Ask Lilly: Are there any safe, silicone suction cup dildos?

silicone suction cup dildos on various surfacesLike the rabbit vibrator, suction cup dildos are (for me) a great idea in theory but terrible in execution. I’m no spring chicken anymore and I have the knees of a person twice my age. I can’t deny though that plenty of people love these things. One reason why I have trouble with suction cup dildos is the lack of a compatible surface. The surface has to be completely flat and perfectly smooth, no imperfections that would break the suction seal. Bathroom tiles can sometimes work, but they need to be at least 1/2″ bigger than the base on each side to have a chance at working. Mirrors and windows work, of course. Painted walls though, normally do not. Before you get it in your head that the suction cup is for you, make sure you have a surface that’ll work with it. I see a lot of people buying the porous / possibly-toxic versions way, way too often so I’m providing a list of all known safe versions. There’s a surprisingly larger selection than I expected! As of 2018 update, there are a lot. SheVibe’s updated website lists 115 silicone, suction-cup dildos with prices ranging from $21 to $125, which doesn’t include the butt toys or vibrators.  This also doesn’t begin to take into consideration the smaller, fantasy dildo makers. I haven’t included any of those because I don’t own any, don’t review them, haven’t really seen them much in person. Wanna know about those? Go see Lunabelle.

Affordable Silicone Suction Cup Dildos Under $50

When I first made this post in 2014 the list overall was a little slender and there were fewer options under $50. Nowadays we not only have options under $50, but I count 37 options for $29.99 or less at SheVibe. And many of these under $50 are actually really well made – affordable no longer means being limited to ultra-firm single density or silicone shells stuffed with foam/rags/etc.

Early2Bed carries a few that I’m not yet seeing in many places. Max, Fairy, and Astral. Max is realistic-looking but small while Fairy and Astral (Maia brand) are completely non-realistic. It looks like SheVibe is now carrying a bit of the Maia brand, and using the manufacturer’s naming they carry the Maia Porpora D1 (updated to Riley) in hot pink and purple and the D3 (updated to Kendall) in Blue or Purple.  For a moderately sized (7″x 1.6″ for the D1, 1.75″ for the D3) silicone dildo, the price ($30) is quite decent. I want to note that the only products I recommend from Maia at this time are these dildos. They have a core that is another, non-silicone material (presumably to lower production costs) which you should never see and should not at all affect the safety of the silicone material on the outside (and it is silicone, and quite thick at that). I’ve also been told that the Maia silicone is very firm and has texture to it, making it a bit of a lube hog. Also at Early to Bed is this glow-in-the-dark blue dildo that is actually the NS Novelties Firefly in Silicone.

New-ish from CalExotics is their Packer Gear line. There is a foam core, but you’ll never see it and it won’t affect the dildo. These are apparently, from the product line info, meant for packing. They’re flexible! They’re also all under $35. ETA: I have received one to check out and the silicone feels nice and smooth, without any grabby texture to it. The silicone is relatively firm but it still has bend. I don’t see how one would pack with this, but whatever. It’s still a nice dildo – not my favorite, but you may like it and I don’t see anything wrong with the foam core.

Blush Novelties continues to expand their options for affordable silicone dildos. Every model (except for one) in their Real Nude line at Shevibe has a suction cup. Prices range from $39 to $56 so they’re priced lower than Vixen Vixskin and Tantus. The soft outer layer is delightfully squishy and the core is very firm, but they can bend in half. However, photos have shown the Sumo (supposedly 2″ diameter) easily able to bend in half. I know that my larger Tantus O2 dildo can’t do that. Early To Bed carries a red version of one of the designs! Also from Blush the new Luxe Mio is short and very fat, 1.8″ and reasonably priced. Also included in the link above for Real Nude line is a line of single-density affordable, brightly colored silicone dildos. In Late 2017 Blush introduced the Avant line – vague shapes colored in block sections like striped socks, and the silicone is matte and dust-resistant. The Blush line may be listed in the “budget” section here but their dual density options and the Avant line are gorgeous, well made, and feel great. I fully recommend them.

Doc Johnson’s Vac-u-Lock line was always baffling to me – they require a special harness (none of which look all that awesome to me) and they were all always porous/toxic materials. But in recent years Doc Johnson came out with some silicone vac-u-lock options. These can be used by themselves as a dildo, but I noticed that Shevibe carries a Vac-u-lock suction cup accessory, directly copying Tantus. Since I’ve never owned a vac-u-lock toy I don’t know if the Tantus accessory could be used here instead, but the DJ version is only $10.  This means you can get a realistic, suction-cup silicone dildo for right around $50.

The Cloud 9 brand has a wide range of realistic silicone suction cup dildos in a few sizes and a few flesh tones. I’ve flame-tested another Cloud 9 item and at least the items listed at SheVibe as silicone are definitely silicone. Their prices range from $21 to $25!!

I’ll mention the Godemiche line out of necessity, but note that I don’t support this brand. SheVibe carries a couple suction-cup base options full of glitter, like this one in teal for $40.

The Colours line, from NS Novelties, has a variety of sizes of suction cup dildos in a bunch of colors.  The overall styling is realistic, but the most of the colors aren’t (there are pale skin tones but also pink, blue, purple, etc).  Sizes range from 1.5″ wide to 2.1″ wide, and only the 8″x2.1″ is priced over $50. I’ve been told that this brand is very firm and combining that with the veiny/rough texture has been uncomfortable for some people especially when used anally. Yes, this is the brand with the rainbow dildo.

BUTT TOYS! Not to be left out, there are a few silicone butt plugs with a suction cup base: Cocolicious from CalEx (might have a foam or bead core, like Pipedream); Colt brand Jumbo (over 2″!) plug, the gorgeous Funkit Cashew, two different styles from CalExotics, and some Tom of Finland girthy plugs.

Vibrating Suction Cup Dildos

The Blush Nude Impressions line are under-$60 suction-cup vibrators in 3 non-realistic colors – most of them are priced at $49. I loved the blue one, and have been told that they’re working on revamping this line – adding more colors and a magnetic charger – with the revamps arriving late 2018.

CalExotics Luxe line has a vibrating suction cup dildo that is “touch responsive”, claiming the deeper you stroke, the stronger the vibrations. I haven’t tried it, but I don’t expect the vibrations to be super powerful.  Then they have a cheaper rabbit style suction cup vibrator that, frankly, I’m skeptical about in terms of vibration. It’s $36 so at least you won’t be out a ton of money. Unfortunately, the suction cup (removable) is PVC.  Similarly made with a PVC suction cup is the CalEx realistic vibration suction cup dildo – G-spot style or Standard. Both come in two unrealistic flesh colors.

Higher-End Silicone Suction Cup Dildos over $50

Of course with Tantus, there’s the silicone suction cup attachment, which works with their vibrating dildos. You can also find them at SheVibe, usually for a better price (catch a 10-15% off SheVibe sale for the best deal).

Fun Factory, usually known for the vibrators, have a few dildos. Amor, maybe the Boss (unconfirmed), Bandito and Tiger all claim to have suction-cup bases. The Amor and Boss are subtly realistic while the Bandito and Tiger are not at all plus are heavily textured. New to the line-up is the Bouncer, also with a suction-cup base.

Smitten Kitten carries CJ Hooker, a somewhat realistically-styled dildo from Hole Punch that comes in vivid purple and blue gradients.  It’s got an interesting taper to it, but is 1.75″ at the widest. SheVibe now also carries it, in green and for $20 less. FYI, it’s modeled after the creator. There’s a new one called Chewie, in some gorgeous colors, that is fairly realistic and a little more slender than CJ Hooker.

Funkit, maker of clear silicone with vivid pigment swirls, has an entire line of sex toys based around that innovative hinged suction-cup base. Shevibe carries 3 models – 1 plug and 2 dildos. The NoFrillDos do not have the suction cup base.

New York Toy Collective has a very realistic “uncut” dual density dildo with a suction cup base called Ellis.

Vixen dildos sometimes have a naturally occurring suction cup base. I contacted Vixen to get the complete current line-up:

Vixskin: Tex, Raquel, Randy, Maverick (rumors have it that the Mustangs can be suction-cuppy, but Vixen didn’t list it)

Original Formula: All with the exception of vibe versions, or anything with testicles (Johnny). i.e. All of the Realistic Bents, Randy, Leo, Mistress, and Woody.

Filed under “but how would that even stay on the wall” is the ginormous Tom of Finland Kake Cock. Tom of Finland also makes a few sizes of a standard butt plug with a suction cup base.




17 Responses

  1. I haven’t tried most of these, but I can definitely speak to the effectiveness of the Vixen Tex’s suction cup! I didn’t even realize it was there until my partner pointed it out to me, but it’s suction-y enough that I can use it on a high-gloss wall with half-decent results.

    Accent walls, you guys. Always paint ’em glossy.

  2. C says:

    My Vixskin Mustang has some effective suction going on, to add to the list. Definately needs a smooth surface to work though.

  3. I’m a bit reluctant to add it to the list; I asked Vixen directly and if it’s not one they listed, they can’t say for certain it’ll have a suction-cup-y base. Why, I don’t know.

  4. Ah, okay. I don’t know anything about these brands. I’ve read a LOT of bad things about BD’s customer service, so I’m kinda reluctant to even recommend them to those who do want that type of dildo.

  5. Glossy, huh. Interesting. I’ve never had a wall painted glossy, so in my experiences walls never worked out. Good to know!

  6. Beck says:

    I believe that BD has been working to improve their customer service. A lot of the issue was them taking SO LONG to fill orders even longer than like 4-6 weeks even on pre-made toys. I heard a few other things, but I haven’t dealt with them in awhile now, so I can’t speak for them. My issue with BD is that they raised prices on their items that I already felt were expensive and shipping even in the US is INSANE. Anyhow, Exotic-Erotics is amazing. I seriously love them. The suction cups are awesome. They hold up really well and the silicone is really awesome. I’ve never once ordered a toy that I had to wait more than 2 weeks on and that was completely customized. The staff is very friendly, well, Justin is who I speak with and I’ve always enjoyed communication with him. Shipping is a reasonable price ($6.15 in US) and you can find completely custom toys starting at $30ish (depends on what you order).

  7. I follow afew people on Tumblr who have been talking about and documenting problems…not just with customer service, but their forums. Problems with custom orders arriving with a defect, and BD not wanting to take care of it.

    Regardless, I don’t like representational dildos, either human or animal, so BD and the other company are just two that I simply won’t be trying out, for personal reasons.

  8. Bex says:

    My Vixskin Mustang has a totally flat base (vs the suction cup one on my Maverick) but has suction that is about as good. I don’t use them but I hang them on the shower wall to dry and in my experience it’s been quite impressive for something that’s not technically a suction cup.

  9. Bex says:

    I have the NY Toy Collective Shilo and it has some accidental suction due to the shape of the base but it falls as soon as you touch it so it wouldn’t be any good for actual use.

  10. Ruby Ryder says:

    New kid on the block – Blush Novelties Real Nude line. All with suction cups, all silicone, all dual density and less expensive than other dual density dildos.

  11. Amanda says:

    Would you say you trust The Colours line from NS Novelties?

  12. I have not heard anything bad about them. Someone else did say it is definitely silicone.

  13. CallistaR says:

    I just got a Colours Small, and it was amazing!! (placed order for the Large immediately XD ). It was nice and firm enough to make riding easy, but had enough give to make it comfy. The material is very high-grade and easy to clean, but lint, lint everywhere :'( Wiping it down with a bath towel resulted in fibres all over it; I ended up just sucking it to something and letting it air-dry.

    Lilly, do you know any strong, rumbly vibrating dildos shaped like/similar to the Colours dildos? Something about the shape just does it for me when the vaunted Jopen Key Comet II left me wanting. Thanks!!

  14. CallistaR says:

    Huh. I would think that more people would be interested, considering how well regular realistic dildos sell.

    I just ordered the Big Boss, and I cannot wait to try it with my Tango! XD

    Thank you so much!

  15. CallistaR says:

    Just wanted to tell you that the Big Boss is amazing! Thank you so much for the rec <3

  16. Incendiaire says:

    I have a Fun Factory Tiger bought in 2012, and while I’ve seen photos of older models with a thicker base that incorporated a suction cup, mine is completely smooth and flat. The information currently on the Fun Factory website seems to reflect this change.

    If it’s helpful to any of your readers, the suction cup on the VixSkin version of the Randy failed pretty quickly for me. I stored it in its tube as suggested, but the base significantly deformed in the way that dual-density dildos often do, rendering the suction cup completely unusable. I’ve had no such problems with my Maverick though, as that base is much thicker.

  17. Elizabeth Tiscareno says:

    Hi, Lilly I’m a first timer here and I’m newly to idea of a dildo I’ve always wanted to be penetrated with a penis shape item which do you recommend best I want one so realistic and that has a suction cup thanks again!!