Aug 122008

Ahh, the lovely Heather of VibeReview has gathered up my next box o’ fun for reviewing, and I’m so terribly excited. Enough that I may need to take an afternoon “doctor appointment” to be home for the UPS man (although hopefully this time he won’t catch me in a flimsy nightgown, face flushed and obvious).

Japanese G-Spot Squirmy
Hitachi Magic Wand (I. Cannot. Wait.)
Venus Penis 2 (hello, new work toy….)
We Vibe (squeee!!!)

I am so excited about these toys. Each one of them I’ve been lusting after. I already know that the Venus Penis 2 will be used at work….or elsewhere outside the privacy of my apartment. Perhaps even the We Vibe as well for that purpose, we’ll see.

New Friends…

Chatted up a very “friendly” new blogger acquaintance last evening. A few hours of flirtatious salacious emails back and forth was very ….. entertaining. To say the least. He’s over there in my blogroll, but I won’t call him out just yet. Like me he has a thing for getting off, getting others off and writing about it. He also has a penchant for phonesex, like me. I think I may be getting naughty with him very soon….stay tuned…

I have a lot of loyal readers who email me their praises rather than comment. Whichever, I like hearing from you. One sent me a lovely, tempting and teasing photo showing a clearly outlined hard cock in his pants, with my blog up on his laptop screen. THAT was damn nice. I had one reader find me on Twitter yesterday. His weaving and lyrical words made me follow him down the path curiously…and then I wake to find him gone. Did I imagine it? I don’t know who he was, but he sounded familiar in a way. I’d like him to come back.

How to NOT get me in bed: (this from a potential from a dating site, not a reader. my boys are smarter than this)

Durr: oh i would so fuck you
Durr: your cute
Durr: i think we should fuck
Lilly: really now…
Durr: yah
Lilly: and why do you think that?
Durr: cuz i think we would enjoy it, a little boom boom at the end of the day


However, there are a few other prospects I’ve found through a new (to me) site. Some very intriguing prospects. I’m almost unable to keep track of them….almost. ;)

Was itching to change the look and layout of my blog a bit. I hunted down templates but never saw one I liked. I can’t make my own, nor tweak. I saw something on the blogger dashboard about new vs old templates and widgits, but I see none of this new shit. Where is it?

But for now, I created a banner sort of thing. ish. kinda.

August 22nd – my next day off. I had had plans for this day….but they have fallen through. I really would rather not sit home all day and think “what might have been”, so I’m trying to look for something new to do.

Any suggestions?? ;)

Last month I reviewed the Miracle Massager. While I liked it, I think the Hitachi might be more up my alley. However…the nice lower vibrations are just perfect for a different sort of application. It works veeeerrrrrry well on men.
Because the Hitachi was originally marketed and “intended” for use as a muscle/back massager, I decided to try out the Miracle Massager on my partners back, as he was in quite a bit of pain from a rough work week. Gave him a nice 15 minute massage with it and it helped greatly.

But since the mere sound of a vibrator, despite its use (i.e. on him not me, and not sexual), gets me going and the going got frisky. And I slipped the vibrating head quickly down his ass and nestled it right around his anus and balls. Oh, I got a good reaction. REAL good. Flipped him over and tried it out everywhere else. He thoroughly enjoyed the sensation against his frenulum (eyes rolling back in his head, mouth gaping, nothing but short bursts of heavy breathing), he enjoyed it at the base of his cock and balls. But the best was when I firmly pressed it at the perineum/anus area. Then combine that with some good handiwork or mouth action….the bed shook. I’m not kidding. The sheets were bunched up. All in all, it was an experience that I found myself jealous of!
It’s clearly a toy for everyone to love.

His back was massaged multiple times over the weekend.

  6 Responses to “Let’s Catch Up, Shall We?”

  1. You are getting 4 new vibes and you still don’t know what to do over the weekend???

    That Venus Penis looks intriguing. Let me know if it is something I should look at for Emmy.

    I think that the problem with readers of blogs like this is that people assume that just because you write about sex, you only want to have sex. And, the blog is an invite to the readers to make their moves.

    But…I’m a reader of a blog like this….ummmmmm….hmmmmm..maybe I have a problem? SOME readers…. there we go. Much better.

  2. It’s not that I wouldn’t relish staying in and playing with toys…its just that I would prefer to be out and about, having a new adventure to keep my mind off of where I should have been.

    I edited to make it more clear, that convo was not a reader. Some moron from a dating site.

    Yes, SOME not all. I have many many wonderful readers who appreciate the sex side and see deeper side of me.

  3. Magic wand and we-vibe for free? Wow, vibereview are generous! Have fun with all those toys, although I know you don’t need me to tell you that! x

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, but this is my first comment. I find myself aroused every time I read it, especially when you post your sensuous pics. I admire you for being a proud voluptuous hottie, and showing it! Keep it up!

  5. How about:

    “im ur guy lets fuck”

    “im very 4 real lets fuck”

    “lets switch pics and then fuck”

    “lets pound it out”

    and of course,


  6. Jake – yes they ARE generous! (I think I might need a steamer trunk for the sex toys real soon)

    Kippec – I’m pleased to see you decided to come out of the shadows! Thank you for the lovely compliments :)

    Misanthrope – hahahaaa “please”. yeah. I’ve gotten that, too. And I’m not for sale, either. Nice to see you here ;)

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