VibeReview: Venus Penis 2

It’s rare for me to have a sextoy lately that I don’t like. The companies I have reviewed for generally only carry the better toys. And I’m not the majority here in my view.  If you look at the editorial review, and the handful of other reviews, there are some women who are in love with this toy.

Just not me.

If you are thin and have a sensitive clit, then perhaps you’ll really like this toy.

If you’re not both of those…then you’re going to be disappointed.

If you’re the -opposite- of those….then you’re going to hate it.

I don’t like saying this but…..I hate it.

Why? The cons of the Venus Penis 2:

1. The straps – they’re made out of clear plastic that’s kinda stretchy. Thats uncomfortable and can make you sweaty – skin that doesn’t breathe gets moist. Secondly, the straps are made for thin women. In the waist and around the thighs.

2. Materials – It’s jelly, so not top of the line. Smelled quite a b it.

3. It takes weird batteries. “N” and something else, neither are easy to find.

4. The vibrations are -weak-. Seriously weak. If someone breathing on your clit is pleasurable to you, then you’ll find this toy adequate.

5. The penis portion was barely there. Perhaps I’m a bit of a size queen with my toys, but I thought it was too teeny.

6. The whole design just didn’t fit my cunt, at all.

7. The remote is wonky. It works when it wants to, even at 2 feet.

VibeReview says that this toy is “Clearly an improvement over the respectable Venus Butterfly and Venus Butterfly 2“….which makes me wonder how a butterfly toy could be worse than this one….but I would rather not find out.

You can check out the other butterfly-style vibes at VibeReview for more choices, but I think I’m giving up on that type for awhile.

4 Responses

  1. Jennybean says:

    Thanks.. I am always wary about buying toys… you never know if the size, vibratin etc. will be right, and it’s not like there is a good return policy if you don’t like it!

    ~ This is true, you can’t really return sex toys…it’s best to just visit multiple sellers and read all the different reviews. Also good to poke around the sexblogs to see if someone reviewed it, I find it’s really helpful to ask someone questions…you can’t ask questions of the people on the seller sites, all the time! ~L

  2. Coy Pink says:

    I have an older version of this toy. I rarely play with it (it’s been years, I think). The straps on mine are elastic and possibly a bit adjustable. But they’re cumbersome and tick me off. Also, the straps do not keep the toy in place. I still have to push it into my pussy/onto my clit. I would agree with your assessment of the dildo size; it’s quite small. Perhaps, as you mentioned, this is a toy for thinner girls. It’s certainly not in my top 10.

    ~ I wouldn’t even say it makes my cut, I likely won’t even be keeping it. but hey….not all toys are a good match, right? ~L

  3. rage says:

    Great review. I was never one to enjoy the regular type of sex toys (standard dildo, etc). I do like the Hitachi Magic Wand. Always a big fan of that one.

    I couldn’t help myself but to almost scream when I saw the pictures of the sex toy(s) you were reviewing/had links to. Especially the first one-I thought I was looking at a spider!

    ~ LOL, if it truly resembled a spider, trust me I wouldn’t use it ;) I’m getting picky about my toys, but I wanted this one for a purpose….I wanted one I could wear out/work/etc, something truly handsfree. This wasn’t it. ~L

  4. sage says:

    it says the in part is 3.5
    I dont think u gotta be a Queen sized for that to be not enough!

    I should buy that for the bride
    then I’d be a MONSTER!!!!!!!!!

    ~ Oh you STOP :P It’s not the 3.5 that bothered me. After all, the most sensitive portion is the first few inches. It’s the girth. It haz none. ~L