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I have a new post up at Edencafe, “Regaining my Femme“. Go read! Leave your thoughts!

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Instead of making resolutions, I did something different. On January 1st I began my Great Purge. It’s not merely a purge, but a replace/purge when necessary. It’s funny how sometimes necessities get overlooked, put at the bottom of the list, until it’s high time you did something lest you be embarassed right quick. I threw out (and replaced) 30-some pairs of holey socks and a few dozen panties that were too small, the elastic was shot, etc. I quickly snap up new pairs of pretty panties when I see them, but they’re not everyday-practical. Now, there’s a whole new slew of things.

I also decided to replace all our bed pillows, and also buy allergen-blocking covers for them. It started because I was searching for pillowcases that button/zipper on, because I’m sick of smushing my pillow back in it’s case every other night. Then I realized we have a couple with the stuffing coming out, so maybe I should replace them. Then I read about all the nasty, gross things that are inside most people’s pillows after 5 years….and a couple of our pillows are 10 years old, or older still. EW.

Then I decided to pull out clothes that I’ve hung onto that are too small, or too big, or don’t fit me just right, or don’t match my complexion anymore (same skin, but colors look diff now that I’m back to brunette-I was blonde for a few years) and for what? Why? Just because they weren’t of so little value that I couldn’t throw them out? So I’m taking photos and going to put them all up for sale somewhere. Sizes range from 14/16 to 22/24 – some gently worn, some brand spankin new. Email me if you would be interested.I might even list up some of my handbags from Target/Kohls. They’re certainly not high fashion, but they’re cute.

Not just clothes – I joined my local chapter of Freecycle once Emmy mentioned it on her blog, and am giving away stuff that I can’t/don’t want to bother selling on Ebay. I’m pushing to give away rather than just swap my excess sex toys. I’m also mildly considering selling off my jewelry making supplies, or most of them. It would bring me in a lot of money, as there’s a LOT of stuff worth a lot, and I haven’t made anything of note in nearly a year.

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Have you submitted something for e[lust] #5 yet? No? Well why the fuck not? :P

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  1. I did this in December. I threw out all the clothes that didn’t fit. I got rid of the holey socks and underwear. It feels so wonderful to do!

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