Oct 152008

Come to my window…..

Maybe not literally, as I’m on the second floor…but you certainly might get a good view some evenings.


The first window here is my bedroom window. They cannot see me on the bed (the whole of the bed takes up the entire space under the window, the headboard is against the window wall and the headboard is level with the windowsill), only when I’m standing up. The second window is that of the “cachette”, what was intended to be a small walk-in closet off the bedroom but is used as the office. This small window does not open; as I sit here typing away, I’m parallel to it.

Recently I have been outside in various states of the day/evening and realized…oh….people can see in a lot earlier in the day than I had assumed. And in the evening? The windows stand out, as this apartment is the only one to have the blinds up at any given moment. Unless I know there is someone out there within viewing distance I usually forget about the possible view I’m giving.

What has this window of opportunity led this exhibitionist to?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

During the photo shoots done in the bedroom, the blinds are fully up to get in as much natural light as possible and the lamps are switched on, too. Since this building faces a residential street, there is car traffic going by, and people walking out to the cars and such. I’m sure they’ve seen me – topless or in my bra – standing there posing for someone. I’m sure they’ve seen my partner as he stands above me on the bed taking photos.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

One day, late in the afternoon, I was standing about 4 feet back from the window with one knee on the bed and facing out, peering at the moving van that pulled up. Since it was still late afternoon I had thought they couldn’t see in…it still being quite bright out there. Since my window is just a hair shy to the right of being directly in front of the steps, it’s kind of natural to look at the window sometimes if you’re on the stairs. One guy from the moving van looked up as he started to head down the stairs, but he stopped in his tracks and looked right at me. I could swear he couldn’t really see in all that well. I was wrong, I think. Since I thought I still had a veil of privacy around me, a little courage seeped into my bones as I took off my tshirt revealing naked bra-less tits. He stood there a few seconds longer until someone out of sight said something, startling him. As he continued down the steps he smiled a little in my general direction.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Again, back to the photo shoots….Remember the HNT pics for last week “She’s on Top”? I was facing the window. Those photos were taken at the end…and poor boy was quite wound up from it all. We ended up fucking, me still on top, hands gripping the headboard for leverage/support. My gyrating/bouncing upper half visible to all who went by and glanced in.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Saving the best for last….

One evening yet another moving van showed up. At first it was just late afternoon making way to dusk, and so I could see them quite easily. The van was parked directly in front of my bedroom window, and they were working on an apartment 2 doors down. As they would leave the apartment they had a good view if they glanced up of me at my desk. If they were in the truck they had a good view into the bedroom.

When I know I’m being watched, and I’m safely behind a window, my shyness drops off little by little. I went from topless to braless by nightfall, at which point I turned out most lights. My monitor throws off plenty of light and so my pale skin glowed and the view was quite obvious. I would glance down sometimes to catch them looking up at me. At one point I noticed that one guy had stopped completely to stare for a minute, under the guise of waiting for his co-worker. Once or twice I stood up, giving them a very full-on look at my bare breasts.

While my partner was out in the living room doing a pre-bedtime cleanup, I decided to have a pre-bedtime orgasm. The lights were out, the blinds were drawn. I had forgotten that the window was still open….

And I was very loud. No doubt they heard me. I was reminded that the window was open when my partner walked into the bedroom….I just said “Oh. I thought it was closed. Oh well!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So it shows that when I know I’m being watched, I crank it up. I would love to see some photos taken of me through the window from the voyeur’s point of view.

  9 Responses to “Window of Opportunity, Exhibitionist Style”

  1. Damn I wish I lived in your neighborhood.

    ~ I’m sure you’d have fun, lol

  2. Why don’t you have your partner stand outside and take pictures? ;)

    ~ Few reasons.
    1. It requires a tripod
    2. Which means, he’d be a guy standing out on the sidewalk, taking pictures using a tripod, being REALLY obvious that he’s taking pictures of me in the window. Most other people who might notice this will not know he lives there, and is allowed to be doing this.

  3. Such ‘windows of opportunity’ made for a great post.

    Nice to see you’re not shy about it.

    ~ I am shy, just takes me some time to warm up

  4. *catching the next flight over there with camera in hand*

    I bet they got a right good eye full of those lovely breasts of yours ;)

    ~ I believe they did, lol

  5. I’m with everyone else that would’ve liked to have been on the outside looking in.
    Are you familiar with the anthology “She’s On Top”? Certainly some good reading for slow nights

    ~ Yes I actually mentioned it, and named a post after it, an HNT or two ago.

  6. Give me your address and I’ll send you copies of all I take! ;)

    A friend of mine has a tenth story office suite and a telescope was one of his first purchases. I think he would want to give you personal thanks as representative of all women willing to “share.” God bless you, Lilly!

    ~ Come on over any time…..seriously…

  7. lucky, lucky neighbors. :)

    (i am guilty of the dame type of exhibitionism. harmless fun. until we get axe murdered in our sleep by buffalo bill or some such shit, but i stick by the “harmless fun” motto.)

  8. I’ll be the one with the stepladder/telephoto lens. It’s not really cheating, just making the most of things…

    ~ Well just flash your lights so I know it’s you ;) You do, after all, know where I live….lol

  9. I luv how you exhibit & share.

    An exhibitionist; I am too. Online I refrain as much as I can, though. Ironic but true. I’m odd though sometimes …*giggles*

    A very sexy post! *smiles*

    And I hope you get some pics taken of you from their pov. :)

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