Feb 062011
Erogenous Zones 5: Arms

So I missed a week for a few reasons, and now we’re back on track. This week is Arms. For me, it’s mostly rough/kinky on this area, to the degree of pain that my fibro can tolerate (my upper arms are sensitive) Wrists pinned down to the bed on either side of my head. Wrists held together by a big, strong hand at the small of my back as I’m fucked from behind, face on the bed, ass in the air. Wrists and arms bound with rope. Previous weeks: Head & Neck; Face; Hand & Feet; Breasts & Back Next week: Legs (See the full scheduled here) Play along on your own blog or just comment here and weigh in….if you’re posting your own, leave your link here! Related Posts:Would you buy a sex toy with a handle bar attached? Because I think I would. One of the many reasons why I love my Njoy…Bound:

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Jan 092011

When I think about my face and what sexual things get to me, it’s really my lips that take center stage. I am very orally fixated. I like doing things with my lips and my tongue; sucking and biting and licking and engulfing. But it goes beyond that. Beyond just how high kissing ranks for me. My lips just simply like touch. I’ve noted before that when I’m highly aroused and not physically near a partner I will find that I unconsciously rub my lips lightly with my fingers. Tracing, touch, brushing. When I’m aroused the one body part that I want attention spent on more than even the very-obvious clitoris is my lips. I like when other lips hover over my skin and my cheeks. The teasing of the kiss to come. Many people like having their eyelids lightly kissed but due to some spatial-related eye phobia I can’t tolerate having something that close

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Jan 022011

Starting up at the top for this series and the spot to talk about is the head and neck (but not the face, that’s a week all on it’s own). There’s a lot I can write about what I like done to me, and a lot I’ve written about already. Choking / Breath play –  Roughness. Loss of control. Power play. All of these are the aspects of the appeal to me in the right setting with the right person. I guess “appeal” would be putting it mildly. I don’t consider myself very high up on the kinky scale anymore but this is one dominance move that still gets to me in the good way. Hair Pulling – When it’s done right, it makes me submissive. Just how submissive depends on other factors, of course. Hair pulling done wrong can just hurt in the bad way, but hair pulling done right is almost an art.

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Dec 272010

Blogging prompts for the sex blogger world are really lacking, lately. If there are any I don’t know about them – so point me to them! When you can’t find what you’re looking for (if you’re me, at least) you create your own. So I’m creating my own! Starting in January on Sunday/Monday (very flexible with the day) I’m going to be writing about various body parts / erogenous zones and my take on them; if they’re erogenous for me, and if so how and if not why they aren’t. If you’d like to join me in doing this then go ahead and blog your own version and let me know about it. Feel free to link to my post so that others who read yours can join in. I haven’t yet decided the order of things. Random? Start at the top? Start at the bottom? My list of body parts/sections: Feet & Ankles Legs

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