Oct 062008

I’m having bloggersblock recently, so I don’t really have all that much of importance to say. Perhaps it’ll be gone by tomorrow, who knows.  I need a muse, some inspiration. Applications accepted ;)

I found a new object to lust for. Actually it’s not new, but I had forgotten about it. Not all toy sites carry it.  The Sinnflut line of vibrators from Fun Factory all look really nice, and they’re rechargeable. I am particularly craving the Intensity (in ivory/burgundy, of course, red and orange is so not my thing) Although it’s highly highly unlikely I’ll ever get to review it for EdenFantasys. Maybe for someone else, who knows.

Perhaps I am rare, for many other bloggers seem to be able to type out such detail about their sexual encounters down to every sigh and lick. I can’t do that. Nor can I recall my dreams once I’ve fully woken. At the most, I will get “snapshots” lingering. A few moments that stood out. It’s hard to describe them sometimes. Also, usually, faces are not…..distinct. Or accurate. It’s a 60-40 shot (in favor) when I wake up if I knew for sure who the person was that I was dreaming about or not. A very recent dream involved an unknown dark-haired man, pressing me up against a wall with his body and his hand snugly and erotically around the front of my neck. There was electricity, that I am sure of, intense and overwhelming chemistry in the moment of and before a scorching kiss. I awake in the morning and the memory of it blows away like dandelion fluff as I climb further out of sleep.

Deviant Little Devil, a fan turned friend was always to be found in my comments (and featured heavily in my inbox) – until recently. I mentioned this a few weeks ago. Turns out….I was right to be worried. He landed in the hospital, had a few week stay and surgery and came close to death. His healing process is going to take a few months, so please send him good thoughts. I’m a worrier, it comes from experiencing the untimely death of my father, sometimes the worry is unfounded but I can’t help it. If you’re my friend don’t ever tell me that I shouldn’t worry about you – I will anyways. This bothers a few certain people but so be it.

The NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar is having their unveiling party in a month or so, in the city of course. DebauchedDiva has said “You should come!” but one glance at the bank account tells me I likely won’t. Pity. I would absolutely love to go. I had wanted to see Central Park in the Fall, but maybe next year. My raise doesn’t kick in until December, I think. Even if I had the money  though, I can’t say for certain that I’d go. I have quite a terrible case of social shyness. I do alright if I have a sidekick but if I’m alone? Yikes. So situations like that create quite the predicament for me. I’d get to meet some wonderful ladies whose blogs I read and love and I would likely have a good time – but my shyness can be debilitating sometimes with groups.

Upcoming toy reviews:

  • G-Spot Squirmy from VibeReview
  • Pleasure Tops from Babeland (I know, it looks funny)
  • Eco-Sexy Kit from Babeland

Yes I know. I have a lot. As BBG said earlier on Twitter in the most loving-snarky way “geez lilly- how many toys do you need? You only have SO MANY holes!! *wink*”

It’s an addiction. I’m sorry. I can’t help it! I have this compelling need to try out every cool-looking or highly-rated sex toy out there. I twitch with this need.

*twitch* *blink*

Update: 11:14pm: Sexual favors to the first person who tells me the song title and artist of that song that makes my ass not wanna sit still from the Ipod Touch commercial. One where the Ipod is playing all sorts of different games. Must. Have. Song. and website is being a dickhead. Fankooo!

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  1. Well if you need a pal to cling to at the NYC Sex Bloggers party I’d be keen to go (I don’t know any of the details though – when is it? While I’m in the NYC area I feel like the red-headed stepchild of the scene. lol Us suburbanites are always left out of the NYC stuff.)

    ~ Weee!!! *clapclapclap* I’ll start whoring myself out on the street corner tomorrow night to gather up spare money =D ~L

  2. Don’t feel bad about not being able to not remember every single detail about a dream or sexual experience (and thus being able to then translate it onto blog). I can only do it every once in a great while, and I totally envy those who can remember every single detail as well.

    Your link about the man you are worrying about isn’t working. It looks like the link has been removed. I was going to hop over there to wish him well.

    ~ It’s bizarre how there are bad dreams I’ll remember parts of forever – how can I recall the important part of a dream from when I was 8, but not last night?? (it involves my father and a friend of his, dressed as clowns, climbing into a tiny clown car inside our house, and my mother chopping carrots, oblivious. Recurring theme: me not being able to run, everything slow-mo)
    Link wasn’t to him, he doesn’t have a blog I don’t think.. Was just to my original post about him. Fixed though. ~L

  3. I think the trick to ‘remembering every sigh and lick’ is writers license. I don’t lie about my sexual encounters but sometimes I leave bits out, rearrange things or reword things that were said for sake of clarity.

    And I don’t remember my dreams either. They’re usually just vague impressions of things when I wake up. Though, I do admit that I have about four reoccurring dreams that scare the shit out of me. Those are the only ones I remember.

    ~ See I don’t even have recurring dreams! At least I don’t think so….just recurring “themes” ~L

  4. you remember me being them most of the time though right??

    ~ Is that who that masked man is? ;) ~L

  5. Lilly and Nadia you should both definitely come to the calendar launch party. We are in the process of firming up all the details right now and hope to have the announcement out very shortly.

    I once thought of myself as a shy person too but I think one of the best things about the internet is how we can all get to know each other online where most of us are more open and comfortable than IRL. I know it was that way for me before I ever actually met Tess in person.

    It would be wonderful to meet you both.

    ~ I look forward to it :) I agree, it is infinitely easier to get to know people online. Would you really open up about your sex life to someone you clicked with at the bookstore? lol, no, you wouldn’t. At least not many people I know! My shyness is all about my fear of being judged poorly, not liked, etc. It’s been with me all my life – As a kid I lost friends by saying something dumb that I meant one way and they took another…so I’m constantly censoring myself in person, judging myself and my outward appearance. It’s time consuming, lol. ~L

  6. I bet you twitch afterwards too!

    ~ A certain part does ;) Little known fact: 3 seconds prior, my eyelids twitch. hehehe ~L

  7. Ah, yes, the details… Perhaps phaedra fallen said it best, writer’s license? I know I sure can’t remember all the gestures, licks, pinches, strokes, nails, whatever. It shows, too, my “sex scenes” are usually rather short and sweet, on my blog. I think. lol

    As for dreams, almost never remember them. And they aren’t usually sexual or kinky. Like, I’ll dream I’m angry at Boy Toy and I’ll wake up feeling angry at him, until the feeling finally dissipates a few hours later. Good thing I’m not usually with him at times like these! He has very vivid dreams that he remembers fully, though, and I’ve made a habit of posting them on my blog, because they’re always kinky. He’s such a naughty boy… :D

    Have fun in NYC. And with your toys :P

    ~ I’m almost jealous if the vivid dreams and remembering them. Perhaps I, too, have vivid dreams but I wouldn’t know cause I can’t fucking remember them!! Long ago, I wasn’t very secure in the relationship (unfounded) and feared the bf wanted one or two other certain women. The insecurity and jealousy manifested into dreams in which I’d catch him in the act of something, or similar. Man I’d wake up pissed and hurt and sometimes smack him on the head. Poor guy, lol ~L

  8. It’d be so fun to be your sidekick at the calendar party! Could we make up superhero names? How about… Dangerous Wonder Boob Woman and her trusty sidekick Pink Haired Nipple Clamp Girl. Ooo! Do we get to wear costumes? *clapping* I sense a shopping trip! Perhaps if you had a garage sale and sold some of your “toys”, you could afford to go. Then you could help me talk Alec into letting me go and then we could tear up the town!

    ~ Oooooo Yay! Come on Alec, Puhleeeeaassse??? Hrm, I’m thinking that Boob Woman costume might be related to Howard Stern’s ass-man costume in his movie…
    Unfortunately, I have no toys that I’ve not used or tried at least once. But perhaps I can get some crude pages up of the jewelry and sell a bunch of pieces. I need transportation money, hotel money, and money to buy something nice to wear cuz I don’t have anything worthy, lol. ~L

  9. I’m here sweetheart, alive and kicking.

    That Ipod Touch Commercial song:

    Around the Bend by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

    I’ll take my sexual favors now.

    ~ *hugs* woot! *runs to eMule to download* Thanks hon :)

  10. I too am envious of bloggers that seem to be able to turn a switch and crank out endless posts that are invariably interesting or deftly personal—pixie pie springs to mind first, also slut no bounds as well, and toy, in her questing days, was a voluminous (sp?) poster as well…Remember that you write for you, and the rest of us are happy to share in the details that you give out.

    ~ Perhaps I’m no longer interesting? I had so much to say two months ago…. ~L

  11. “Shut Up and Let Me Go” by UK band the Ting Tings.

    I didn’t hear/see it, but I googled commercials and that’s what I got. Any good?


    No, wrong song. Devil found it, see his comment above :)

  12. Shit, had I known that’s what it would take to get sexual favors . . .

    I know the title of this post is the title of a song by Otis Redding (excellent taste, btw), does that get me anything?

    ~ I’m sure I’ll lose a few points here, but I’m not familiar with the actual song. It’s merely an episode title of a TV series I watch….*ducks* ~L

  13. “for many other bloggers seem to be able to type out such detail about their sexual encounters down to every sigh and lick. I can’t do that. Nor can I recall my dreams once I’ve fully woken. At the most, I will get “snapshots” lingering.”

    You’re not alone!! One of the reasons I hadn’t started a real sex blog until now is because I didn’t feel like I could recall everything as vividly as other people! I get things in “snapshots” or as I tend to call them “still frames” or screenshots even, depending on my mood. You get the idea….it’s not fully developed like so many bloggers seem to do.

  14. Good to see you’re still craving satisfaction is as many ways as possible… audio, vaginal and… er… blogual?

    ~ Maybe not quite as much, but I always will crave. It’ll turn tide in a few weeks I’m sure ~L

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