From the Sex Toy Noob Files: Vibrating Cock Rings….wtf

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Sep 012011

Recently I asked you all what you wished you would have known before you bought your first sex toys. One of the biggest things I’d touched on was that back when we first started buying toys there were no bloggers reviewing toys. I could see that a customer named Maria loved it and had great things to say about it, but I couldn’t ask Maria a follow-up question. I couldn’t ask ANYbody a question on a particular toy. I couldn’t really find out if one person’s “Wow that’s strong!!” was my “Meh…it’s so-so”.

Now I want to express here that I mean no disrespect to and especially Garnet, who works with us irritating bloggers ;)  – it’s just that in my sex toy noob days we probably dropped around oh….$300-$350 over a couple months buying sex toys and accessories at MP that ultimately left us disappointed or frustrated or both. We were too afraid to drop $75+ on a better toy and I was still figuring out what type of vibrations I liked, along with being able to tell if something really was “powerful”. It’s nothing against the site; it’s simply what they happened to carry back in oh….2005? 6? And quite frankly, their selection was less iffy than Adam & Eve’s selection at that time but also much much smaller; yet both were already leaps and bounds better than they’d been even just 3 years prior. I think it’s only been in the last 4-6 years that sex toys have really taken off into the “premium” realm – yes? no?

Anyways. So there we were, looking to make another batch purchase from MP in the quest for more exciting orgasms and we’re trying to find things for me and for us. Enter: The vibrating cock ring. In theory it’s good. In actual practice it requires two things: for the woman to not have full outer labia and to have a prominent clit; and for the couple to be engaging in sexual positions that maximize body contact  – i.e. something more tantric, maybe, or woman on top with very little thrusting. The key there is: very little thrusting. Because for every outstroke……AWAY goes the vibrator from her clit!!!

We quickly learned two things: A small watch-battery powered bullet vibrator was not going to vibrate his cock enough for me to confuse him with an actual vibrator. And two, half-second collisions with my outer labia wherein 1 out of every 6 thrusts might have landed the bullet in the vicinity of my clit did not have a prayer, not even halfway there, of giving me a clitoral orgasm during penetrative sex with him.

I can’t find the exact cock ring that we bought back then, but I think that this one is pretty close, ours was clear. I think it was TPR because I don’t remember a jelly stench, but clear stretchy TPR acts like jelly – kind of tacky, it sticks to itself, and it picks up dust/lint/fur. Once I went to pull it out of our toybag, the bullet wasn’t inside the little bullet sleeve, and it was this…..unrecognizable mass of clear sticky material in a ball. We finally figured out that if we stuck it under the faucet the water temporarily de-stickied it so that we could untangle it and maybe use it again. I must have tried the thing at least 3 times before it took up permanent residence in a pocket of the toy bag. Long ago I reviewed Lelo’s answer to a more premium vibrating cock ring, the Bo. Their updated version, Lelo Tor remedied one or two of my issues with the Bo, but in the end it’s still the same concept as the $16.99 TPR jobs – it’s not going to provide the clitoral vibrations that I personally need in either strength, type or time length of contact (can you orgasm with a black fly? that’s what it’s like) so it’s something that is more for “him” than “us”.

Vibrating cock rings. *shrugs* I just do not get the appeal. At all.


Jul 172011

But we’re getting there. In a recent episode of a Showtime show called “The Big C”, two of the women went into a VERY posh-looking sex shop. The focus of this shop seemed to be more towards lingerie and some kink, and definitely geared towards upper class clientele. Not too far off from the sort of people who subscribe to Showtime, as a matter of fact. It’s a premium channel with soft porn late at night and “I swear they’re actually having sex” sex scenes during their prime time original TV shows (same with Weeds – in my little world, the rough Bartender played by Mark Paul Gosselar actually was fucking Nancy/Mary Louise Parker in reality because WOW it’s a hot scene).


I spied a number of Lelo toys as the camera followed them around this shop (I’m curious as to which shop this is in real life), but even though one of them was briefly picked up the vibrators were never given a name-dropping spotlight.

Until our main hero, Cathy (not played by Cynthia Nixon who’s in those above stills) decides that her “spicing up” gift to her husband is a Fleshlight. And they actually say the name Fleshlight, she talks it up like a saleswoman and makes it sound really awesome to her husband. She even dirty-talks him through a fantasy scene to get him comfy with using it in front of her, but that ends up actually making her aroused enough for sex despite her cancer treatment exhaustion. I was so happy to see that the Fleshlight is being talked about in a healthy way – not as a gross, poor substitute for lonely drab men who will never find a woman.

I’m wondering if Lelo and Fleshlight paid to be spotlighted, or just Fleshlight since they were the only ones mentioned by name. I’d also like to know about the shop, but I can’t find anything online where the shop name is being given out.

We’re getting there, slowly, sex toys are being shown as something “normal”. George Clooney’s character in “Burn After Reading” toted around a Liberator shape to every sexual hook-up (he also built a fuck-machine-cum-exercise-bike in that movie, too, didn’t he?) but that movie was one of those “weird”ish movies anyways.

Where else have you seen sex toys being portrayed in a positive light in either TV or movies?

Oct 292010

For some reason, this review was kinda hard to write. And oddly, that’s not because the Tenga Flip Hole Black is mediocre or bad. In fact, my husband loves. Hell, I love it. I keep finding myself idly playing with it; shoving a finger in and out, caressing the various textured bits inside.

And yes.

I’m having some penis envy.

The Tenga Flip Hole Black is, in fact, so awesome and so geeky and so wow-stimulation-zomg that I really, really wish I had an appendage to stick in there and experience it for myself. I know, I know – I have enough sex toys. But come onnnn it’s so cool!!

This review is really going to be picture-heavy because it deserves a lot of pictures.

Tenga Flip Hole vs Fleshlight in 3 easy steps:

  1. You can use soap and water to clean the Tenga. The Fleshlight requires water only, or in case of mildewing, rubbing alcohol
  2. The Flip Hole opens up clamshell-style for easy cleaning and air drying
  3. The Flip Hole has “buttons”, i.e. pressure points, that allow for much greater suction control or pressure control

The Tenga Flip Hole Black The Tenga Flip Hole resting open for drying

My husband has tried two different Fleshlights. The “original” which has no textures and the widest canal; and the Wonder Wave which has a medium canal and medium texture. Granted there are Fleshlights with more texture and a slightly smaller canal, but he feels that the Tenga Flip Hole Black far surpasses what a Fleshlight can offer for texture. For him, the Flip Hole has now completely replaced his use of the Fleshlight.

Looking down inside the Tenga Flip Hole Black from the entrance The texture of the Tenga Flip Hole Black

Tenga Texture

The Flip Hole comes in both a White and Black version. The White has a less-intense texture. The Black has more texture to it, obviously. The Flip Hole can feel different depending on which side you have facing “up” (the side you can see). The textures are different on each half of it, and the shapes are kinda like mirror images. Where one side has two little nubby balls on the left and right, the other side has one nubby ball in the center and when closed it all lines up. Where one side has two large nubby balls with an entrance slit cut in, the other side has a large convex portion. The clear material has that weird “sticky yet not” thing goin on. If it’s dry, you’re dry, and you touch it it feels sticky (yet your skin retains no sticky). If you’re lubed up or it’s wet, it just feels slippery and lovely. It’s very soft and squishy. Edit: as of 2014 the Flip Hole comes in 4 varieties: White, Black, Red, Silver. White is the softest, Black is the most extreme, Red and Silver in between. This page on the Tenga site explains a little more about them.

The texture of the Tenga Flip Hole Black The texture of the Tenga Flip Hole Black The texture of the Tenga Flip Hole Black

How to Use the Tenga Flip Hole

The Flip Hole comes in two pieces – the masturbator and the “sheath”. The sheath is just black plastic that has a top and little sides. It serves three purposes: To keep it closed and the top entrance covered when it’s dry and ready for storage; to hang the Flip Hole on for air drying; to keep the Flip Hole closed while it’s in use. From the reviews I’ve read of customers, some of them don’t realize that the black sheath is meant to help keep the Flip Hole closed during use. As you can see below, when a cock is inside of the masturbator, the super-soft TPR bulges out – if you don’t use the sheath, it requires a lot of hand strength to keep it closed and it makes using the “buttons” darn near impossible.

Tenga FLip Hole Black Showing the Tenga Flip Hole "in use", with a dildo

The sheath needs to be put on prior to shoving your cock inside; if you don’t, it’s really difficult to get it lined up properly. The edges of the Flip Hole, where the two sides of plastic meet, have a ridge. The sheath has a groove and you must slide the sheath down so that the ridge and groove interlock – sort of like how a drawer works.

When I looked at the Flip Hole online and read reviews talking about the “buttons” on the sides, I thought they actually were buttons. Clicky-clicky buttons. They’re not; on each side there where there’s no black plastic and the TPR shows through, you can see these white buttons. They are attached to a single plate of plastic that’s sandwiched inside the TPR. The button farthest from the entrance increases suction the more you press it (you press both side buttons from each side at the same time); the button closest to the entrance makes the beginning portion more snug; the middle button does the least. When you press on the bottom or top buttons, as you can see below, they really press the material in a lot because of the movement of the plate that they’re attached to. Pressing the middle button just exerts equal pressure on the whole plate and it doesn’t press in as much.

Pushing the Tenga Flip Hole Buttons Pushing the Tenga Flip Hole Buttons Pushing the Tenga Flip Hole Buttons


The Tenga comes with 3 plastic vials of lube, with the cringe-worthy name of “Hole Lotion”. Ugh. Sorry, “lotion” to me means the creamy stuff, this is lube. It is supposed to be 3 different viscosities of lube: Very thin, very thick (so thick it’s pretty much gel. I can turn the tube upside down and it takes a full minute to get it moving a little), and kinda thick; one of them is supposed to be warming but hubs never felt that at all. Other reviews say the same thing. Each viscosity supposedly changes the intensity of the Tenga – the really thin would make you feel all the little intricacies of the textures moreso, the very thick less so. The Tenga requires a lot of lube, especially for a girthier-than-average cock. If you were to like, and use, all three lubes you might get 6 or 8 sessions out of all totaled. My husband however much preferred his ID Glide lube for this.

Make sure you lube up the entrance more than you’d think necessary, as it’s a bit of an effort getting yourself in there at first shove. You do need a good amount of lube but nothing obscene; perhaps overall a tablespoon or two? Just guessing. He didn’t think that the Tenga “absorbed” lube like the Fleshlight seemed to.

Overall Experience – what the Tenga Flip Hole Black feels like

Hubs loves it. He likens the Fleshlight more to sex, in that it might be better suited to guys who’ve not gotten laid in a long time, aren’t dating, and want something a little bit closer to sex. He thinks the Tenga is a bit more like a blowjob, but yet….more complicated. You can thrust a little, thrust a lot or just hold it still and rapidly switch being pressing the top and bottom buttons (I did this to him and his eyes rolled back in his head). And the Tenga IS, in my opinion, somewhat of an almost architectural/engineering marvel. It’s geeky, it’s futuristic, it doesn’t try to look like a mouth or a vulva or an anus. If you need more stimulation and a tighter fit, no matter your size, the Tenga outperforms by miles. Hubs, in order to get “more” from the Fleshlight, even tried using the Fleshlight without the plastic case – to no avail. But the Tenga, with its two different sides, the “buttons”, the varying sensations you can have by changing your lube….it’s just a better investment. I would only not recommend this one for guys who have a very sensitive cock, this would be sensation overload for you.

There’s another point to mention – the temperature. There’s a Tenga Hole Warmer, a reusable tube that gets warm and you can insert it inside the Flip Hole or probably other Tenga masturbators, and warm up the material. Many people that use a Fleshlight highly recommend letting it sit in a bath of very warm water for a few minutes as it greatly improves the feeling of it and the material doesn’t really warm up on its own during use. The Flip Hole though, does. Hubs (and others I’ve read) have said that in just a minute or two of use the material warms up very nicely all on its own.

Care and Cleaning of the Tenga Flip Hole

I’ve mentioned above that you can safely use soap and water to clean this. The fact that it opens up clamshell-style makes cleanup – and drying – a breeze. Cleanup and drying is a big downfall of the Fleshlight. The design makes it more likely that it could be stored when still damp, leading to mildew because the material is very porous. 



Mar 052010

When guys email me for sex toy buying advice for themselves, one of the two topics is choosing a masturbator sleeve. There’s many different types out there. The infamous Fleshlight; the colorful ones that aren’t meant to resemble any part of female (or male) anatomy; and the larger ones that are molded from a porn star and are a big heavy hunk of rubber that is basically the whole pelvic region, like the naughty bits section was sliced out of a mannequin. A Japanese company, Tenga, makes a whole bunch of supposed one-time-use varieties that many men say they’ve extended into multiple uses and then their larger versions: The Fliphole and the 3D “sculptures”.

Time and again there’s only two I’ll recommend: The Fleshlight and the Tenga Fliphole. Yeah, they’re more expensive than a simple jelly rubber sleeve but you’re going to enjoy them a whole hell of a lot more. One concern I hear a lot though from men considering this is: cleaning. They don’t always want to get out of bed after jerking off and clean their masturbator – they, understandably, want to roll over and go to sleep. I get it, I do. Been there, done that. While I don’t recommend you make a habit out of it, you can let it go till morning sometimes. Just keep in mind though that lube and semen wash off much more easily when wet instead of dry.


Fleshlight: The sleeves and the cases are able to separate for both cleaning and to try out different sleeves with different textures and internal widths. The sleeve is open at both ends for cleaning and for suction adjustment. Fleshlight can be nondescript and the design is, obviously, meant to resemble a flashlight (but not realistically). You can get the sleeves in Beige, Pink or Clear. You can get the cases in a few different colors, too. The common is pink sleeve w black casing. The first Fleshlight I bought my husband was the all clear one, so that when I used it on him I could see what’s going on. There is a bit of a difference though in the materials, the clear sleeve is a little more sticky/tacky when not dusted in cornstarch. The colored ones feel more realistic.

Tenga Flip hole: There’s 4 different versions with the Fliphole and if you want to try all of them you have to buy all of them, they don’t have removable sleeves. However, the Fliphole opens clam-shell style to make cleaning (and drying) easier and more thorough. Fliphole looks…..geeky and techie and not like a sex toy but its cool and unique enough that if someone sees it, chances are they’ll ask what it is.


Fleshlight: You have to clean these after use or you will ruin them in short order from what I’ve heard from various sources. (however one of the top male toy reviewers at EF says he has put off cleaning until morning a number of times and no mold ever occurred)  Due to the material you can’t use anything other than water (yes, this means no soap), maybe some isopropyl alcohol if you really need it. Which means it can take longer since it’s a tube and you can only use water. You have to let it dry completely in a ventilated area or it could mildew. My husband wraps his up in a paper towel and then perches it upright in the case.

Tenga Fliphole: Splits in half clam-shell style and you can use water & mild soap to clean them. You can switch around the base to fashion a stand for the Fliphole so that it it can dry standing up and partially open.


Original tunnel fleshlight wonder wave

Fleshlight: They  say that Fleshlight feels more real compared to any other masturbator. You can let the sleeve (and even the lube) sit in a sink full of warm water to bring it up to body temperature. The material is phthalate-free but it’s also porous so it can’t be shared – it’s a softer material with more “give” to it, more like flesh. Fleshlight can more easily accomodate a larger variety of cocks in term of length, girth and sensitivity levels all by changing up the sleeve. The sleeves have different orifice entrances – vaginal, mouth, anal – which offer a different visual look as well as a slight change in sensation. You can vary the suction a little bit by the screw-cap base, having it off or on or partially on.

Hubby has now tried two sleeves – the Clear Non-descript and the Pink Wonder Wave. He got the Non-descript style first, and enjoyed it. I liked being there and watching, able to see what was goin on. When we first opened up the packaging though the sleeve was a little cold; combine that with the sticky and I was mildly squicked. The sticky went away though as soon as it was wet. He liked it; but required the extra tightness of his own hand to kick over that final ledge to orgasm. The non-descript and other “original” orifices are all the same tunnel style – smooth (no texture) and the biggest width. It’s good for guys who are really girthy or really sensitive. Even though Hub is girthy, he prefers more sensation so he ended up liking the Wonder Wave better. Also we both felt that the Pink material felt a little more realistic than the Clear. I would find myself fondling it, actually…….


Anyways. While he didn’t think that the Fleshlight was *better* than real live vaginal or oral sex, he did find it to be a very nice alternative to his hand. Not necessarily his everyday preferred method, but he really likes it. The Non-Descript was 3/4″ tunnel and the Wonder Wave is 1/2″. There are ones that are more snug (with no texture) and ones with more intense texture. The Non-Descript is rated a 1 out of 5 on the “Intensity” scale that Fleshlight uses, whereas the Wonder Wave is a 3 out of 5. For frame of reference, Hubby is about 1.75″ diameter or so and 7.5″ in length. For men that fall into the average cock size range in length and girth, and who like a more intense sensation, Fleshlight came out with their “Sex in a Can” line.  The material of the Fleshlight is super stretchy and soft so that 1/2″ wide tunnel didn’t feel constrictive, just snug. All in all though, the Clear Non-Descript we’ll only use when I’m there; he much prefers the snugness and texture of the Wonder Wave.

Tenga Fliphole: The textures are different on each half of it, and the shapes are kinda like mirror images. For example, where one side has two little nubby balls on the left and right, the other side has one nubby ball in the center and when closed it all lines up. Where one side has two large nubby balls with an entrance slit cut in, the other side has a large convex portion. The clear material has that weird “sticky yet not” thing going on. If it’s dry and you’re dry, and you touch it it feels sticky (yet your skin retains no sticky). If you’re lubed up or it’s wet, it just feels slippery and lovely. It’s very soft and squishy. The Flip Hole has three buttons along its length to change up the suction/tightness. You can make it more snug at the head than the base, more snug at the base than the head, etc. The Flip Hole Black has a most extreme texture of them all, with the White being the most soft and Red and Silver in the middle. My husband tried out the Black version and absolutely loved it.  Tenga has this very technical explanation page that compares the attributes of the different Flip Holes.

Tenga actually makes a “hole warmer” that you would insert for a few minutes and it would bring the material up to something closer to body temperature. The only way to do this with Fleshlight is to remove the sleeve from the case and let it sink in a sinkfull of warm water for awhile.


Lube. Lubelubelubelubelube……and more lube. Water-based lube for the Fleshlight, Tenga according to manufacturer’s directions. Try out a few different viscosities of lube to see what feels the best, and always keep your lube nearby in case you need to “refill” during use.

And also….you get what you pay for. Saving money on the cheap ones, 9 times out of 10, will just leave you disappointed.



Review: The Fleshlight Ice (clear model)

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Mar 042010

This review originally appeared over at Edenfantasys

The Fleshlight – perhaps one of the most revered names in male masturbators, it lends a hand (er, I mean, pussy/ass/mouth) when you want variety. And, it’s a much better way to achieve variety than “The Stranger” method of masturbating. In fact that aspect was the first thing that my husband really commented on – he had never masturbated like this before, so it was unique and good that he could only feel the sensations on his penis….not his hand. There are a variety of ways that Fleshlight and its users have come up with to aide in this “it’s not my hand” aspect of it, including the ever popular methods of putting the Fleshlight (in it’s case) in a shoe, or wedged between your mattress and box spring.

I got him the clear/”ice” version of this because I planned to also use this item on him or just together, in addition to him using it on his own. I really liked the visual aspect of it.

This is the first that either of us have seen a masturbator in person. When it arrived it had been in a cold UPS truck all day so the Fleshlight was cold too. We opened it up, he took out the sleeve from the bag and we inspected it. He handed it to me and I squealed. It was THE most bizarre thing I’ve ever felt! Almost creepy. I can’t even describe it, really. Soft and fleshy but not quite like a real vagina because it was too soft and squishy for that.

It arrived doused with a healthy coating of cornstarch because the material is sticky/tacky if there’s no cornstarch. The cornstarch clouds the material, though, so if you want it to be as see-thru as possible, you should rinse off your cornstarch coating (but I recommend coating it for storage, since it is so sticky and will attract fur/lint/dust). When he soaked the Fleshlight in warm water the cornstarch came off and we found out just how sticky/tacky the material is. You expect your own skin to be sticky, as well, but there’s no transference of that. I had questioned him on if that was distracting or bothersome during use because it made the skin on his balls and his pubic hair stick to it every time he took the Fleshlight to the base of his cock, he said (through gasps) that no, no, it was no problem!

The non-descript style is the largest canal that Fleshlight offers, and on their intensity scale of 1 to 5, it’s a 1. My husband is a little larger than average, about 8″ x 1.75″ across (diameter?) so while this wasn’t as tight & full of sensation as he can get with his own hand, it was still really fun for him. I wouldn’t recommend this type of canal to guys who are less than 1.25″ diameter.

I *would* recommend this canal to guys who are both over 1.5″ diameter and prefer a smooth feeling, who feel their cocks are a little more sensitive.

The case that comes with the clear sleeve is also, of course, clear. I wouldn’t call this version then completely discreet but yet it still doesn’t scream “masturbator” to me.

If you have small hands, holding this thing with one hand might be a bit cumbersome.

The Fleshlight feels much better when it’s been warmed under running water, however, since there is then no cornstarch to cut down on the tackiness of the sleeve, it makes it just a bit tricky to get it situated in the case. I was surprised though to find out that when the sleeve is thoroughly wet from water it is not at all sticky. I tried to see if I could achieve the soaking method with the sleeve still in the case. I left the top cap on so that the opening could also sit in the warm tap water, and filled it up from the bottom. This did indeed work, but do it in the sink because water will drip out from the top cap’s threads. Since you need to clean it up after use, it doesn’t matter if there’s some moisture inside the case.

The Fleshlight functions best with the “more lube is good lube” mindset. In the first run with the toy, he found that he had to re-apply twice because the lube absorbed into his skin. He was using plain ID Glide lube so perhaps there is a more superior, compatible lube.

As Fleshlight will tell you, no silicone lubes please! It will ruin the material. There are tons of water-based lubes out there for you to choose from.

The canal of the non-descript, “Original”, is pretty open – I could put a finger in the hole from the bottom and still have a tiny bit of wiggle room – so running water through it should be very easy. You can’t clean it with anything other than water and isopropyl alcohol if really needed. If you find that rinsing off the plastic case isn’t as simple, you can indeed use soapy water but just rinse it really well before you put the sleeve in.

The sleeve needs to dry out thoroughly before being stored in any air-tight containers, so my husband put a micro-fiber towel down through the opening and wrapped a second one around the sleeve. After the outside was dry he put it in the case, leaving off both lids and setting the whole thing on the micro-fiber towel.

I recommend dusting it with cornstarch when it’s dry, because the sticky nature of the material will attract all sorts of gross crap.

“Better than a shampoo bottle!”

…….that was his witty “any last thoughts?” statement. I shook my head and said “I’m not saying that” and then I thought “meh, fuck it. half the men will get it.” and if not, then my husband’s masturbation tactics as a stupid teenager are bizarre and we should laugh at him for it. Either way, there ya go. Does the Fleshlight rival me? Will he use it every single time? No. But it’s definitely an “every other time” excursion, until he finds an even better Fleshlight sleeve.

I also see this being pulled out during foreplay sessions once my jaw gets tired.

Feb 132010

nexus neo review7

Aneros vs. Nexus Neo

A number of years ago, my husband decided to explore prostate play and his main purchase for this matter was an Aneros brand prostate massager, the Aneros Maximus. These types of toys aren’t exactly butt plugs, but I suppose that some could be worn that way. They have an odd shape to them that is designed specifically to work the prostate or P-spot; these aren’t mean to be thrust like a dildo so in that regard it’s more like a butt plug. Prostate massagers work with your muscles to slightly move and massage the prostate. He quite liked the Aneros; for solo use it had a big learning curve to get the major P-spot orgasms that the Aneros Forums talked about and it wasn’t a quick orgasm. But when he used it during sex? Whole ‘nother ballgame. Half the time he was able to achieve the mind-blowing p-spot orgasm with the traditional ejaculation orgasm and other times it simply made the traditional orgasm amazing. We used it during sex and blowjobs. And while he liked the Aneros, it wasn’t perfect in design. See that tab between my fingers there below? (The Aneros is white) That tab is meant to press against the perineum, to add prostate stimulation from another angle as well. But that tab isn’t very comfortable; when you’re talking about something pressing into you like that, a little more surface area is better and doesn’t hurt. The Nexus Neo make that portion wider and added in a metal rollerball. So yes, that metal bit rolls in the plastic housing – not that you’re moving the toy enough to really notice. It just means it glides along skin better.

nexus neo review1 nexus neo review2

Use of Nexus Neo

Prostate massagers aren’t for guys who enjoy the “fullness” sensation because they’re usually not very wide or long. They’re not meant to be. I can tell you from second-hand knowledge though that once you learn the ropes, these toys can give AMAZING orgasms and highly pleasurable sensations. Some guys try these prostate massagers and feel a bit underwhelmed the first time. Guess what? So did most women the first few times they tried g-spot massage. Just don’t be silly and give up after a try or two.

I know that when I use g-spot toys, I don’t always aim for a g-spot orgasm – many times the g-spot pleasure sensations are enough to set off an amazing clitoral orgasm; it’s like the two are directly tied together in that regard for me. They can be separate – but together? I see fireworks. And that’s how it is for him. Just like us trying to achieve g-spot orgasms, the p-spot orgasm is similar in its’ elusiveness. It requires some focus and a few tries and more than 10 minutes but it’s worth the effort. Since he found the Aneros I have been recommending this type of toy to friends and bed partners and the ones who’ve tried it? Love. It. Now that we’ve found the Nexus line (which we see as an upgrade), these are the ones I’ll recommend over Aneros. I can’t recommend the Nexus Neo enough, for solo play or couple time. They even have a couple of vibrating models that we have yet to try out, one of which is the Nexus Vibro.

nexus neo review3 nexus neo review4

Care and Cleaning of the Nexus Neo

These toys are made of hard plastic which is non-porous, easy to clean and phthalate-free. They’re super easy to clean with just soap and water (or toy cleaner liquids or wipes) and you can use any kind of lube you want. In the package is also this little plastic piece that’s a bit confusing if you don’t read the website or the manual (just remove the insert from the packaging). I finally found out that it’s so you can pop out that metal rollerball for proper cleaning. Since the ball rolls around in the socket, there’s a micro amount of spacing around it where fluids can gather (just like how a rollerball pen works).

nexus neo review5 nexus neo review6