Apr 162010

Recently, as a way to gradually get exercise without royally pissing off my back, I’ve started going for walks in the parking garage attached to my building. A heat wave prompted me to think of that, because the cement-encased garage would be cooler, plus no beating sun.

The garage is mostly used by people who work in my building or a nearby building. The farther down you go in floors, the less sunlight and open spaces exist. The basement floors, of course, are fairly dark. Nice, cool and quiet.


Mostly quiet.

I take 3 little walks a day, for a few weeks now, and I’ve seen some things. I’m no stranger to gettin naughty (in more ways than one!)  in the parking garage (or in parking lots!)  so perhaps I have an eye for it…..

I’ll start talking about them soon but I also want to hear from you. Email me a guest post and you can be as anonymous as you like….but I want to hear about what you’ve seen or done in parking garages!! I know I’m not the only one to spy sneaky things….

  5 Responses to “Tales from the Parking Garage”

  1. Jane and I went out to dinner one night and, rather than drive back home to relieve the sitter, we drove to the top floor of a parking garage and cut the engine. There was only one other car parked.

    There were multi-story buildings in three directions that looked down on the garage roof, it was after business hours but still light outside, and we would have easily been seen.

    Our van had the room we needed to get comfortable and fuck around in all our favorite positions. We didn’t know if there was anyone watching us… we didn’t know if another car would drive up and find us… which made it that much more fun!

    – Dick

  2. SO can’t wait to read these tales….

  3. One of the great joys of summer time in Las Vegas is great number of multi-level parking garages, open and closed, associated with all of the casinos.

  4. It happened with an ex in NC. We had dropped some friends off at the library one night and got bored waiting for them so we decided to pull into the parking garage next door to the building. After pulling up to the top level things quickly heated up from there. My little car did not provide enough room (at 6’5 I barely fit in the damn thing to drive, much less what we were doing) and ended up going at it on the hood of the car. When we finally made our way back into the car we realized that most of an hour had passed and we had 15 messages from our friends between us. All we could say was oops, we lost track of time.

  5. A few years ago, Amber and I spent a night out at the bars in a town we were visiting. Since I was DD, Amber had a good buzz going when we got to our car in the parking garage. Our car was at the end of the row in the middle of the first floor of the garage. In clear sight of anybody who walked past.

    We started making out against the car and it seemed like we were going to hook up in the car before heading off for the hotel. But instead I opened the passenger door and bent Amber over the car seat. With her dress flipped up, I finger fucked her. Amber loved it. She pushed back into my fingers and moaned.

    Feeling even more bold, I pulled the dress over her head, leaving her in her black bra. Then, I fucked Amber naked there in public view. I don’t think anyone saw us, but it was hot as hell!

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