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Womanizer Starlet Review

As soon as I received the Womanizer Starlet from SheVibe I immediately wondered if somewhere in the marketing meetings there was a mix-up over at the company making Womanizer products and the ‘Starlet’ name...

Womanizer 2Go Review

The Womanizer 2GO is over-the-top femme and ridiculously large. To accomodate a “travel” product style there are function and motor changes that I’m having a lot of complicated feelings about. If the Womanizer 2GO were priced more reasonably I could be less picky.

Womanizer PRO40 Review

The Womanizer PRO40 is practically perfect in every way. Until recently, Womanizer remained an overpriced, luxury item. When you get it in your hands it doesn’t feel quite as well-made as some brands. It...