Erogenous Zones 1: Head & Neck

Starting up at the top for this series and the spot to talk about is the head and neck (but not the face, that’s a week all on it’s own). There’s a lot I can write about what I like done to me, and a lot I’ve written about already.

Choking / Breath play –  Roughness. Loss of control. Power play. All of these are the aspects of the appeal to me in the right setting with the right person. I guess “appeal” would be putting it mildly. I don’t consider myself very high up on the kinky scale anymore but this is one dominance move that still gets to me in the good way.

Hair Pulling – When it’s done right, it makes me submissive. Just how submissive depends on other factors, of course. Hair pulling done wrong can just hurt in the bad way, but hair pulling done right is almost an art.

Kissing/biting/sucking that sweet spot, that one right there on the side – No matter the context, it turns me to jelly. Well, I take it back – not always. Sometimes it can just tickle like crazy. I could have sworn that I wrote about this before but I can’t find it. Which is odd, in that I didn’t write about it. Anyways, usually I prefer enough force on the sucking/biting that it creates a very prominent hickey – girls who wear turtlenecks have no problems covering up such things but me? I don’t even own a crew-neck top.

Play along on your own blog or just comment here and weigh in. Next week’s topic: The face.

What do you like?

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10 Responses

  1. Venus says:

    Definitely hair pulling! I tweeted my Fetish of Day today which was hair pulling. I totally agree with what you said: “Hair pulling done wrong can just hurt in the bad way, but hair pulling done right is almost an art.” That is so true, I couldn’t have said it any better. Pulled right drops me to my knees. mmmm!

  2. I’ll definitely be blogging this one…it will probably go up at some point tomorrow.

  3. Elsie says:

    Me personally: a little hair pulling, nibbles up the neck and jawline, kisses at the back of the neck. I love having my hair played with, and I adore having my head tickled.

    This may not be what you were looking for, but your head and neck prompt inspired me. Here is my take on the subject:

  4. Nadia West says:

    Ok I’m playing along. I really needed something to prompt non-angsty writing in myself today.

  5. emme0704 says:

    It’s so interesting to see how different everyone is. I like a bit of hair pulling, but am not a fan of choking or covering my mouth or a hand on my neck. I seem to hold my breath on my own quite a bit.

    Kisses on my neck are ok, but not my favorite. Not sure if this falls under the face category, but I’m super cheesy about cupping. My first boyfriend would thread his fingers through my hair, gripping the back of my neck/hair, and rub his thumb on my cheek and pull me in for a kiss…….*epic sigh* No one has ever done that since.

    And ear licking/sucking. Please don’t. All I do is laugh and giggle and squirm away.

    ~ I’d have to agree with you there on the ear thing. Doesn’t do a damn thing for me.

  6. I’m seriously loving this idea!

    Here’s my post –

  7. Surreal227 says:

    Wow, I have to say I agree with a lot of what you said. I like the pressure on my neck with just a little restriction that says he could take it further if he wanted to, but i trust him that he won’t. Also, the little sweet spot on the left of my neck…. *sigh*. He doesn’t even have to do anything, just breathing over that spot makes me weak. But I have to agree with emme0704 about the ear licking/sucking. Its just weird to me, I just squirm trying to get him near that part of my neck.

    Can I just say this is an awesome idea. Has me thinking more about the specifics of each area of my body. <3

  8. Vixen says:

    ….kissing, biting, sucking that sweet spot….. YES YES YES. *melting*