Jun 062009


I asked to review the Ideal because a number of my sex blogger peers enjoyed it. Ladies who also thoroughly enjoy the Hitachi – therefore, a good chance I would like it as well. I recalled reading buyer reviews on another site-who-shall-remain-nameless-because-I’m-not-going-to-review-for-them-any-more which complained about the noise level of the Ideal – namely that it sounded half broken. But the gals I converse with said it wasn’t that bad or they didn’t notice it.

Well, sad to say, it is noisy – unless you’re using it and by using it I mean applying some degree of pressure to your bits. If you’re just lightly running it over yourself it’s going to be noisy. Half-broken noisy, in fact. Loud enough that you can’t disguise it whereas the Hitachi could be concealed if used under the covers. I have heard that if you use the g-spot attachment that it can mute out some of the noise.

In comparison to other similar massagers – it has two speeds but is inbetween the Hitachi and Miracle Massager. Being rechargeable means you’re not tethered by a cord, and so it’s great for those who don’t have an outlet close by or those who, like me, might want to use it in places not covered by an electrical outlet.

Say….the car.

I have used this a few times in my car when attempts at orgasm failed with other methods. A long day of being teased at work is quickly relieved by a little visit with the Ideal before I exit from my parking lot.

The funny hooked handle means it’s a little more ergonomic to use than the other straight-handled massagers. It’s lighter weight than the Hitachi.

The noise really does bother me, though. Partly because of the loudness and partly because it sounds like loose pieces of something are rattling around in there – makes me doubt the longevity of the product. I like the handle better but the noise factor would make me prefer the Acuvibe over the Ideal.

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  1. Interesting. I don’t like really noisy toys at all. If I hear things rattling, it also always makes me think it’s about to break on me and if you just got it, who wants that? Plus a lot of noise gets a little distracting/annoying. Good review! =)

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