Sep 122008

Another boring update post ;)

I had meant to post the other 2 half-decent photos from last Friday’s escapades, but that will wait for next week. Monday is a toy review, Tuesday announces a little contest for the wonderful highly-rated sex toy that I’m able to give away.

Two toys on their way to me for review are designed to fill me up. One is solid smooth and pretty big around. The other is wood. Yep, wood. Last minute edit: The hardwood dildo arrived today. I’m impressed. And Q will be happy to know that I’m a bit intimidated.


Remember the cat I rescued? I heard from Cat Lady today. She wanted to let me know that two nights after I rescued little girl, she birthed her kittens. 2 grey and 1 black. She’s had to stay on with the Cat Lady until momma and babies are safe to be moved. Momma has taken on duties as surrogate to others, a calico or two that were rescued without a momma to take care of them. I feel a lot better now, I had good timing in getting her away from the mean people and this area.


It’s always a bit melancholy when someone slowly pulls away from your life. Online-only or not, the closeness is still there, and in a lot of ways they know a deeper more “real” you than real-life friends. At least when you have deep dark secrets like me ;)  T’s abrupt exit was easier to handle, as we never were at a point where we spoke every day.  This one still reads my blog I think, but no longer flirts and barely says hello. C’est la vie…..he taught me a few things, all good.  I treasure the friends that I know are reliable and “real” like —-, Devil, Q of course, and a few female blogger friends that seem to be the real deal as well (I’m usually, oddly I suppose, better friends with men). I’m happy to see more of a female presence in my comments section, it rounds things out quite nicely! Goddamn shame though that most of them live too far away.


If you’ve noticed, I’ve not had much in the way of fiction, good fiction, lately. Having a bit of writers block. I need a few good shoving-off points of exhibitionist/voyeuristic ideas.


My work situation will be changing in a few months, getting a bit of a promotion and moving to another building within the same department. I’ll know next week what the office looks like, and what I can expect as far as my worktime antics are concerned. I’m a bit nervous on that…..


There’s a few sexy things I’m lusting after right now. One is shortly going to become a necessity! For Your Nymphomation has a great line of sextoy (and condom) storage cases of all sizes. Even a bridal line! (now that’s a fuckin honeymoon). I think I’m in need of this one but…, a bit out of my price range! At least for the foreseeable future. Hmmm a naughty christmas gift perhaps?

Njoy is a line of stainless steel toys that are high-quality and very well designed – also very highly rated by any blogger I’ve seen review them. I want this one. Apropo, it’s quite pricey. And I’ll just leave it at “quite pricey”, heh. Talk about being out of my price range…!

I currently don’t have anyone to practice rope bondage on me, but…perhaps in the near future. I’d like to get some good rope, I hear Twisted Monk is a good place. Nice colors, already conditioned. I would want black, of course. Perhaps some accent color….Statutory Grape sounds fun!

And finally….if I’m going to dream big, I should go all out. I have no hope of getting one of these anytime in the next 5 years. The Liberator Esse is the ultimate in “sex furniture”. AAG recently mentioned she has one. I watched a few videos on the manufacturer’s site, as if photos didn’t tempt me enough. Oof. WANT.

  7 Responses to “Between Order and Randomness”

  1. Of the different types of posts that you post, I think these type are my favs. I like the insight they provide to who the girl is behind the girl. More pieces of the puzzle.

    ~ You and your puzzle pieces ;) I think you have enough by now to make me and some leftover, lol. ~L

  2. Most of my friends are male too…I simply tend to get along better with them. If I were a kid, I’d say I was a tomboy…there’s really not an equivalent adult term, is there?

    ~ No there’s really not….for the term “tomboy” to me means less feminine. In some ways I am less feminine, I suppose, but then again I’m really not. i just happen to like a few “guy subjects” that I can’t talk to most female friends about (like computers). Men are, in general, less judgmental I think. ~L

  3. I’m with you on the Esse…and the njoy. We have good taste, my friend…very good taste. Let us hope that somewhere the sex toys gods are listening and will one day see fit to smile upon us.

    ~ We DO have good taste! I’m quickly getting spoiled with this wonderful gig of toy reviewing. ~L

  4. We bought the njoy Elven the moment it came out. It is fantastic. She makes all kinds of HOT noises when it is in play! njoy ndeed!!!

    ~ I’m SO envious of you and your Eleven status! That fucker is *pricey*. ~L

  5. I too seem to be closer to men than to women, which is kinda funny because throughout my adolescence and early 20s pretty much all my close friends were women. I kinda miss having close female friends to talk to.

    ~ Hmm yes…my close friends in HS were women. I “outgrew” my best friend a few years after HS, and it just increased. We haven’t spoken in well over a year. In college I had an even mix, but the closer ones were female. After that though, it was men. And yes, there are times I miss a close female friend, but sometimes I think I never REALLY had one, except for H in high school. ~L

  6. Can you really put a price on a good orgasm…or two?

  7. Glad to hear about the rescue kitty. Honestly I wish you’d take one of those kittens for your own. And if it’s a little boy, I have the perfect name for him.

    Wait for it…

    Dell! ROFLMAO

    ~ You hush :P I would love one of her kittens too….but as long as we have Inky, I can’t get another cat. She’s gettin up in years, and finally has us all to herself as I moved her out of my moms house where I used to live, and she shared with her sister. They hated each other. Plus…she really voiced her displeasure the morning after the rescue, with the smell of so many cats. She pooped in the corner purposely outside her box, and then while I was cleaning that up, peed on the wall. Right in front of me! ~L

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