Oct 142008

*sigh* That’s an awful name for it, it’s totally unsexy. Squirmy? Nothing that goes in or near my cunt should be described as “squirmy”, thanks. Oh well. It’s a trade-off. At least it’s not a crab called Craby or any other “animal” themed vibe. Coy Pink and I had a conversation about those two atrocities and more, if you’d like to read our conversation ripping on cutesy animal vibes, go read her post. We’re funny when we get riled up.

It’s a Doc Johnson toy, which means it has the flight-panel-like control box at the bottom, like all of their Rabbit-style vibes. This vibe is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone, which is a major reason to choose it above others. My last Rabbit, also from Doc Johnson, was not of such lofty material and therefore had an unpleasant odor.

There’s many differences between this and typical Rabbit vibes – one being that there’s no goddamn annoying “Rabbit” to be seen. Those vibrating ears that came off the clit bullet were just annoying to me. Another difference is that it is thankfully lacking the stupid rotating rows of beads below the surface of the outter “skin” of the vibe. Those beads never did a damn thing for me. Instead this one well….it still rotates but it’s better….because there’s a wide curved tip to it which moves in a small circular motion. The nubs on the clit pad are very soft and provide great clit stimulation.

The control box can be hard to change speeds when you’re using this toy solo. There’s three buttons – one controls the speed of the shaft, one controls the speed of the clit pad and the third? Well it changes the direction of the rotation. Why???? I have no clue. I find it hard to believe that you can achieve a better orgasm just by changing the direction of the rotating head. You can have both the shaft and clit pad running or just one or the other.

It wasn’t powerful enough to get me off in 5 minutes or less, but it provided for a nice long slow climb. As I was riding out my orgasm I found that the rotating shaft massaging my G-spot actually increased the time of my orgasm by a bit.


  • Made of Silicone and other good-for-you materials
  • More intelligent design
  • Choices in vibration speed and location
  • Less expensive than other similar toys, but just as good


  • It’s loud. And the whirring sound of the rotating shaft made me envision a Kitchen Aide down there, mixing up something in my cunt. Really loud.
  • Control panel is hard to do when you’re using it solo

All in all, I do recommend it. It wasn’t “perfect” for me, but I will definitely be using it again.

  4 Responses to “VibeReview: Japanese G-spot Squirmy”

  1. Ugh. I wholeheartedly agree on the cutsy animal vibes. I don’t understand that *at all*.

    And I don’t want a pretty little dolphin or bunny going inside my pussy (which is a cutsy enough name) thankyouverymuch.

    ~ Nice to know we’re not alone in this rant, lol

  2. ROFL @ the Kitchenaid reference. I have two rotating rabbit-type vibrators that I almost never use that feature on because it’s SO FREAKING LOUD, I can barely concentrate on anything when it’s going.

    ~ Exactly! Of course, I’m not sure that the whole rotating thing is possible without it being loud….

  3. Squirmy? Kitchen grinding? Ugh. I do like the idea of the beads not being there (always felt pointless to me), although I’m confused by the need to be able to change the direction, lol.

    ~ I hated the beads too. Again, this is superior to a lot of Rabbits. I think the Doc Johnson one I had was able to change rotation directions, too.

  4. The name is stupid, but I have to say I LOVE IT. If I clench down on it while its twirling and the vibe is on I can get off quick. The controls weren’t hard to operate to me, but I agree its loud as hell. I think sometimes I use it longer than I need to just because the sound has put me in a trance!

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