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The bulk and details of my actual review are over at Edenfantasys, but since I can’t post photos there, I’m doing it here. This item is something that I did as a “buy-out” review, meaning I got a 30% discount so I paid for most of it. I’m super picky on what items I’ll actually buy simply because I know me….and I know I’m super picky. Nothing is worse than the feeling of “Oh wow, I just spent over $100 on something and I don’t like it” (hello, Eroscillator) but even us reviewers take risks. So you get two things here in this post that won’t be at my review on EF: lots of photos, and product comparison.

First I have to say this: I do not know why (Devine won’t give us details on the EF forums) but this is a Limited Edition case. The black one that I have sold out quickly at first and I feared it was sold out for good. I put an alert on the item and thankfully it was back in stock in less than a week. The black is now sold out again, and we’re not being told if that’s permanent. If you like this, and like it in black, put an alert on the item and jump on it.

This is my second Devine toy case to review, and my first one (the satchel) didn’t rate very high with me. It was essentially a bag with no pockets and a flimsy divider down the middle; I also took issue with their very cheap and easy-to-break padlock. Given the grand design of this case, I had really high hopes for improvement and in all but one area, there has been improvement. So let me get the bad out of the way before I show you the rest. The lock. It’s a very old-school luggage lock. The key is nothing but a prong shaped thing of cheap metal, and as you can see in the photo below it has bent already. Given the design of the lock though, that doesn’t matter, which tells me that the “key” is worthless. Anybody with something resembling this key can get into the case. Bobbypins, anyone? So it’s not a secure lock in the presence of adults. The lock just pushes in on a spring. Should that spring break it will never lock again but will hopefully still keep closed.

This case is a lot bigger than I anticipated. Which is both good and bad. The Hitachi easily lays down inside of it. You can over-fill the center portion because of the design of the lid. The divider is snug against the base of the case, because both are firm. The divider failed on the satchel because the base of the satchel was not solid. The divider can be removed, it’s velcroed in there. They give you a little mesh pouch there and an elastic band. There’s two mesh pouches inside the lid. Mine holds my flogger in one and the attachments for my Wahl and Eroscillator in the other.

This thing really can hold a lot of toys – I don’t have a high number of toys in here in these photos but that’s because I chose all big ones. There is, of course, a downside and that is once I had all this stuff in there? Holy fuck I could barely lift the case! Granted, I’m a weakling.

In the one photo I laid in there the entirety of the Black Label accessories kit for my Liberator Ramp & Wedge combo. In another here I’ve got an Impressions paddle and a 15ft hank of hemp rope. If you’d like to use this case to transport your play session bondage items, you could fit a LOT of rope and leather in here.

As for the other toys in there? Hitachi, Wahl, Eroscillator and Pure Wand on one side. A custom made dildo from Hans, the Nobessence Seduction dildo, the Jollie and a book.

So you can’t exactly talk about one sex toy case without comparing it to another. But yet, how can you when they’re so vastly different? For You Nymphomation cases are truly secure and locking, because they all use better quality padlocks. The bigger cases like the XL Toy Box that I own have removable pouches and little velcro-shut tabs. Your stuff doesn’t just lay in there in a heap. Of course the smaller cases by FYN they do just lay in there. The Devine cases are almost all decidedly very femme. FYN cases can be more gender-neutral. The FYN XL Toybox and ToyChest are not thick/tall, but this means they can fit under the bed. The Devine Playchest? It’s not going to be as easy to stow away, and it’s so pretty that it begs people to ask about it.

All in all, I’m happy I bought the Devine Playchest and I won’t always be using it for sex toys. I can see this coming with me on the train to NYC (but never would I take it on a plane and deal with TSA). If you think you’d like one, hurry!

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  1. Wow, that was a lot of precious info!! Thank you! One of these days I will have to invest in something like that, because with 2 kids running amuck in the house, one of these days they will “accidentally” come across mommy’s fun drawer!! lol

  2. I’ve been looking for something to store all my toys…I’ve got them stacked based on how much I like them in shoe boxes beside my bed atm :P
    Thanks for this review – very useful.

  3. Something I recommend to people that most sex toy reviewers would never know – check out craft shops too! It sounds strange, but they actually have cases meant to hold scrapbooking supplies, rubber stamping supplies, jewelry-making supplies, etc. They work really well for sex toys too, because of all the different-sized compartments, and some even come on wheels, like a suitcase. Just something worth checking out for someone looking for a toy chest. I have a post about it going up on my site later this month, but I thought I’d share the tip here too!

  4. thank you for your honest review, ms. Lilly. we truly appreciate your feedback.

    in reply to your post regarding your question of “limited edition”:

    The Devine Playchest is a specialized case for which we made an executive decision to only put a small number of these exclusive items on the market. We hope this answers your query regarding our motivation behind limited edition.

    Limited Edition (definition) :: a fixed number of impressions; an edition that is restricted to a specific number of copies.

  5. Well, actually, no it doesn’t answer my question specifically. It seems to be an answer only a politician could love! ;)
    From what I understand then, it’s just for kicks? to drive up sales from customers who think they’re getting something special? that’s fine but now you have a case which many of us who like this style actually LIKE and can’t buy it. As a reviewer, it’s really hard for me to talk up this case and tell people they should buy when I can’t tell them how many are in stock or when they can purchase them until, or anything. In fact it seems as though by the time I wrote this, the one I reviewed is already gone!

    Also, thank you for the definition but I do know what the meaning of “Limited Edition” is. I wasn’t born yesterday.

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