers, kiss her lips, while I finger her clit, while I pull and pinch her nipples, while she kisses her breast and she kisses my lips, while we three become one. Yes there is softness but underneath it all is hard fervent lust and we just cannot drink it up fast enough, we cannot consume enough to sate our desires.

This finger (mine) on my clit right now should be hers.
This clit (mine) under my finger right now should be -hers-.
This nipple (mine) that I am pinching right now should be hers.
This finger (mine) that is tracing my lips, that I am sucking on, should be -her- tongue.
This soft skin (mine) that I touch should be hers.
This exquisite orgasm (mine, oh fuck, yessss) I am teetering on the brink of this very moment should be from her.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to stop here, and come. Now.

Sep 242008


I bet about half of you are thinking “a dildo made of wood????”. I did. Then I read a few reviews from other bloggers and then I looked at his site and thought hmmmm….yeah, that could be great.

The Facts:

First, get all thoughts in your head regarding splinters and rough edges OUT.

Each dildo is finished with at least five coats of Salad Bowl Finish, a food-quality varnish. The finish seals the wood, making them safe, waterproof, and natural-feeling.  (more FAQ‘s)

It’s -pretty-, you see the grain of the wood with a nice gloss to it. He never uses stain, just happens upon some really cool woods that look great. The really cool ones, like mine which is purpleheart, are limited. He makes these out of scraps of wood leftover from furniture and other big projects, mostly given to him. One day, Hans saw a piece of walnut, and like most woodworkers/woodartists, the raw piece of wood kinda spoke to him…..wood tends to carve itself in a way…you see what should be done with it before you really start. He went to work, fashioned a dildo; his partner loved it (of course) and down the road he started doing it for the public, once he realized he was not alone in this niche of wooden sex toys.

You’re paying for a high quality dildo here – each one is unique, they take 3-10 hours of time to craft by Hans, and there’s so many wonderful properties. They’re waterproof thanks to all that varnish ( for play though, not for cleaning). They’re really easy to clean. You can use any lube type you want. Also, if you have a specific style/size in mind, he’ll make it custom from the more common woods. My only request of Hans would be a few more with good girth to them. I’m a size queen when it comes to dildos ;)

My Toy:

Mine is the Purpleheart #269  (you can view previously sold toys on there to see if there’s a past style you really love). Now, judging by the soft ridges one would assume that the thinner end is meant for insertion. That’s NOT why I picked this one. The ball end is 1.9″ around. Come to mama *drools*  Ok actually I bought this to have more toys in my collection that pack a punch girth-wise, for someone to use on me before attempting to fist me for the first time.

Seriously….this should be a priority consideration for seekers of high quality sex toys. When you talk to Hans, you’re really dealing with -him-, not some company. I know that when I can afford a custom one from him, it’ll be my new favorite. If I had to create one now, it would be very similar to the Pure Wand, with one very very thick side and one regular thick side, in a pretty deep-toned wood with depth to its grain. I’m truly in love with the purpleheart wood but I fear his supply is gone of that. The deep Ziracote is nice. Black Mangrove was beautiful but appears his supply of that is also gone. Bottom line: if you see one you love, in an uncommon wood – buy it right away.

Sep 222008

{On a side note, this is my 100th post!}

The weather was starting to turn colder, the leaves began their change to color. This morning I decided to go for a stroll through the woods at a nearby state park with trails. I tend to be a bit of a hermit, so I decided to go early in the morning. With my headphones on and music going, I started off on an easy trail. About 5 minutes in and I had yet to see another soul, which was just perfect. I had my digital camera tucked in my pocket in the hopes I would catch a few wild animals at this hour if I walked quietly enough.

But what I saw out of the corner of my eye was not an animal; it was wild though. I stopped the moment I caught movement and looked for the source. As I stopped the Ipod and removed my headphones I saw the obvious flash of skin in the foliage. About 15 feet back into the woods from the trail was a young guy. He was leaning his back against a tree, facing mostly away from the trail. His pants and boxers pulled down to his knees, he was lost in his own little world, masturbating at a slow and deliberate pace. I stood there frozen, my heart racing, not knowing what to do. Stay? Leave? Avoid looking his direction but make some noise?

As I stood there a minute longer, he still had no idea I was there. The shock and shy fear slowly left me and the devious side came out. I remembered the camera in my pocket. There is such a plus to digital cameras -well, many pluses – but I always have all sounds turned off on mine, in case I need to catch a cat mid-dream. Or as luck would have it, a man, mid-jerk. Slowly, stealthily I pulled out the camera and turned it on. Staring at him through the LCD screen, zoomed in a bit. I kept his face in the frame, to make sure he still didn’t see me. At first I snapped a few photos but then I hit the record button. Hey…if he was going to take the risk, he should accept the consequence. My heart rate had slowed considerably from the hummingbird speed it was at a few minutes ago, but the adrenaline rush was quickly turning to lust. My lips parted and jaw slackened, I stared in awe.

Very soon in, his hand began moving faster. One hand stroking his cock, the other I think was wrapped around the base, or perhaps cupping his balls. At that moment I welcomed the chill in the morning air as I felt my cheeks and cleavage flush from arousal.  His hips arced away from the tree and I heard a small moan escape his lips. I crept forward on the trail a few feet closer, eyes on the camera, camera on him. You could have taken my pulse with a palm cupped to my cunt, and I was well aware of the dull ache and wetness building. His hand began pumping his cock in a blur and the small moan became a deep, primal male groan.

The moment he began to come I deliberately stepped off the trail into dry leaves and sticks; his eyes flew open and he looked over at me at once shocked and thrilled as he took in both me and the camera, his cock still pulsing out the remains of his orgasm. I would later relish that moment – the combination on his face of the thrill of being caught, the ecstasy of orgasm and the shock of seeing me with the camera – when I replayed it over and over again on my computer.

I shut off the camera and pocketed it, and walked toward him. He was standing there frozen, breathing heavily, hand still on his cock. I wrapped a hand around his cock, covering the sticky head, languidly stroking just a bit. As I looked up at him, right into his deep brown eyes, I cocked an eyebrow and said:

“I wonder what view the next hiker will be getting?”