We-Vibe Has Discontinued the Salsa

About 3 or 4 months ago I was looking up something on the We-Vibe website and I noticed that while some of the icon links to the Salsa/Tango still existed, you couldn’t see the Salsa on their page anymore. Just the Tango. I had my suspicions that this meant they were discontinuing my beloved Salsa. I reached out to them first on Twitter for confirmation, and didn’t get a response. After about a week, I tried Facebook, I posted my question on their page. No response. I let it go for another month or so and decided to try asking again. Yet again, both inquiries on Facebook and Twitter were just flat-out ignored. What is the point of having social media accounts if you ignore people? Last week then I decided to contact them directly, and sent an email via the site.

Hello. I have tried numerous times to reach out to your company on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. All 4 times I’ve been ignored. I see on your site here that you do not show photos of the Salsa anymore, you just talk about the Tango. Since the shape of the Salsa is the one I recommend slightly more (it is versatile in replacing anything that uses an RO-80mm bullet, for example), I am wondering if you have discontinued it and if so, why. The colors are great!! Many users are not feminine and appreciated the gender-neutral color scheme.  I’m a sex toy reviewer/blogger and  I’m probably one of your loudest supporters of the Salsa & Tango. I recommend them to nearly every person who contacts me for sex toy help; I tell retailers who want to work with me to carry them, and I compare every other clit vibe (and sometimes even internal vibes) to the Salsa & Tango. They’ve quickly become my only vibrator needed and Holy Grail. Suffice to say, I’m quite disheartened that my simple questions about product discontinuance are consistently ignored on social media. I’d like to properly alert my readers to purchase Salsa wherever they see it if my assumptions are correct. Can you please respond and let me know?? Thanks Lilly

Their response was quite….lackluster.

Dear Lilly, Thank you for contacting We-Vibe Customer Care. We have consolidated our product line and as such the Salsa is no longer in production, though it is still widely available in many retail stores. The Tango and the Salsa are virtually identical with the only discernible difference being the shape and the colour. The Tango proved more popular than the Salsa, though the decision to stop producing the Salsa was not based on gender preferences but rather on sales. Best Regards,  Customer Care

*blinks* No apologies for the lack of response time and again on social media sites, not even a “Thanks for recommending our product, glad you like it” half-hearted attempt at giving a shit. Call me naive but I’m surprised. Hell I’ve had a more personal and heartfelt response from Doc Johnson. I think Tantus is likely a bigger company than We-Vibe but Tantus goes out of their way for superb customer service. I’ll still continue to recommend the Tango, although it will be with a tiny bit less enthusiasm than the Salsa (even though, yes, they are virtually identical, the only difference being color and tip shape). However I will recommend the Tango only because I love the vibrations, not because I love the company.  I’m so damn sick of “girly” shades of blue, pink and purple – the red, black and white of the Salsa were such a welcome change.  So buy up the Salsa when you see it if you think you prefer the color and/or tip shape. RIP, Salsa. On that note, I’d love love love to giveaway a Salsa or two to my readers as a proper send-off for my most-loved vibrator ever. If anyone would be interested in sponsoring such a thing, please contact me ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Update:  Standard Innovations Marketing has contacted me and apologized for the lack of response on social media sites and has said that they will be improving their online presence drastically. I really do hope so; in this age, social media is huge and it’s often the place where many people go to first for customer service.  Unfortunately our collective sadness over this discontinuance can’t stop the ‘wheels of progress’, we can’t save it like a petition for a TV show. SI said: “With regards to the Salsa, we too are sad to see it go, but as our brand evolves we needed to make space in our line up for future products. We also appreciate your feedback with regards to colour. This is something we will seriously consider when developing new products.” So I do hope that they continue to expand into more gender-neutral colors. In regards to the Salsa, I will be sent a whole case to give away as I see fit! I’m still sad that I won’t be able to recommend it to all my lovely readers BUT I’m thrilled that at least a few more people will be able to own one. I just need to figure out how best to go about doing it. I’d really like to see the Salsas end up with people who are like me, who have been searching and searching for a clitoral vibrator that has the power and depth we need. I’ve reviewed or owned over 100 vibrators and the Salsa/Tango wins, hands-down, above everything that I’ve tried.

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  1. Beck says:

    I’m so said that the Salsa is the one they picked to discontinue. I think the only reason the Tango was more popular was because of the girly color options. In my opinion the Salsa is the better toy. I don’t understand their thinking at all for discontinuing a wonderful product. It angers me in fact. I can’t recommend the Tango. I don’t like the tango very much. It frustrates me to use it. At least I was able to get two Salsa’s.

    ~ If we’re going by how it FEELS, then they are identical and for the rumbly power alone I will recommend Tango. I’m not one who can notice a difference in the tip shape, for me it’s solely about vibrations. I could be blindfolded and not be able to tell you which is which during use. But I think the Salsa has more uses and the fact that they’re choosing to ignore that is infuriating. I’m really unhappy. They won’t care, though.

  2. Elspeth Demina says:

    Oh bloody fucking hell.

  3. Elspeth Demina says:

    Also, you’re not the only one having an impossible time interacting with them. I STARTED talking to them about testing the Thrill before it came out. I still have no review parcel. They claim to have sent a Thrill and Touch to me to my work, but nothing has shown up. They say they’ve re-sent the Thrill to my home, but nothing yet. Unimpressed I am.

  4. Blacksilk says:

    Beck: “I think the only reason the Tango was more popular was because of the girly color options.”

    I think that might be a bit cynical. I like the Tango more than the Salsa and it’s got nothing to do with the colours. (In fact, I wish I had a blue Tango rather than a purple and a red Salsa rather than a white, but I didn’t get a choice) It’s all about the tip. The Salsa is a great vibe with great vibrations but I just can’t really care about it that much when the Tango is around because the Tango has all that but the tip just feels so much better. I really notice the slight dip in pleasure when I use Salsa. It’s not much and I still love it, just not as much.

    Incidentally, I do use the Salsa as either a back up toy or a Tantus-bullet replacement, which it rocks at, I agree, Lilly. I feel sure I’ve used the Tango perfectly well as one too though? Could be wrong, so I’ll try and check tonight.

  5. buzzvibe says:

    What a bummer.

  6. fire says:

    I agree with Blacksilk – I love my Tango because of the tip, and chose it initially over the Salsa because the flat tip provided a much nicer area of vibrations than the Salsa. It had nothing to do with the colors.

    That being said, I never went back to buy the Salsa because I was so happy with my Tango. So maybe if I’d bought the Salsa (which I may now just so I can have one) I’d end up loving the tip, but the initial test on the inside of my leg just made me feel like I was poking myself.

  7. Incendiaire says:

    I love the Salsa for a few reasons: firstly, it fits superbly into all the bullet holes of the other toys I own, whether it be ones from Tantus or Rocks Off, and it performs eminently better than the battery-powered bullets supplied with those toys. Secondly, I love the colour choices; my Salsa is a beautiful shade of scarlet, and I like it far more than the predictable pastel colours of the Tango. Thirdly, it’s a really great toy to use as a guy; I enjoy using vibes occasionally on the penis, and the Salsa is one of the very few vibes I own which has enough strong rumbly power to actually be able to get me off this way. It’s such a convenient size to hold, and the pointed tip also slides nicely around the shape of the head, and along the frenulum, something which the wide, flat, tip of the Tango would be less effective at.

    The only thing I don’t like about the Salsa is the charging system, as the magnets aren’t strong enough, and the connectors don’t sit quite flush, so I have to hold mine together with a rubber band else it won’t charge. I wish they’d invest some time into upgrading that feature instead of just scrapping such a good toy altogether.

    ~ Well I have a number of toys that recharge magnetically, and NONE of them work any better than the WeVibe Salsa or Tango charging system. I have vibes from Je Joue and Fun Factory, for starters – that damn magnetic system just doesn’t work well for ANY of them. I have to lay them just so at just the right spot for the chargers to not fall off. It’s not a problem unique to WeVibe.

  8. Bex says:

    Glad to see they contacted you again and tried to make thing right. I’m sad to see it go before I even got a chance to grab one, I’ll have to hunt around the internet and see if I can find one.

  9. Oddkin says:

    Oh hell.

    First of all: what a shitty response to give to someone who has so wholeheartedly supported their product, especially when that advocate of their product has a large reading base.

    And second: NOOOOOO!! In a market saturated with fucking pink and purple the Salsa had such refreshing colours, and the bullet tip is amazing for powering up toys that just don’t do much on a watch battery bullet, especially for women like me who have a platinum-coated clit and need the sheer power levels of the Salsa.

    Sure the Tango could work, but it wouldn’t transfer the vibrations as well as the Salsa. I can’t imagine that there would be so little demand for the Salsa compared to the Tango that it warrants discontinuing. Just look at EF: Tango and Salsa are both stars there, but the Salsa is more so.

    Blagh. I’m going to keep a close eye on my local retailers and as soon as the discounts kick in I’ll get a white and black one to complement my red Salsa. That should last me for a few years.

  10. FredKitten says:

    Honestly we-vibe online hasn’t gotten much better. About a month ago I talked to a rep at my store who was great, and she told me that the problem I had with the 3 sounded like a defect, and to email them.
    And I got really curt replies and basically copy pasted and they kept re-telling me how to charge it. and then they finally figured out that I had a USB charged one, Which has a different base,and they basically just blew me off after that. (the problem all along was I was told the light flashes when it’s charging. But really it’s just on a timer, so I thought it was charging for days)

    Like they weren’t mean, I just didn’t get the feeling that they cared?

  11. This is very weird. I’ve personally never had a problem with them. Have you tried taking it to social media? I find that taking it public like that really gets a company to respond better. But I’m surprised that WV would need that punch.

  12. FredKitten says:

    I mean since it turns out I didn’t have defective product I’m not worried about it.
    But they still need some work for their online communications, still better than some companies. though.
    I mean I should probably just give them credit because I probs wasn’t the only one emailing them at the time. And up until the end they did keep replying to me.