Mar 042010

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The Fleshlight – perhaps one of the most revered names in male masturbators, it lends a hand (er, I mean, pussy/ass/mouth) when you want variety. And, it’s a much better way to achieve variety than “The Stranger” method of masturbating. In fact that aspect was the first thing that my husband really commented on – he had never masturbated like this before, so it was unique and good that he could only feel the sensations on his penis….not his hand. There are a variety of ways that Fleshlight and its users have come up with to aide in this “it’s not my hand” aspect of it, including the ever popular methods of putting the Fleshlight (in it’s case) in a shoe, or wedged between your mattress and box spring.

I got him the clear/”ice” version of this because I planned to also use this item on him or just together, in addition to him using it on his own. I really liked the visual aspect of it.

This is the first that either of us have seen a masturbator in person. When it arrived it had been in a cold UPS truck all day so the Fleshlight was cold too. We opened it up, he took out the sleeve from the bag and we inspected it. He handed it to me and I squealed. It was THE most bizarre thing I’ve ever felt! Almost creepy. I can’t even describe it, really. Soft and fleshy but not quite like a real vagina because it was too soft and squishy for that.

It arrived doused with a healthy coating of cornstarch because the material is sticky/tacky if there’s no cornstarch. The cornstarch clouds the material, though, so if you want it to be as see-thru as possible, you should rinse off your cornstarch coating (but I recommend coating it for storage, since it is so sticky and will attract fur/lint/dust). When he soaked the Fleshlight in warm water the cornstarch came off and we found out just how sticky/tacky the material is. You expect your own skin to be sticky, as well, but there’s no transference of that. I had questioned him on if that was distracting or bothersome during use because it made the skin on his balls and his pubic hair stick to it every time he took the Fleshlight to the base of his cock, he said (through gasps) that no, no, it was no problem!

The non-descript style is the largest canal that Fleshlight offers, and on their intensity scale of 1 to 5, it’s a 1. My husband is a little larger than average, about 8″ x 1.75″ across (diameter?) so while this wasn’t as tight & full of sensation as he can get with his own hand, it was still really fun for him. I wouldn’t recommend this type of canal to guys who are less than 1.25″ diameter.

I *would* recommend this canal to guys who are both over 1.5″ diameter and prefer a smooth feeling, who feel their cocks are a little more sensitive.

The case that comes with the clear sleeve is also, of course, clear. I wouldn’t call this version then completely discreet but yet it still doesn’t scream “masturbator” to me.

If you have small hands, holding this thing with one hand might be a bit cumbersome.

The Fleshlight feels much better when it’s been warmed under running water, however, since there is then no cornstarch to cut down on the tackiness of the sleeve, it makes it just a bit tricky to get it situated in the case. I was surprised though to find out that when the sleeve is thoroughly wet from water it is not at all sticky. I tried to see if I could achieve the soaking method with the sleeve still in the case. I left the top cap on so that the opening could also sit in the warm tap water, and filled it up from the bottom. This did indeed work, but do it in the sink because water will drip out from the top cap’s threads. Since you need to clean it up after use, it doesn’t matter if there’s some moisture inside the case.

The Fleshlight functions best with the “more lube is good lube” mindset. In the first run with the toy, he found that he had to re-apply twice because the lube absorbed into his skin. He was using plain ID Glide lube so perhaps there is a more superior, compatible lube.

As Fleshlight will tell you, no silicone lubes please! It will ruin the material. There are tons of water-based lubes out there for you to choose from.

The canal of the non-descript, “Original”, is pretty open – I could put a finger in the hole from the bottom and still have a tiny bit of wiggle room – so running water through it should be very easy. You can’t clean it with anything other than water and isopropyl alcohol if really needed. If you find that rinsing off the plastic case isn’t as simple, you can indeed use soapy water but just rinse it really well before you put the sleeve in.

The sleeve needs to dry out thoroughly before being stored in any air-tight containers, so my husband put a micro-fiber towel down through the opening and wrapped a second one around the sleeve. After the outside was dry he put it in the case, leaving off both lids and setting the whole thing on the micro-fiber towel.

I recommend dusting it with cornstarch when it’s dry, because the sticky nature of the material will attract all sorts of gross crap.

“Better than a shampoo bottle!”

…….that was his witty “any last thoughts?” statement. I shook my head and said “I’m not saying that” and then I thought “meh, fuck it. half the men will get it.” and if not, then my husband’s masturbation tactics as a stupid teenager are bizarre and we should laugh at him for it. Either way, there ya go. Does the Fleshlight rival me? Will he use it every single time? No. But it’s definitely an “every other time” excursion, until he finds an even better Fleshlight sleeve.

I also see this being pulled out during foreplay sessions once my jaw gets tired.

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