Aug 122010

Remember this swimsuit?

It worked well for me back when I wore it for physical therapy.

But now I’m wearing it for my newly-joined water aerobics classes. Thankfully the class takes place in the deep end of the pool so class participants can’t see but I am sure that people walking around the pool could see, if they looked.

I keep slowly popping out. More than a few times at last night’s class I had to surreptitiously tuck my nipples back into the swimsuit.

It just ain’t cool. So this weekend I’m going to try and fix the suit. Perhaps by sewing the straps a little tighter. I can’t really think of anything else. Maybe sewing a frog in between the cups?

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  1. Dear Gods in heaven, hell, or wherever they reside, your breasts are simply astounding. I can’t see how anyone in that class with you could concentrate on anything else. Thanks for that lovely photo (and the lovely reminder of the previous post….it too is quite delicious).

    — PB

    ~Oh honey they’re all older ladies! I HIGHLY doubt any of them wanna see my exposed tits, I really and truly do.

  2. Before you fix your swimsuit, when is your class? I’d like to come join in someday ;-)

    ~And by join I assume you really mean “Sit on the edge of the pool and watch from above while taking a pic or three”, right? ;)

  3. I had a swimsuit that kept doing that. While the view it gives is wonderful, it makes it hard to concentrate on working out if you have to worry about your boobs wandering. Unfortunately, pulling up the straps won’t help much. The issue is that the open space across the chest is too wide; shortening the straps too much may just make them more crowded and more likely to pop out. You need to close the gap a bit.

    It looks like the top portion is a wrapped style. Try taking the two sides and overlapping them farther in the front so it comes up farther. Pin it in place with a safety pin (from the inside, so it isn’t visible). Bounce around a bit to see if it’s closed enough; if you’re still popping out, overlap them a bit more.

    Once you’ve got it where you want it, you have 2 main options: use the safety pin so you can remove it later for uber-boobage (perhaps at a beach), or you can sew it in place to make it more secure.

    ~ it kinda looks like the wrap style but it’s not. it more resembles halter-style but…no halter, lol. Very valid point on straps vs bringing the cups together.

  4. I’d suggest a safety pin, but you don’t want to get accidentally poked in that sensitive area.

    ~ Ha yeah that would be bad! Plus I fear the safety pin would quickly rust and then ruin the suit =/

  5. While it would be a shame to have to cover those, maybe a panel of fine mesh sewn across the opening would help security without sacrificing effect?

  6. I think the frog would add a touch of class to the cleavage, though it isn’t necessary :)

    ~ A touch of class couldn’t hurt ;)

  7. … or vice-versa.

    I hears ya, and I don’t have any very helpful advice. But I will say you look just lovely in the picture. Hard to concentrate on water aerobics when you’re worried about exposing yourself though…

  8. Hey! Never think that “older ladies” might not appreciate seeing beautiful breasts! ;) I know it wouldn’t bother me in the least!

    A frog would probably work well. Or if you’re not worried about being fashionable while taking the class, a light sports bra underneath.

  9. I have this crazy visual of you doing some of those running/jumping jacks moves under the water and each bounce pops those puppies right out! I have a suit w/ a similar style (and we are endowed quite alike) and wore that suit on a swim aerobics day. Woops!

    Right now is a great time of year to get a new suit – everything is marked down like crazy. I found a couple cheap and sporty suits on

  10. If you are getting a suit, may I suggest Lands End. They make ones that stay put and you can buy different sized tops and bottoms.

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