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2013 Update: I read this and wonder why we don’t use these any more. They haven’t been touched for over 3 years. I think it’s because in my new bedroom there is less than zero closet space and very little floor space. Plus, sex these days is less often and more spontaneous.  These days I’m just not into the kink and bondage at all, so the entire Black Label aspect never really got used.  If you use pillows to get a better position, then these will allow for much better support. Just be forewarned, the foam is really, really firm. Which is good, for the most part.  Liberator kicked me off their team, so the links are all broken I think. You can purchase Liberator gear from SheVibe.


For almost a year now I’ve watched longingly as peers in the blogosphere talked about and reviewed Liberator items. Recently I got lucky and was graciously allowed to review some Liberator gear. Today is about the Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo.


First let me get this part out of the way: I love it, I have no cons to point out, I think everybody should save up for Liberator furniture or shapes, and well….yeah. I’ll be gushing for the whole damn post.


The Wedge


Even on its own the Wedge is mucho useful. I have short arms and so jerking off with anything other than the Pure Wand can get difficult/tiring. The Wedge lifted my pelvis up enough to alleviate that problem for the most part. It’s also great for missionary position sex, for tilting your pelvis just the right amount so that he hits your g-spot. In fact I really can’t even put into words how much of a help that was for hitting the g-spot during sex.


The Ramp


It’s big. It’s unapologetically big (well, then again, I did get the biggest size). There really is no good “hiding” spot for it in our 1 bedroom apartment since all our closets are full and it’s too tall to fit under our bed. The Ramp‘s claim to fame is an aid to doggy style. They offer different heights dependent on the height of your guy – this way her cunt is more lined up with his cock while he’s kneeling.


The Combo


Putting Liberator shapes together is like magic. You might assume that they would slide around…but they don’t. Wherever you put the Wedge, it’s staying put on the Ramp, even with thrusting and moving. There’s something about the microfiber fabric that acts like velcro, almost, when they’re together.  There’s a ton of photos and videos on the Liberator site that give you many ideas for placements and positions.


The Black Label Line


I wanted the Black Label version because I’m kinky and like bondage. But you knew that already. There are attachment points sewn into the covers – it’s awesome craftsmanship, you’re not going to rip it off. You can order a set of cuffs and accessories with your Black Label gear. They’re velco but don’t let that deter you – it’s fuckin STRONG velcro. Again, you’re not going anywhere. The cuffs are also supremely comfortable. They’re not going to chafe your skin; they’re padded and luxurious. The blindfold though….man. Best blindfold I’ve ever tried on to date. There is this satiny padded ridge at the bottom of it, and once the blindfold is on snugly you cannot see a damn thing. The ridge is fat enough so that it lifts the blindfold away from the eyeballs a little bit, enough to blink. This is a great great thing for me as I have some sort of weird phobia about things being too close to my eyes.


Not Just for Sex!

These shapes, and many Liberator items, are great in other uses when you’re not fucking like bunnies. Put the Ramp down first and then the Wedge halfway down the Ramp, and you have the best TV/Movie-watching lounger you could want. Unlike other stuffed furniture thingies that I had previously that are meant to be used as back rests, the Liberator shapes won’t move. The foam is very very firm yet still comfy and again that microfiber cover grips to other fabrics/carpet. It would also be great for sleeping on the ramp when you have a head cold and need to be elevated. There’s just a lot you can do with it. If you get a non-Black Label one (or buy a set of covers that matches your decor?) it might even inconspicuously blend into your home decor and can be used when vanilla folks are around! Unless of course they have seen ‘Burn After Reading’ wherein George Clooney’s character hauls around a Liberator Ramp for his hook-ups.


Tips they don’t tell you on the site:

♦The construction is high quality dense foam covered by a slippery waterproof Teflon-treated fabric which is snugly zippered around the foam. You’re not really supposed to take this off ever, even a big gusher won’t soak through the fabric. Just wipe it down clean with a damp cloth. Then there’s the main cover. Then there’s a thin nylon cover that’s loose and has a handle for carrying. When shipped, it’s all assembled and in a plastic bag for protection. Guess what all that creates? The worst case of static cling ever. I swear to you all the cat fur (white, thanks) in the room just got sucked onto the shapes when I unpacked them. You are supposed to wash the main microfiber cover before use, it helps “fluff” up the fabric to be its softest. I also washed the nylon covers in an attempt to banish some of the static. It worked, but not quite well enough, so it got a douse of Static Guard spray. Also for when anything does get onto it we found that the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair works absolute wonders for removing fur and dust from the microfiber of the Liberator cover. Quickly removes all the fur.

♦There’s a few width options for some of the shapes, particularly this combo that I got. Being that I am definitely plus-sized I figured I should be safe and get the 30″ wide versions. Lemme tell ya, I didn’t need to, I would have been good with the 24″ wide. However…..that extra room on the sides could lend for a few position-variations wherein legs/feet are ……. you get the idea.


While I’ve never tried any other company’s version of these, I do know that you get what you pay for. This is leaps and bounds above the inflatable ramp I reviewed. Except for the static cling part I really and truly honestly cannot find a single fault with anything that I talked about here. Everything from the Ramp down to the cuffs, it’s all very high quality and worth every penny. I know it’s a little expensive but they do have sales which I’ll announce and their items will last you forever. I cannot wait to review another Liberator product.


Jun 282009

Random updates, random mutterings, you know me. Never linear.

Where to start where to start….

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Oh! The most lovely and talented VanillaImpaired made me a Little Miss Lilly!!! (from this post)


Ain’t it cute??

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Rori is doing her Top Sexy Bloggers again, but a little different this year. She’s taking on people to help judge the nominated bloggers and I happily volunteered! Yay I can’t wait!

So get your butts over to this post and nominate the blogs of your favorite sexy bloggers – keep in mind to list the blog and not just the blogger name. Unlike last year, the number of times someone’s blog is nominated won’t help push it up in the rankings. Just throw out the blogs you read and love, get them noticed!

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As I bitched about heavily on Twitter, 2 of my “Everyday” bras died last week within 14 hours of each hour. How annoying! One died while I was at work, and I had to deal with a sharp underwire poking and prodding me. I couldn’t get the damn thing out, so I had to resort to…….MacGuyver methods until I was able to get rid of the damn thing.

So Saturday was a dreaded day filled with angsty bra shopping. Is it easier for skinny girls with B cup tits, I wonder? I pulled off sizes close to what I have at home and NONE fit. Or there were no sexy bigger bras. I was near tears until I found out about a Lane Bryant outlet near me, and went. I picked up 3 nice bras which provide WOW lift and support! I’ll be doin a few HNT’s I’m sure. I also went to the evil evil Walmart (thinking, I’m only going to one department, how bad can it be??? Bad. Remind me never to go back) to look at their bras and handbags. I came away with two slutty sex bras in shades of red. They’re sex bras because they’re not really fit to be worn for 10 hours straight, and plus it might be obscene. Just a bit. You’ll see ;)

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I’ve added another decadent cooking method into my repertoire. Butter poaching. Yeah, its like it sounds. Its a somewhat slow cook method, as you’re not trying to brown it or sautee it. Many recipes call for the addition of some stock or wine or a combination of the two to bring up the poaching liquid content, but it’s still at least half butter. I was making a simple dish tonight, simple mushroomy-rice comfort food, and decided to butter poach the chicken breast with little other than salt and garlic powder (to ensure an even distribution of garlic flavor). It renders breast meat that is succulent and delicate, juicy beyond words.


Jun 272009

enah000404 enah000404_1

My first review for EdenFantasys! I’m getting pretty picky with my vibrators but you know I’m still a girly girl at heart who sees something pretty/unique/fun/shiny and goes “oooooo”. Sometimes I end up finding out that I picked the item just based on looks. That’s how I picked the Orion Bottle Rocket vibe.

Well, the Bottle Rockets by Evolved are pretty new. They’re a twist on the typical “pocket rocket” type of vibrator, and the packaging is a cute clear plastic bottle. You unscrew the bottom to get the vibe out. And that bottle cap? It’s a real one. Metal and all.

This functions like your typical pocket rocket – 1 AA battery and 1 button, 1 speed. It does have more oomph than most other pocket rockets that I’ve tried, but it’s not my type of buzz. You can hear it in the video below what I’m talking about. My old trusty Pocket Rocket is the one that gets me off – its a lower pitch and a deeper vibration. Too high of a pitch and to ME it’s kinda…itchy/irritating after awhile. But I have weird sensitivity issues.

It differs from typical pocket rockets in that it looks more like a mini traditional vibe. There’s no flat top with nubs and strange caps that I throw out. It’s smooth and bulbous and has a velvety texture to the plastic. Instead of typical pocket rocket style “on/off” of just sliding the two halves together and twisting, this actually has a push-button on the top – which I prefer. My old pocket rocket, it’s either put together and on, or separated and off. Orion is also quieter than my Old Red. It is about the same size though as my Old Red.

I’m not sure where to get my trusty Old Red – the brand is Nasstoys, but their newer pocket rockets don’t look -quite- like this. They might still have the same motor though, so I’m going to have to try them out – just in case Old Red should ever die. This guy is the very first clit vibe I bought and I hit a home run with it. It’s the ONLY toy from my “sex toy history” prior to reviewing that I have kept. What can I say…I’m picky about my sex toys! Honestly though if you like most pocket rocket style vibes, you’ll like this and the more user-friendly controls.

Check them out, and reDiscover sex!

Jun 212009

Look, I never claimed to be Little Miss Neat.


Or Little Miss Tidy.


In fact, some have accused me of being Little Miss Scatterbrain sometimes.


And I am definitely accused of being Little Miss Naughty…. a lot of times.


But the fact is, today Little Miss Lilly’s Toybox is a little bit lighter.

{Gasp! There is no Little Miss Lilly! Somebody should make me one}

I’ve been going through my review stash to figure out what needs to be thrown out, what can be put up for swap on the Toy Swap Network I help run, and in general make sure that everything I’m keeping is in one central location.

The reason for this is because I lost a toy.

In 925 fucking square foot 1-bedroom apartment. I lost a motherfucking toy. And it’s not a small one, nay it’s a good sized toy. I’ve misplaced my little pocket rocket sometimes and that’s not too WTF….after all it’s small and can get lost in between couch/chair cushions or numerous spots. But my Acuvibe Mini??? It’s not huge like the Hitachi but it’s sizable enough that I shouldn’t have lost it.

Those of you that know me personally are likely not shocked. I’m….kinda messy. Disorganized. Dysfunctional. It’s gotta be here somewhere! But we’ve looked everywhere to no avail.

Another thing that’s lost is the recharger cord for the Ideal Massager. Not a huge loss since I doubt I’ll use it now that I have a full size Acuvibe, but I wanted to be able to give a better comparison in an upcoming post about all the “massager style” vibes.

While going through my toybox I noticed that my Pleasure Tops broke. Ripped, actually. The thumb of the Pleasure Tops ripped away from the base at some point, I suspect during the last use and I just didn’t notice it. This of course renders it completely trashed. It’s sad because I quite liked the toy. It wasn’t perfect by any means but it was unique. I think I need to try The Cone soon.


Pleasurists 32

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Jun 132009

Pleasurists is your round-up of the adult product reviews that came out in the last seven days from bloggers all around the sex blogosphere. Did you miss Pleasurists #31? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists #33? Submit it here before Sunday June 14th at 11:59pm PDT. Please re-post this list on your own blog if listed.

Want to win some free swag? All you’ve got to do is enter.

Madame Editrix
Scarlet Lotus St. Syr

On to the reviews…

Editor’s Pick

  • Midgets, fat men and baby carriages…oh my! Ninn Worx Collector’s Edition of “Catherine” by Laurel
  • [F]rankly, I don’t think good porn should leave you questioning what you just saw. I don’t think good porn should leaving you thinking at all after watching it. […] So, if you can ignore the midget, the fat man and the baby carriage and everything else that seems out of place in an adult film, this is totally worth watching.

    Editor’s Note: I love unique products and good reviews, and this review happens to have both! It’s amusing while giving a good idea of the movie and just how amazingly weird it is. Artistic porn sounds like a good idea, right?

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Jun 112009

This will be short, and will take but a minute or your time.

In recent Lilly news:

I have a post down there, one down. It’s about obedience and submission and my thoughts on where I stand. I’d like to hear from other submissives and how YOU view those two intertwinable topics – if you ever had any problems in the beginning, or even if you did not.

Part three of my office slut series went up on Sunday night. I tend to think that whenever I write a sequel, that the original was the best. I have another one of these in my head, part 4, but I’m just not sure about it. Your thoughts?

Something new:

Someone or two convinced me to post that which I eluded to here. Well….yeah. That’s all I’m saying. That and a warning that as soon as you click on this link the audio clip will start playing.


And coming up soon:

A post about how my reviews of sex toys will be changing

Another foodie post! I haven’t done one in awhile.

Ok ummmm that’s all folks!