Feb 012009



Do you see that stairwell there? That very well-lit and glassed-in stairwell?

He had me there. Yes, I do mean he fucked me there.

The indiscretion was not planned, you see. But I couldn’t have planned anything that delicious. We were only meeting up for an hour, for drinks, fairly innocent. The parking in the city is mere dollars after 8pm, and it is scarce anywhere else, therefore it was only natural I park there. We had our drinks, we flirted, we stared, we knew. We left after 45 minutes and he asked if I wanted to go for a walk; things were quiet in the city because it was a weeknight. We could just walk and talk and not be overcome by noise pollution. I agreed but I wanted to drop my bag off to my car, and so we went.

It was still warm outside, warm for October that is. I wore my favorite skirt, knee-length and full soft cotton. The parking lot was pretty deserted but I still thought better of it, that perhaps I should not leave my purse on the car seat. After a moments consideration I leaned over to the passenger seat to tuck my bag under it. With one knee on the driver’s seat and my ass in the air….well you can see what might have put a notion in his head. I slipped my car key off the ring and kept only that key, tucking it into my bra as his eyes followed my hands. As soon as I shut my door and turned around, he slowly and methodically came closer to me. Closer and I was pressed against my car with him pressed against me.

The kissing got heated and intense until a foursome noisily made their way to their cars, their drunken voices reverberating irritatingly off the concrete structure. They were slow to go away so we decided to exit quickly and take that walk after all. The closest and quickest way away from them was that stairwell.

As soon as we were alone again he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him. As we kissed he slowly backed me up to the wall. No, not the wall….it was the glass. He pressed against me with purpose and I could not ignore the hard cock pressing into my belly. His hands took on a life of their own and soon found my ass. Not enough, apparently, as he slowly pulled my skirt up in the back until my ass was exposed to the glass, to whomever could be out there, and his fingers explored my flesh.

To say that things quickly escalated would be an understatement. He removed my shirt and yanked down a bra cup roughly to sate his desire for his lips to meet my breast. My hands found his cock, found his button, found his zipper, found his cock. With his hands on the glass I crouched down to suck him for a few moments. One hand reached down to manuever my bra strap off of my shoulder, to expose my breast to his fingers. As I sucked, he pinched. When he breathlessly warned me that he could see someone outside, I looked up and flat-out stated that I simply didn’t care. He groaned and then roughly pulled me up to standing. His lips found my nipple. His fingers dove under my sodden panties and quickly found my clit.

“Too bad you don’t have a condom” I said.

And he stopped, immediately and stood up. As he stared me down he wordlessly reached for his back pocket and….yes, he did too have one.

I grinned a grin that said “You cocky bastard” as he turned me around, away from him. My palms on the glass, I backed up until I was bent over at the waist, legs spread a bit. He flipped my skirt up and in one move yanked my panties off my ass and left them around my ankles. They cut into my skin a bit as I spread my legs further while waiting for him to sheath up. He entered without warning and we both cursed.

What would someone see if they looked up? For how could they not from say, 50 feet, notice the couple fucking in the well-lit stairwell 4 floors up? They saw me being fucked; my one forearm pressed to the glass and my forehead resting on my arm. One breast hanging outside of my bra, swaying from the force. My other hand between my legs as I violently rubbed my clit. I know how slutty I looked. But they wouldn’t have known that I barely knew the guy fucking me, so they wouldn’t have known the depth of my sluttiness.

Right there in that stairwell. That very well-lit and glassed-in stairwell.

  • Alexa

    That’s was just hot. I’ve had an experience somewhat similar to that and being out in public where there’s a risk of someone seeing you is a definite turn on.

    If I’d seen you guys, I would’ve stopped and watched. I hope you wouldn’t have minded.

  • thats friggin hotttttt

  • Nice! I’m new to your blog, but enjoying it very much so far. ;-)

    Public sex is very much an edge for me, but one of those that is hard for me to ride successfully–my head gets in the way too much for me to truly enjoy it. Damn I would love to be the observer on the street though!


  • Yummy! If I had seen you up there, I would’ve stood there and enjoyed the sight. I wouldn’t have come up the stairs so you could enjoy your moment. ;)

  • T

    Damn… now that’s HOT!! Freakin’ sizzling! Yep, I would have done the same thing and not cared either.

  • Ronald10021

    Very very hot.

  • Damn….

    That is so very hot!!!

  • Deviant Little Devil

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I have to move to the east coast.

  • Tracer Bullet

    Taking the stairs is not only good for one’s cardiovascular system, but one might also get laid. No more elevators for me.

  • Great show for the security camera, too. I’ll be looking for this on the next “caught fucking” DVD.

  • I seriously think I shall take a break from blogging more often! Damn what a fecking pant heating saga to come back to read. *fans self and wanders away stunned and horny* x

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  • Karen and Michael

    Always fantasized about doing something like this, but don’t know if we’d ever have the guts to go for it ourselves.

    Just found you, great blog, by the way.