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Erogenous Zones 4: Breasts & Back

Well, consider it pretty much the entire torso, I guess

Many kinksters will likely talk about how they love to have their back whipped. Having a low pain tolerance and never really experiencing this, I can’t add much kink to today’s post. Many people will also talk about how a good back massage can be a lovely addition to foreplay or afterplay. I wish I could enjoy them but my muscles are generally just too tender for the way most people do a massage.

A back scratch, though?

I will damn near purr. Seriously. Nails-to-skin and especially if I’ve just unsnapped my bra. The entire back, please, shoulders to ass, big round ever-moving patterns. I will take as long of a back scratch as the scratcher has the arm strength/stamina to give. This relaxes me like little else.

Moving on to the front. I hate to have my belly touched, so that leaves my breasts. I’ve read in numerous places that the larger a woman’s breasts are, the less sensitive she is. The same amount of nerve endings are spread out over more skin. For me this leaves me in a weird place of “Either don’t touch them much, or do it hard/rough”. Gentle caresses are both barely felt and highly anxiety-inducingly-irritating. I can’t really explain it, honestly. If a lover is gently kissing/licking my nipples I am more squicked/irritated than anything else. If I have my eyes closed I barely know they’re down there doing anything.

So while my pain tolerance isn’t very high, and I can’t stand it for long, if you’re going to suck then make it rough, baby. Pull. Squeeze. I’ll tell you when to stop. Given this you’d think I would enjoy nipple clamps but they also squick me. I can’t view them on another person and I sure as fuck can’t tolerate them being on me. Hell for that matter even seeing pierced nippples bothers me. In a cover-my-own-and-cringe sort of way. It’s purely psychological but I can’t really explain it.

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2 Responses

  1. Joker_SATX says:

    OK, so I rarely post here but I have to say that when the wife and I are going at it and she is reaching her climax and digs her nails into my back? That is a HUGE turn-on….HUGE!

  2. Vixen says:

    Oh this is my favorite so far…. I use my nails. It’s a running joke with my lover and I. The closer I get to climax, the more difficult it is to not dig my nails in.

    And a mouth….teeth on my nipples….it drives me insane. In *SUCH* an insane way…..