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The We-Vibe Tango is my all-time favorite vibrator because it delivers on rumbles and power like no other pinpoint clitoral vibrator can. It’s versatile, too. But the biggest complaint is that there is no travel-lock setting on it, which makes air travel with the We-Vibe Tango next to impossible. People fear that it will just turn on in their luggage, prompting chaos as it is mistaken for a bomb. When you have only a single, exposed push button that doesn’t require you to press and hold for a few seconds, accidental turn-ons can happen. That said…I’ve traveled with the Tango in my luggage/purse a bunch of times1, and have never had anything accidentally press the button hard enough to turn it on.

But I still wanted to find a protective case in part because people ask me about traveling with it a lot (actually, they often ask: what else can I bring that has a travel lock that is as good as the Tango and the answer is always NOTHING). And I finally found something that is 99% perfect. I scoured Amazon2 for a case that fit what I needed: 3.5″ long inside, not round, hardshell, affordable (preferably Prime shipping, too). After a few returns, I found one that comes as close to perfect as we’ll get until Standard Innovations takes my idea and runs with it3.

The Brainwavz case may not be your favorite colors, I know, but it doesn’t seem to come in any color other than a black case with a red zipper and red pockets inside. The reasons why it’s nearly perfect: It’s rectangular on the 3.5″ side, which means the Tango isn’t going to move around any. It’s snug in there on the diagonal and this means that the button is protected. It’s a hard shell case, so it can’t get crunched in your bag and have the button inside pressed. The pouches inside perfectly keep the Tango and charger in place (it can fit the cable and charging piece just fine, or you can put the cable elsewhere and just have the charging connector in the case). The zippers are good quality and the overall pouch can flex slightly….which leads me to the reason I said it’s 99% perfect. It’s a fraction smaller than 3.5″ on the diagonal inside the case, which means the Tango is very snugly in there and slightly deforms the case a bit on the corners4. It’s not enough that it affects the ability for the case to be zipped, it doesn’t strain the zipper and in time it’ll probably conform to your Tango better without the case looking slightly wonky.

Brainwavz1 Brainwavz2 Brainwavz3

As you can see in the close-up picture, the button of the Tango essentially has a protective dome over it because of the way it’s in the case. I’ve tried everything I could think of, nothing I did to the case turned the Tango on. Like hearing angels sing I knew I finally found a safe way to travel with the We-Vibe Tango, worry-free.

Since it’s apparently not an obscure brand of earphones, Brainwavz Audio, I found the exact same case at Amazon Canada and Amazon UK. It’s available on Prime everywhere, looks like. Right now it’s around $10USD, $13CAD and £9.

  1. not by plane, though but it was often just rolling around naked in my bag
  2. No sex toys, but for other stuff yes I’ll occasionally shop there
  3. Would I get royalties? That’d be awesome
  4. This deformity only applies to the NEW Tango, the one that comes in bright blue, hot pink or white (with the kit) – if you have an older model Tango or Salsa then it fits perfectly without pushing the edges of the case, while still being perfectly snug and safe
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  3 Responses to “Ask Lilly : How Can I Travel with the We-Vibe Tango?”

  1. Great post!

    Ok, so, I emailed you about this issue (thank you, by the way for replying so fast AND putting this kickin’ article up as well) and since two-day shipping will be just a few hours too late for me to get it before my trip, I thought I’d share my hasty alternative. Because of your solution, I poked around my house for hard, rectangular boxes and stumbled upon JUST the right one. It’s a decently strong cardboard box from a necklace I have. Not the velvety type, just the cardboard ones you get with most non-jewellery store items. Diagonally, the Tango is about 1/2 mm (tops) too big for the box when the flat of the tip is towards one of the edges. Facing up or down works, but isn’t as nice a fit. The button is safely sheltered in the corner. The box is also the perfect height. The overall fit is so good, it’s almost like it was made for this purpose. I should even be able to get the charging piece in with it, but I doubt I can squish the cable as well. No biggie, I have a place in my suitcase for cords. Some lovely ribbon tied securely around all four sides should ensure that the box doesn’t open before I want it to.

    I’ll still be getting the headphone case for a more long-term solution, but it seems like this will do in a pinch.

    This is great if you haven’t got the time to wait for delivery. Not to mentioned if you’re in an area that doesn’t have access to delivery from Amazon (Canadian, American, UK or otherwise) or any other sources that carry this. Or even if you just don’t have the cash to spare. Scrounge around your house (or any house of a friend kind enough to help) for those jewellery boxes! Or any other boxes that fit the same criteria, for that matter.

    Thank you again, Lilly, for posting this information! You saved my holiday.

  2. Do you know if the charging cable for the old Tango would fit in this case? The one with a wall charger instead of usb?

  3. No, sorry, it won’t. I have to wonder though if We-Vibe/Standard Innovations would be willing to send people who have the old Tango the new USB charging cable (because it does work a lot better, even on the older model Tango)

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