Bodywand Rechargeable

Bodywand RechargeableSometimes, when you have a review to write, you just want to sum it up with “This isn’t awesome. NEXT!” But that’s not very professional, now is it? Sadly, that’s how I feel about the Bodywand Rechargeable. And, after my less-than-stellar experience with the Original Bodywand, I’m just not feelin it for this brand. They don’t offer anything special or better over other wand vibrators. They’re not super awful, though, so I can’t even put my back into writing a scathing review.

How Bodywand Rechargeable Is The Same

Remember how I said that Original Bodywand was a dead ringer for the full-size Fairy Wand? Well, Bodywand Rechargeable is a dead ringer for the Doc Johnson Mood Fantastic. So identical, in fact, that I’m giving them both the side-eye. Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? Just like the Mood Fantastic, Bodywand Rechargeable has a small push-button that activates a singular pulsating mode and a dial-control for the standard vibrations. The head is the same size as the Mystic Wand, which means it would fit the Mystic Wand attachment. If for whatever reason you own the Mystic Wand and g-spot attachment and you feel that the attachment is grand but the Mystic does not have enough zoomzoom, try out the BodyWand Rechargeable with it. If you must.

Like most wand vibrators, the power level is fairly insane. Even though the top output is probably about 20% less power than the Bodywand Original, it still delivers the same uber-powerful kinda-buzzy kinda-itchy vibrations. I liked the vibrations of the Bodywand Rechargeable at the lowest settings slightly better than the Bodywand Original but it still feels like a bull in a china shop.

How Bodywand Rechargeable Is Different

The primary control mode is the dial switch, but for those feeling a little extra frisky/masochistic you can press the auxiliary button on the side to launch it in to pulsating mode. There’s just one pulsating function, they didn’t go wild here. It’s about as basic as pulses can be, really. It’s not trying to send Morse Code, it’s just a rhythmic, steady heartbeat of a pattern.  Wooowww.

Why I Dislike It

First, it’s still  pretty noisy. Most wand vibrators are, so it’s really not coming as a surprise. But mostly, I dislike it because I’m not thrilled with the brand overall. The Original, now that I’ve turned it on more than a dozen times between writing this review and that one, emits this faint odor during use. It’s like….burning plastic or wires or something. It’s faint, but it’s there and I’ve never experienced this with any other vibrator. The Rechargeable version is now starting to smell like this. Also, the rechargeable doesn’t want to keep a charge. I’ve spent 10 times more time charging it than using it. Sure, there’s a warranty but….I just can’t be arsed to do anything about it because I don’t like these wands. Even if I end up disliking a vibrator to the point where I’ll never use it again other than to compare for future reviews, I try to take advantage of warranties and always have a working version on hand. I can’t find it in myself to give enough fucks about acquiring a non-glitchy version of the Bodywand Rechargeable.

The Specs

The head is made from their “soft touch” material that’s really not soft at all. It’s slightly porous, since it’s (I think) TPR. Overall, the wand is 8.5″ long and it’s fairly lightweight. I have it in all black, but there’s a dark purple version available as well. You can use it while it’s plugged in for charging, which is probably the only way to ensure it won’t die on you. This only works if you jerk off within 2 feet of an electrical outlet, however. Or have a really long extension cord. But by then, it’s no longer a rechargeable but just a plug-in style massager with delusions of grandeur.  As I mentioned before, the head is the same size as the Mystic Wand…which is exactly what I think you should buy, instead of this. Or just get a Hitachi if you really prefer this overkill super-buzzy vibration thing.  Bodywand Rechargeable isn’t waterproof or splashproof as far as I can tell, despite a covered charging port that would suggest differently.

Size comparison: Shibari Halo Wand, Bodywand Rechargeable, Mystic Wand Showing the covered charging port on the side The little silver-colored button to the left of the scroll wheel controls the pulsating patterns Bodywand Rechargeable is a few inches smaller than Bodywand Original

tl:dr – Buy a Mystic Wand instead for nicer vibrations, better quality or a Magic Wand for better quality and the same buzzy-powerful vibrations. Bodywand isn’t a high-quality brand, and has nothing special to offer.


Thanks to Shevibe for sending me the Bodywand Rechargeable to review!

3 Responses

  1. dirty-gardener says:

    Thank you, thank you! I’m still on the hunt for a wand – and this won’t be it.

  2. Penny says:

    “I can’t find it in myself to give enough fucks about acquiring a non-glitchy version of the Bodywand Rechargeable.” –that pretty much sums up this review for me, lol.

  3. FieryRed says:

    Yep, it’s clearly the exact same toy as the DJ one. Love when companies can’t even be bothered to create their own designs, but rather just slap their own brand name on whatever design the factory is already making…