Aug 022010

One of the reasons I loved Sugasm and I love doing e[lust] is finding new blogs to read that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Rori at Between My Sheets posted the list of 30 (!!! Amazing guys!) volunteer judges for this year’s Top Sex Bloggers list. Looks like I’ve got some new blogs to go check out, as I’ve not heard of a number of these.

Without further ado, here are your 2010 judges:

  1. Bunny from Sex Kitten Chronicles
  2. Lilly from Dangerous Lilly
  3. Bilinda from Fantasies of an UnOfficial Concubine
  4. Stan, a BMS reader
  5. Brandis, a BMS reader
  6. Amanda from Bad All By Myself
  7. Nanny from Naughty Mommy Reviews and Junk
  8. Red from The Red Sneaker Diaries
  9. Dallas from Naughty Americans
  10. Becky from Empire Labs
  11. Arabella from Bombsells & Rockstars
  12. Emme from Maui Kink
  13. Sir Zoomer from Vanilla-Xtract
  14. Vixen from Secrets of a Blue-Eyed Vixen and Tits for Troops
  15. Nadia from Diary of a Kinky Librarian
  16. Chris, a BMS reader
  17. Fantasia Lilith from Pillow Talk Press
  18. Monicker, a BMS reader
  19. Janie, a BMS reader
  20. Arvan, from SexGenderBody
  21. Martin, a BMS reader
  22. Roxy from Uncommon Curiosity
  23. Brian, a BMS reader
  24. Ruth from Geeky Nymph
  25. Violet from Screaming Violet
  26. Mr. C, a BMS reader
  27. Crista Anne from PinkSexGeek[dot]com
  28. Inara de Luna from Temple of the Red Lotus, The Qadishtu Experience, and Petals in Ink
  29. Cin from Seeing My Own Reflection
  30. Jaye from MacLeod & Valentine

Some of these people I already know and love, and some I need to start checking out. You should too!

While I’m at it, I’ve got my own little list of volunteers that deserve an extra little bit of thanks, for their present or past help on e[lust] things, in no particular order:

  3 Responses to “Props to Volunteers”

  1. Thank you for recognizing your volunteers but I would like you thank you for all the hard work you do. *hugs* I appreciate it and I know everyone else does too even if we don’t say it very often.

  2. I second Aurore, the volunteers are good (and I’m happy to help!) but no one puts as much time and effort into e[lust] as you do!

  3. Thank you Lilly and other volunteers for doing the elust blogs, I especially like the Thoughts & Advice on on Sex & Relationships sections!

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