Oct 052008


This is the second of the toys LELO sent me to review. I admit, I wanted to try it solely based on the geek factor – it’s USB rechargable. I could be wrong, but I think that it might be the only vibrator that recharges via USB. You take off the cap to reveal the plug, just like a USB memory stick. Except for the plus-minus buttons on the side that are ringed in a red glow when charging, you might even be able to get away with charging it on your laptop in plain sight. Really, the only thing about this vibe that would geek me out even more would be if it actually did double as a memory stick. Can you imagine?? How cool would that be…..store some favorite porn on it and voila, it’ll turn you on and get you off!


But I digress.

Like all LELO toys, it comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty, a handy user manual, a pretty black box and a satin storage bag. It comes in a deep fuchsia pink and a pale pink. Easily tossed in your purse and it will blend right in. A two hour charge yields I think 4 hours of play. Mia is a clitoral vibrator only, not meant for vaginal or anal insertion.

Like the Elise that I reviewed, it has variable speeds and multiple pulsation programs. While I  -personally- would like it to be just a notch or two stronger (because it’s a high buzzy vibe, rather than a strong lower buzzy vibe – I can’t explain it any other way, sorry. The higher the buzzy, the stronger it needs to be for me otherwise its borderline ticklish), this toy really can suit most women who consider themselves to be a bit sensitive. For me the lower speeds will never be used, I crank it up to high but it’s not quite enough for me to get off. Rechargable, made of body-safe materials (no phthalates), multiple speeds and settings, and small & discreet. (Update Sept 2011: Lelo has recreated the Mia, and now has the Mia 2.0. So far it’s only available in black. The Mia 2.0 has stronger vibrations which are deeper and less surface-buzzy, but it still lacks the oomph of a corded battery-powered bullet. Improved, though.)

Slowly drag Mia over and around your nipples…

Tease around your outter labia…

Explore the pusaltion modes while she’s homed in on your clit…

And get off.

  9 Responses to “Review: The Mia, by LELO”

  1. hehehe
    the geekiest vibe ever!!

    ~ Tis why it’s perfect for me :) ~L

  2. I want one. I have wanted one for the longest time. Awesome review!

    ~ Contact them via Twitter, I’m following them and asked via Twitter DM if I could review ~L

  3. I’m sold just in the fact that it is USB-rechargeable. There’ve been so many times when that would’ve actually came in handy, sadly enough, lol.

    ~ I know, I’m surprised this hasn’t caught on more, or sooner! ~L

  4. LOL USB rechargable… that’s great! And very discrete…

    ~ Prolly the best in the “discrete” category….of course that tends to include weak-ass vibes made to look like cosmetics, or even worse, cutesy little monochromatic animals that look like a badly drawn comic. ~L

  5. I love intelligently designed products, especially if they’re sex toys. Not only does it look great but charging through USB means you don’t have to have a spare socket or messy trailing wires lying around just to charge it up, and if you don’t have your computer handy just get one of those wall plug -> USB converters.

    ~ I knew there was a reason I liked you so much, aside from your body ;)
    I had NO idea that they make USB/Wall plug converters. Means I have more flexibility with charging my ipod since I have no other accessories for it, save what I got in the box. ~L

  6. Only missing wifi. Would be nice if you could download vibrate tones.

  7. This sounds like it would be absolutely delightful. I like the pop in the purse and go feature. ;)

  8. I came back to browse your toy shops. Mmmm…Miss L you surely make shopping much so much easier. ;) I am going to put you on my blog list so I can visit you and your shops more often.

  9. Oh, I covet this…

    All the little geek arousal-buttons in me are just singing. USB charging? I covet. So much.

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