Feb 112009
{note: This is not for HNT and there will not be any HNT this week}

He had me mark myself for him. Branded, I suppose. “This hole is for Master to cum in” was written on my thigh for him to see. “R’s Whore” written in another spot.


When I see him, I know he’ll write on me. He has said he’ll do it in black permanent marker. A “tramp stamp” across the small of my back. Filthy words for him to see as he’s fucking me. What will he write?

For His use only

Cum Slut

If found, return to R ok maybe not…heh

When I return home that night to my partner, I will whisper to him the slutty filthy things I did, that were done to me; he’ll see the words and take his own turn claiming my cunt.

I will wear the words in secret for days until they disappear on their own. I don’t know how long it will take for permanent marker to wash off, but I suspect it’s at least a few days.

I don’t know what else he might write. Any ideas? What would you write, be it on me or on your own slut?

  10 Responses to “Branded”

  1. “To be used as you wish.”

    Silly, I suppose, but I do get a charge out of that.

    ~Not silly at all, Riff. I quite like that…..”used”….

  2. Hmm, I wonder if Veronica would let me write “Hubman’s cum dump” with an arrow pointing to her asshole?

    How would you feel about that message on your backside?

  3. I’d write: BBG was here. and here… and here… and she spent a LOT of time HERE!!!!

    ~ You are too fuckin funny! I can just see that, complete with circles and lines and words and just a whole big mess ;)

  4. I have some coveted pics of PC’s ass on my computer saying nearly teh same things. Love that. ;)

    LOL @BBG!

    Beautiful my dear, in a slutty hot way, you know ;)

  5. Your picture is exquisite!!! I love it…you have GREAT boobs…..

    How about “Deposits only” on your inner thigh with an arrow, or on the small of your back with an arrow pointing to your cute asshole? or maybe “Sperm bank” in the same locations??

    ~Interesting thought….

  6. Hahaha! BBG said exactly what I was going to say, lol. Great minds think alike.

    That picture is hot. I think I’ll file this little permanent marker idea away in my memory. For later use. Thanks. ;)

    ~ Glad to be of service my dear!

  7. Rofl I am getting images of smilies and arrows and crazy stuff drawn all over you! Too funny. How about something simple like … owned ;) xxx

  8. For your cum only

  9. he will write……….


  10. Master’s Whore…
    Master’s Toy/Device/Tool…
    owned by ..[Master’s name]
    SpermSlut.. Bitch.. Whore..
    Cum Collector
    Spank me!!

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