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“I SQUIRTED!!!!!!!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!”

I’ve only squirted with one toy, only one.

“The final frenzied build-up took a good minute or two…..this was truly a roller-coaster ride and the climb up to the top was better than most orgasms felt as I was coming. Yes, that good. When I felt orgasm approaching I pushed a bit, like I’ve read to do, and the orgasm was literally the strongest I’ve had on my own in a long LONG while. I curled into myself, holding my breath while my mouth gaped open in a silent scream. Between the strong orgasm and how hard I was pushing, I eventually pushed the damn thing out of me (not easy to do given the weight and large ball).  And it was different, in a good way. I managed to have a simultaneous orgasm from both my clit and my G-spot. The inundation of extreme pleasure didn’t stop until I let go of the toys.”

Only one sex toy gives me strong orgasms, multiple orgasms, “no way I won’t come” orgasms when all else seems to fail. If I had to own just one toy I would choose this one. Yes, even over a vibrating toy.


It’s such a great sex toy that I’m  not alone in loving it, it won an award!

If I could, I’d make this play the “ahhhhh!!” angels singing midi to further
drive home the fact that the Njoy Pure Wand is THAT FRIGGIN AWESOME


I am having a contest and I am giving away one Njoy Pure Wand, courtesy of It’s a simple contest, really. Three ways to enter into the random drawing. One for bloggers, one for commenters who are not bloggers, and one for anybody with a Twitter account.

To be clear, you can have two entries into this contest: Your blog post OR your comment about the perfect sex toy design, plus Twitter.

Entry Method One: For Bloggers:

Post the following on your blog, including the links and the photo. I need you to then come here and comment to tell me that you entered, and include the link to your post in your comment. Repost everything between the lines! If you’re reposting this to a tumblr, please make sure that the embedded links carry over.


Lilly, of, is giving away an Njoy Pure Wand courtesy of EdenFantasys! The Pure Wand is a high-quality stainless steel double-ended dildo for either G-spot stimulation or prostate stimulation. It is 24 ounces of solid medical grade stainless steel, and polished to a mirror shine. Lilly loves her Pure Wand and wants to spread the love to one lucky winner!

To enter the contest just visit her blog to find out the rules and entry methods. You can enter even if you don’t have a blog, it’s easy! The contest deadline is September 16th, 2009, at Midnight Eastern Standard Time.


Entry Method Two: For Non Bloggers:

Leave me a comment on this post and tell me the design the perfect sex toy for you, if a sex toy manufacturer gave you complete design control! Tell me the size, the color and shape, if it vibrates or not, or simply tell me how you would change a toy that’s already on the market that you almost love and how you would make it perfect.


Entry Method Three: For Twitterers:

All you have to do is tweet this ONCE and only once – not once a day, just one time between now and the contest deadline. I’ll find all the entries by searching for the hashtag; however if your Twitter updates are locked (protected) and I do not follow you, you’ll need to comment here with a link directly to your contest entry tweet and I will request to follow you so that I can verify your entry.

Tweet this:

Win an Njoy Pure Wand from @Dangerous_Lilly – contest rules here: Ends 9-16-09 @ 12am EST #DangerousLillyPureWand

UPDATE: Restating this because it needs to be said again: If I didn’t already follow you and your tweets are locked, please include a link to the tweet. For some reason if you tweet it first and then I request to follow, it doesn’t show up in my “Mentions” column. By the time I might see your comment here telling me about it, it could be hours later (and many tweets later on your part).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


September 16th (a Wednesday), 2009 at Midnight EST

Who is eligible:


It’s really important to give a valid email address when you’re filling out the comment form here (emails are only seen by me). I’ll notify the winner via email or DM through Twitter. You’ll have 5 days to get back to me so that I know you’re there, before I pick a new winner. I’ll then pass your email address to my contact at Edenfantsys and you will give them your mailing address.


Perhaps someday if every person owns an Njoy Pure Wand, we will achieve world peace :)



  74 Responses to “Contest: Win an Njoy Pure Wand!”

  1. I’d like to help achieve world peace :-).

    My blog entry is here :

  2. I seriously need obligations that do not require me to be glued to my computer so I can be fashionably late to giveaway parties. But… my entry’s up, nonetheless. =D It’s here:

  3. Not entering the contest, but wanted to say “Great Prize!”
    I’m not entering because I already own and love one of my own! Whoever wins this will be one happy person!! :)

  4. I’ve been contemplating an njoy pure wand for a while now, and would be overjoyed to win one! I think my perfect toy would actually be a combination of the pure and the eleven–I love the look of the ridges on the eleven, but think I would prefer the size of the pure.

    I’ve actually had the chance to make a few glass dildos for myself–now that’s a fun project!

  5. Okay, for me, the perfect design would be kind-of a combo of things. The Lelo Gigi but with a rabbit attachment for clit stimulation (with it’s own set of settings separate from the Gigi part) and a Lelo butt plug. That would totally be it. Ooh, my pussy tingles at the excitement of the thought!

    The color scheme could be the same as the Gigi is now, but I would want all the toys to be forest green.. and white. Now THAT would be an awesome sex toy color.

    Now, if you could attach or detach each part, you’d have THE MOST amazing 3-in-1 or 3 toys EVER. Mmmmm..

  6. Oh- forgot to add- vibrating plug. That’s right, I want everything shaking!

  7. Oh, thank you for offering such a fantastic contest prize!

    My blog entry:

    Protected Tweet (I don’t think you’re following me, yet):

  8. I will be tweeting to enter to win this. This is my favorite toy to give as a gift.

    I squirt AWESOMELY with this toy. It’s absolutely amazing.

  9. My entry is up!

    Do you have any idea how much I want to get one of these for Veronica? She SOOOOOO wants to learn how to squirt and this toy seems to be the holy grail of gspot and squirting stimulators.

    *fingers crossed*

  10. I’ve posted my entry:

    I gotta tell you that I almost accidentally posted this in my “civilian blog” when I forgot which I was logged on to. My mother would have thrilled, I’m sure.

  11. My post is up! Oh dear sweet baby Jesus, I would LOOOOVE to win one of these. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it and have always wanted to squirt.

    You’re so would bring world peace if everyone had one.
    I’ve got one so I can only wish good luck and happy squirts to everyone~~

  13. What a great and generous contest. We really hope to win as we’ve tried a lot of different toys to get AE to squirt but it hasn’t happened yet and maybe the Njoy Pure Wand would be the toy to push her over the edge. You can find our tweet here:

  14. request me on twitter so you can see my entry bitc_a

  15. So I tweeted! AND I posted on my blog but its private so if you need to be invited to view it email me and I’ll get you approved.

  16. I am new to the whole sex toy world. I own only one which was given to me on my 34th birthday as a gag. After looking around the net, I have found that I recieved the cave-woman relic of all vibrators. With that said, I would want one that fills and comforms to the shape of my vagina. The swirly vibrating balls look fun, but without ever using them, I wouldn’t know for sure. Maybe something that could reach my g-spot (if I actually have one). Being a single gal who never goes out, much less has sex, a new state of the art sex toy would bring pure joy to my hum drum self-sex life! Thank, Tina

  17. Yes. Let there be world peace. Or at least a chance for me to add a new dimension of pleasure for a special woman.

    Here is my post:

    […] enter the contest just visit her blog to find out the rules and entry methods. You can enter even if you don’t have a blog, it’s […]

  18. The jolie is a near perfect specimen…when I’m playing on my own it reaches almost every “good” spot. I wish it to be just slightly longer, to reach a wee bit deeper. Despite this thought the jolie brings me *GREAT* joy!

  19. My perfect toy would be the one I currently have (plus an improvement)…I got it a while back and I love it…I love the cheesy design of it (pink leopard) and the vibration is amazing…it is perfectly straight though…I wish it was curved so it could really hit my g-spot!

  20. Posted to my blog….

    Oohhhhh I hope I win!!

  21. Oh yeah! Count us in. A toy for both of us. This may be the perfect toy.

  22. Oh how awesome! I’ve seen so many people ranting and raving about these things. Great contest gorgeous!

    My post link is here:

    And of course, I tweeted about it already.


  23. If I could design the PERFECT sex toy, it would be purple rubber, about 5″ long, and fat. I have an anal plug now that I love, but it is jelly and STINKS to high heavens.

  24. My perfect toy would be a remake of one I own. It’s a bunny style vibe, with a dolphin. I’d angle the end a bit more, and make the dolphin vibe stronger. I’d also add more than 3 vibration strengths.
    I’ve heard great things about the Njoy :D

  25. Hi Lilly!
    I need to do all the things you described in your review ;). I reposted on my blog:

  26. Hi Lil!

    Consider this my “official entry” to the contest. We don’t own an N-Joy wand yet, but many other toys. I think this would be a great addition to my and my S/O’s collection.

    As for the perfect toy for me – something that vibrates and fills me up and hits the p-spot (yes, I like anal play too), and something that also sucks like a vacuum on my rock-hard cock. That would be bliss.


    ps: the tweet in minutes

  27. I put my post up! I’m dying to win this! So excited I must use as many exclamation points as I can!!!!

  28. The perfect sext toy design? One that wants to have sex as much as I do…oh…wait. That is the purpose of EVERY sex toy, isn’t it? Any toy that can be used by a couple…meaning one that can penetrate my wife and I…maybe at the same time…with a little dash of vibration…and some hot/cold sensory action. Now we’re cooking with gas!!!

  29. the perfect design? one that can be used by me on my wife…and my wife on me. Or both on each other at the same time. One that can be heated or chilled…wait, I’ve just described the Pure Wand, haven’t I? Never mind…the perfect sex toy has already been designed – and I’d love to have one!!

  30. Well – we entered and are looking forward to spending time trying to get Roxy to orgasm and SQUIRT!

    PS – also entered via Twitter (

    Roxy and C

  31. Posted here:

    Right now, I’d really like something with a combination of the Jollies’ Wave dildo and the Tantus G-Force – a firm-but-flexible angled head for G/P spot stimulation and a ridged shaft for thrusting. Vibration would be the icing on the cake, but I’m not sure how best to do that. Perhaps a cup at the base of the handle for a Magic Wand.

    Ooh – now that would be nice…

  32. I love your blog and I’ve entered!!!

    You’ve made me blog again and I didn’t think I would. I’ve even done an HNT today! And as soon as I work out how to upload photos I’m putting it up there!!!

  33. THE toy that I *want* more than anything would have a suction for the clit that also vibrates. Mmmm

  34. Blogged and tweeted! Thanks for having such a lovely contest!

  35. We already tweeted about the contest but really want to win this fantastic prize so we’ve now done the blog entry you can find it here:

  36. My wife says the perfect sex toy would be a mold of my index and middle fingers when I am massaging here g-spot! She has yet to find a toy that curves like my fingers do. My hands are large hands and my fingers are a good 6 inches long and the two of them give her some good girth as well. The toy would need to be able to two like I do my fingers into a Y so that you can stroke and run circles around her spot. It would be best used while going down on her. That way you get incredible g-spot stimulation and a great clitoral stimulation which we always find leads to some serious orgasms! Now that would be toy that could get some serious useage at our house for both the G-spot and prostste stimulation. I am getting hard just thinking about it! Good luck to everyone but man I hope we get to add the wand to our toy collection!!

  37. The simpler the better. Discrete and portable. And a minimal or no noise.


  38. Too hot a contest not to enter!

    Hmm… We have some great glass stuff, but so far the most consistently awesome toy we have is the Hitachi Magic Wand. It isn’t pretty, it isn’t quiet, but holy shit it works.

    Perfect sex toy: Hitachi Magic Wand, but pretty and quiet :)

    (Fingers crossed)

  39. I just tweeted.

    mattschmunk at hotmail dot com

  40. OMG! I’ve always wanted one of these!

    I just reposted on my blog:

  41. I love my Ella, but I wish that she was slightly wider and just a little bit longer, maybe and inch or two. And light grey… she would look fabulous light grey.

  42. I entered! Post is located here

    I don’t know how you’re picking but if it’s not random PICK ME!!! I still seriously debate if I have a G-spot. I got a special g-spot rabbit but still nada. And I really, really want to ‘learn’ to squirt if it’s possible.

  43. Hey Lilly!
    Here is a link to my tweet (just in case):

    And here is a link to my blog post:

    Thanks for having an awesome contest :D

  44. What a great contest idea!

    I absolutely LOVE my original Jollies toy, but I would get rid of the long pointy nub off of the end if I could because it sometimes gets in the way, other than that, I don’t think I could have thought up a better toy.

    There are always new favorites though… Here’s hoping!

  45. I’d like to shrink the size of Doc Johnson’s large raging hard butt plug by about 15% all around and then make it out of steel.

  46. My fave toy is my pink pyrex glass dildo, it is curved to hit the G-spot, but vibration would make this so I would never leave the house….and if it was a little bit bigger at the base…

    I would LOVE to learn how to squirt! I will even guest blog about it if I win :)

  47. tweeted as well!

  48. I think my favorite toy would be a modified “The Teaser” by Laura’s Things. The larger internal ball would be a vibrating egg, as well as the smaller external ball, except the external vibrator would extend up to cover the clit. Pair this up with a remote with two simple on off buttons, and I could have days of fun with this, taking my girlfriend out wearing it!

  49. Looks like this one took a bit too long to work its way around to my part of the blogosphere – shame, I hear they’re great toys :)

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