Jul 092008

Despite the hotness of my morning tryst with X, I don’t think it’s going to work out with him. I put up another ad on Craigslist to find a new toy.
Results are much better this time around, and now I find myself with a few choices; more than 1 truly intrigues me and has the looks to follow through with the intrigue.

Hot Boy #1 actually responded to my post looking for the jogger, but he’s not the jogger. He is, however, a potential.
Hot Boy #2 has another side of intrigue to him, I may be meeting him for an innocent drink shortly. I’ve always wondered about pierced tongues…
Hot Boy #3…..his words don’t have the intrigue of the other two, his woo of me is something much more shallow…his body. But oh I would feel like I’m robbing the cradle…

X isn’t totally out of the running, but he’s not in first place.

I need someone local to satisfy the cravings brought about by my online boys who are too far away to do anything with. Ah yes, I need to introduce you to R……

Me: I’m a bratty sub
Me: i test limits
R: that’ll leave as soon as I punish your cunt by bringing you near orgasm a few times and denying you


  8 Responses to “Still searching”

  1. Now, you see, with the phrase “…I’ve always wondered about pierced tongues” I have no alternative other than to suspect that this ‘innocent drink’ will turn out to be not too innocent at all!

  2. I’m a new reader…and gee, I sure like R’s ideas for you.

  3. Mickey ~ I;’ll try to be a good girl…at first. I hope he won’t mind me staring.

    CL ~ I have strict requirements. Are you skilled with your biggest sex organ?

    Em – Welcome ;)

  4. Heck, I like the sound of all four of these guys.

  5. Riff, honey, unlike you I’m not going to take on all them. You like a buffet of ladies, I take it one course at a time.


  6. Seems like you have some good prospects! I’ll be exciting to see where they go.

  7. I like the way R is approaching your situation…he can talk the game, lets see if he can back it up! to effectivly test boundries and limits, while still making it enjoyable is tough to do…lets see how he backs up his talk ;)….I cant wait!!! HAPPY HUMPING!

  8. Well, sure, but you do have to take a little taste of each to see which one you really want, right? ; )

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