Lilly’s “6 Dangerous Years” Giveaway

You know I only give away products I love from companies I love, and this year is no exception. Every prize this year is a Big Fucking Deal. As well it should be! 6 Fucking Years! Alright let’s get to it, because there’s a lot of ground to cover. Also, I’d like you to pay attention to the artwork. In the collage below, the logos and items are hand-drawn and colored by Caitlin M. who did this at my begging (the middle crap, the hodgepodge of colors, that’s alllll me so please don’t judge her work by that middle bit). This is absolutely beautiful work. You’ll be able to see larger versions of each over on my Tumblr as the week goes on.

The Guidelines

First, everything here is open to ANYONE living anywhere. The trade-off is that if you’re outside US  (some will be covered for Canada, though) you’ll need to pitch in for the International shipping. Some companies are willing to split the cost with you, and others are gonna send it to me where I’ll need you to cover all of it. I can’t see total international shipping exceeding $35 but if you need a more exact amount, please email me (dangerouslilly @ Paypal will be required.

Second, this year I’m not asking you to pick just one item to win. You can enter to win as many as you want BUT you can only win one. Doing all of the “Lilly-centric” entries (like the stuff for G+, my social media accounts, etc) will let you rack up overall entries. You’ll tell  me which prizes you really want by doing the entries for them. Please, no cheating, okay? I verify all the entries.  Winners will be drawn for prizes in the order they’re listed in the Rafflecopter Widget. So if you enter to win the Mimi Soft and the Fling and the Pleasure Purse, and your name gets drawn when I’m picking for the Fling, that’s the one you’ll get. It would be too difficult to have you tell me which one you REALLY want the most.


The Prizes

Je Joue Mimi Soft – I had to round things out with a vibrator, and I felt like this one hasn’t been hitting the giveaway circuit as hard as some of my other new loves from this past year. I really like Mimi Soft, I think you will too. The Je Joue Mimi Soft is coming to you from the wonderful SheVibe. Your choice of color. Winner pays shipping outside of US & Canada.

We-Vibe Tango – I couldn’t have a giveaway without including my all-time favorite vibrator. Generously provided by We-Vibe! Your choice of color. Winner pays shipping outside of US & Canada.

Tantus One of a Kind Vamp and Echo Handle – You’ll be getting the exact dildos shown here. How cool are they??? This Vamp is what I call “watermelon tourmaline” coloring. Lime green on the bottom, moderate hot pink on top. Echo Handle has pinks, purples and black. Winner pays shipping outside of US (being shipped by me). Generously provided by Tantus, naturally.

Tantus One of a Kind Pro-Touch and Silk Large – Again, you’re getting these exact items. Protouch is a mix of hot pink and blue, while Silk is hot pink and orange. Winner pays shipping outside of US (being shipped by me). Generously provided by Tantus, naturally. 

Nobessence Fling – I talked up the Nobessence dildos so much in my Wood Sex Toys 101 post, that I couldn’t deprive you of trying to own one. I love Fling – great for g-spot, travel friendly and beautiful. Fling is being provided by Burlesque Toy Shop, who has generously offered to cover the first $20 of shipping outside of the US.

Pleasure Purse – I loved my Pleasure Purse so much that I asked Leah if we could include one here. I’m so happy she agreed! Outside of the US & Canada, winner will pay shipping. Leah will send it to me because it’s cheaper to send International from the US than Canada. Go figure.

Ash Girl Harness-Compatible Glass DildoCrystal Delights is providing this beauty. The crystal is basically a rainbow(!), the dildo is mildly textured and it has a harness-compatible base. It has a max width of around 1.4″, and is about 6.7″ long overall. It will come to you in a gorgeous, padded pouch for safekeeping. Outside of US, Shellie will pay half your shipping (she says it usually runs $30-40 tops).

Two-cumber Glass Dildo – More glass! This one is courtesy of Fucking Sculptures. You’ll get the exact one pictured here – it’s a shiny black with these very subtle blackish leopard-like spots. I can’t really describe it, but it’s gorgeous. The fat end is a max width of 1.75″. Winner pays shipping outside the US (being shipped by me).

RodeoH Harness of Your Choice PLUS OOAK Tantus Silk LargeEarly To Bed is an awesome sex-pos shop based in Chicago and they tell me that the RodeoH’s are the hottest ticket right now in harnesses. I’ve seen them in person, and they’re well-made.  Early To Bed will provide you with your choice of RodeoH harness (two are masculine, one is femme) and you’ll also get the remaining Tantus OOAK – a Silk Large which is a beautiful swirl of cream and silvery-gray seen hereCurrently open to US only.


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30 Responses

  1. Beck says:

    I would absolutely love camo for a color of the purse. Not sure how popular that would be. However, black is just fine by me.

  2. Krissy Novacaine says:

    I think that a bright pink would be awesome, but I am super girly like that. Also a spike accent for an up charge would be totally bad ass.

  3. Heaven says:

    I think it would look nice in a purple and also a red color. I also think some more cute stuff on the outside would be nice as well.

  4. Bex says:

    I really like the black for the Pleasure Purse, but I’m not crazy about the leopard print. Instead of leopard I think black and white hounds-tooth would look great, or just plain black or red.
    I would also love to see a faux leather version. I don’t buy leather, but if it was fake leather I would definitely buy one!

    & Congrats on 6 years, Lilly!

  5. Ross says:

    The Pleasure Purse would look amazing in white, but probably would go grey too quickly. Is a crocodile effect out of the question, because I’d be so into that!

  6. Chad says:

    I think the color selections should be increased to cover the basic luggage colors – say top 5, with additions of red, pink, purple if the leather can hold those colors well.

  7. skookum says:

    For me the perfect Pleasure Purse would be black with a deep emerald green satin lining :-)

  8. Nancy says:

    I’d love black with a teal interior as well. I’m not fond of leopard pink

  9. R Buckley says:

    My wife loves all things purple, so to have the Pleasure Purse in a deep purple would be fantastic I would think.

  10. InquisitiveClam says:

    I’m not super big on animal prints. I’d like to see a solid color inside – maybe a bright green or blue – with a lighter color on the outside – a neutral beige or khaki would be nice with that pop of brightness on the inside.

  11. Becky Toler says:

    would love to see maybe a grey inside the purse.

  12. nite byrd says:

    Black is just fine with me. Red or purple interior would be awesome!

  13. Lemony Sprite says:

    I love the black and absolutely love hidden lining prints but I am so not here for the leopard print. I would love a shiny gunmetal silver lining as my first choice or a teal, turquoise, an almost purple blue, or lime green lining (or a print with some combination of). But a waterproof lining would definitely play more into my purchasing consideration than color.

  14. Bitsen says:

    I also love hidden prints, and I’m a huge fan of paisley.
    I think a black purse with a blue paisley lining would be nice. But! I also think black with a solid blue or purple lining would be beautiful.

  15. Tim says:

    I think the black Pleasure Purse in universal and I can see why the don’t offer different color options while they are just getting their product past the initial production run but I think a selection of base colors like pink, red, blue, green, purple and yellow would be even better and could be a upcharged option for those who want to spend more to get their preferred color.

  16. Jessica says:

    I like the simplicity of the black. I think the purse inside and out is absolutely gorgeous

  17. Wren says:

    Seeing as I’ve had bad experiences with brightly colored red satin leaving pink spots on a white Bad Dragon dildo, I’d like to see white satin lining for the inside alongside black, pink and aqua for those who would like the colors. I would also like the lining to be spill/water proof, because I do not want to have lube accidentally spill and soak the entire bag.

    For the outside, I’d like to see outer color options like natural brown, white, patent leather red and two-tone leather options (where the Pleasure Purse logo and/or the straps are a different color than the rest of the bag) alongside different decorative options like stitching that’s a different color than the leather or spikes and studs. Maybe even experiment with different styles of bag at a later date.

  18. Pantophile Panic says:

    I want a pleasure purse with a blue and white plaid pattern- maybe with a soft white or cream interior. Vice Versa (cream on the outside and blue/white plaid on the inside) would also be neat.

  19. Pantophile Panic says:

    I want the RodeoH, and that beautiful Silk Large soooooo badly. I need a comfortable packing harness for every day use. My Velvet Vibrating Harness just doesn’t look natural under most clothing.

  20. tmf says:

    Can’t go wrong with a black bag, could do without the leopard print however. Black on black, perfection.

  21. Ray Brooks says:

    I think the purse should come in a deep wine color with a black satin interior. That would be striking.

  22. Atreau says:

    I would love to see it in blue or grey.

  23. Pete says:

    For the pleasure purse:
    Although the current color combination is nice and my lady
    says it looks classy and fun, I would love to see more options for the interior
    look of the bag. Perhaps any shade of
    blues or greens would be great to see.
    My lady says she’d like to see color options such as red and

  24. Kris says:

    A rich emerald green or a deep cobalt blue would be absolutely lovely as an inner lining. And I really like the waterproof lining idea another poster had, as well as making sure that the colors won’t stain any toys as another poor user had happen. (assuming fabric options are easier than leather at this point.)

  25. sue says:

    Color combos, most likely keeping w/what’s already there. All black exterior, maybe gold colored hardware and stripped black and white interior. Perhaps the logo could be a bit smaller and stitched on one of the bottom corners as it would probably be a dead giveaway to the contents of the purse XD

  26. SkyeStrumpet says:

    I’d love to see the Pleasure Purse in a rich purple, white accents on the outside and a white interior with small purple polka dots, made out of something waterproof and wipe clean!

  27. SickRose says:

    Agreed. <3 blue anything. If it's cobalt colored, I want it.

  28. Tequila Rose says:

    I’m a girlie girl so I would want something in pink, purple, yellow, teal colors. Even a black leather bag with one of these colored lining would be perfect!

  29. DocOctavia says:

    I agree with studs or spikes! Leather is very sexy but not enough bite for this gal! ;) Pink or purple satin lining for girlies, maybe green, blue, or rainbow too?

    Love the animal print! Try Cheetah or Tiger next~

  30. dv8 says:

    How about leopard print?